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'Bernie Called It': Pre-Election Video of Sanders Warning Trump Would Try to Steal the Vote Goes Viral

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/bernie-called-it-pre-election-video-sanders-warning-trump-would-try-steal-vote-goes


Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called it.
Yes he did, but so did many Progressives, including me. You did not have to be a brain surgeon to see that coming.


Just like in 2016, Bernie would have generated excitement in the 2020 election. Instead we had Bloomberg intervene/disrupt the primaries so the Establishment “Legacy” candidate could be installed.

Hillary was the ONLY DNC candidate that could have lost to Drumpf. If Biden manages to squeak into office, it’s only because that many US voters have seen the necessity to rid ourselves of Drumpf. That Biden has done so epically shitty DESPITE the evidence that Drumpf wants to create a 4th Reich should alert the DNC that they are now totally irrelevant.

Should we dodge that proverbial bullet, and step away from the Abyss, I for one will not let up being a full on agitator until this administration is held accountable for the crimes they have committed against the US citizens in the last 4 years.

Even the brain dead corporate corrupt establishment DNC has to see that what’s at stake is a repeat ramped up in 4 to 8 years. If there are no consequences, there is nothing to keep them from doing it all over again.


The time to reassert was when you baited and switched during the primaries, never mentioning the significant irregularities that were occurring in the democratic primary.


Um like 70 million other people warned of this too, including Trump.

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Yeah but Sanders was the ONLY person on the tube describing exactly what would go down. Notice it’s with Fallon and most definitely NOT on CNN or MSDNC.


Yes, you make a good point.

The only reason Trump and the republicans are opposed to mail in ballots is because they are not easily rigged like the electronic voting machines which in previous elections were instrumental in many republican victories. This is the fault of democrats too, who never bring this fact up and never do anything about it when they have the majority to do so. Those machines got “W” reelected and Trump elected, and they generally require democrats to have larger majorities in order to win than if fairly conducted elections were historically something more than a pipe dream in this country. In general there are these irregularities:

  1. Money!
  2. Disenfranchising minorities and felons
  3. Electoral college
  4. Gerrymandering
  5. Rigged voting machines
  6. Court involvement
  7. Partisan governors controlling the conditions from less machines in certain districts to 15 hour waiting lines

Yes, we all saw it coming that Donald would do anything his twisted imagination could conjure up to rig the election in his favor. Bernie was able to predict and spell out Donald’s twisted imagination into clear understandable steps. Bernie was the only candidate capable of winning in a landslide and Donald was terrified of him. After all, who knows better and first hand about being rigged out of an election more than Bernie Sanders?


I’ve been expecting this since the day he was elected and it’s too bad that the DNC, Biden and Obama cheated Bernie out of a nomination and what would most likely been a Sanders presidency.

Even if Biden wins Uncle Sam is screwed because Biden is not much better than Trump merely less blatant and Trump and his cultist followers won’t be going anywhere.


Had Bernie been the candidate—as he was on his way to becoming, before the DNC threw it to Biden—Trump wouldn’t be making all his frantic Tweets, because Sanders in the debates would have already left nothing of him but a greasy spot on the floor.


Trump’s Dangerous Plot to Discredit (Then Steal) This Election is Now Underway

Trump would have made a golden shower of his own.

Hello, fellow Alternet exile. Lol. Any idea where the old crowd, Griffon, V4V, et al. got to?

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Not sure. I got banned at several sites for unexplained reasons. Alternet is gracious enough to simply delete any of my comments that cross their particular line (so far). Also sometimes people change names and avatars.

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