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Bernie Calls for 'Political Revolution' Against Billionaire Class


Bernie Calls for 'Political Revolution' Against Billionaire Class

Lauren McCauley, staff writer


If Bernie wants my vote. He also needs to address the out of control military industrial complex. That are slaughtering people directly or indirectly in places like Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya. He needs denounce the Countries of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ukraine, Nato and the US. For formatting Chaos, Death and destruction, all over the Mid East and parts of Europe and Asia.



Would that be the same billionaire class which benefits from Bernie’s support for the F-35 and the many other defense spending bills he has voted for? Or is it the class that benefits from the illegal occupation of Palestine by the racist apartheid regime in Israel which Bernie supports without question. It certainly isn’t the class that suffered from his vote to cut Food Stamps to millions of poor families.

Look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Bernie Sanders. Truly a disgusting individual who enjoys pumping up his own ego and grandstanding on issues he knows he can’t do anything to change.

He’s been feeding at the public trough for decades now. That’s about as close to “socialism” as he has ever been. When he starts giving his salary away to the poor, that’s when I’ll take him seriously.


As an Italian who tries to keep himself informed about the US politics, I can only be afraid. The US political system is taken as a model by many European leaders (including Italy’s) although there are so many faults in it. I am not saying that the Italian system is less faulty, but I would rather keep the Italian system, which in theory stimulates competition among multiple parties, than endorse a rigidly two-parties sistem like the one you have in the US. In Italy (like in many European countries, see Greece or Spain) power is - at least in theory - contestable and change is possible if people organise seriously. The 5-stars movement in Italy got 25% of votes at the first political elections in which they participated. In the US a true political revolution has vitrually no chances, untill the revolutionary movement will get the financial means required to pose a realistic challenge to the powers that be.
Very sad to see.


Well there you go. Because there is very little differences between the one party. war party. I can’t continue to support this corrupt system I’ll be voting Green Party again.


Have you sent him the questions, yet? I recommend that we all do so.

Here is his email – bernie@bernie.org


Is there anyone running for office or who should run for office who meet your political standards in full?


Vladimir Putin for Nobel Peace Prize!


Please let me know if you end forwarding these great questions to Bernie. If you don’t email him these questions then I will if you like.


You’re more than welcome. I sent him your list also. The more the merrier.


I will do that as well. Thanks to you and Johnny James.


Rome is burning and some search for the perfect alternative candidate.


And this point it might be better to let it burn and pick up the pieces after.


Bernie looks like Yoda in that picture.



It’s not about “political” standards. That’s where the less-of-two evilists miss the point. It’s about not supporting someone, anyone, ever, who supports killing other human beings through senseless wars, or who supports blatant racism on a national scale. All the rest of it is negotiable.

I’m not talking about his views on education or gay marriage. I"m talking about the loss of human lives on a massive scale. I"m talking about the ethnocide and cultural destruction of an entire people (the Palestinians). If we are willing to let that kind of thing go, then we deserve the world we are living in. We have no one but ourselves to blame if we settle for less on the issues that truly matter.


People here are still talking about who to SUPPORT.

Sorry friends. Wrong question. The real issue is what are WE going to do to organize the fellow workers and neighbors around us? Until millions of us start to do that, talking about the presidency is just whistling in the dark.


No, we don’t want a perfect candidate. We want someone who does not support war and ethnocide. If the death and destruction around the globe which Sanders chooses to ignore doesn’t constitute the “Rome is burning” you are talking about, then I’m missing your point. Sanders votes for defense spending and supports the apartheid regime in Israel. How would electing him change that?

I could give a whit what his views are on domestic spending and the wealth gap. People are dying as a result of his votes and his attitudes. But you think I should support him anyway because he talks a good line on economic inequality. Wake up. You’re being conned.


I agree with jowur, & madashellron below - it couldn’t be more obvious that Rome is burning, and in light of sensible, no-bullshit analysis like Chris Hedges presents on the need for revolution, it’s clearly time to let The Fascist States of America burn clean to the ground, and use the real estate to build something useful, hopefully democratic - which cannot exist in a pure state, and must be tempered with the right degree of socialism – pluralistic and anti-oligarchic. Bernie shows way too much arse-kissing support for the MIC and Israel for my liking, or to be defined as properly ‘progressive’. The sad reality is no one will get within 1000 miles of the White House by supporting an anti-MIC and anti-Israel agenda, and Bernie knows this.


Yes, Bernie, “We Need a Political Revolution in This Country” against the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire ‘posing’ as, controlling, and HQed in, our former country.The MSM has not reported the Empire’s geo-strategic plan since 2004, when Thomas Barnett’s Naval War College strategy of PNAC II on steroids was detailed in his book, “The Pentagon’s New Map” — which rightly should have been titled, “The Global Empire’s New Map”.

This previously secret plan by the Disguised Global Capitalist/hustler Empire merely ‘posing’ as, and HQed, in ourformer country, has resulted in resource looting and catastrophic violence on the periphery and terminal rot from within (by) the ruling elite of this Empire, which Pepe Escobar calls the “Empire of Chaos” and former war reporter, Chris Hedges, describes as an “Empire of Illusion” for its ability to use the media/entertainment-sector of the Empire to delude most Americans.

Fortunately, the black community, which is the most politically conscious in America, recognizes the ‘tip of the Empire’s spear in its face’ (or should we say the ‘9mm bullets in its back’), and additional larger groups of Americans; the poor, the unemployed, the non-voters, the working poor, the slipping middle classes, the Wall Street looted, and the 47% that Romney said the system (of Empire) could ignore ARE NOW fast beginning to understand, like the black community, that they are essentially ‘subjects’ of an Empire and not citizens of any kind of functional democracy.

Bernie needs to come-out loudly and publicly against this EMPIRE if he is to ever beat Killary, and if he is to be on the right side of an anti-Empire history that will play out with or without him!

Whatever principled candidate comes out assertively and honestly ‘against Empire’ will be elected by the people in 2016 — because by November of 2016 Empire will be the only issue the people will vote on based on their terrible conditions by then.

Likewise, whatever left progressive alt media web-site comes out first and strongest ‘against Empire’ by the FALL of our society in 2016 will gain all credibility with the people.


Here’s the rest of what I had to say before CD, in its infinite wisdom, chopped off half of it:
The American political system is completely fucked. Is there anyone out there with a central nervous system or is actually alive who can coherently deny this? It is not going to turn the country around - you can elect 6000 Bernie Sanders and it won’t make a goddamn bit of difference. Between the electoral system, the money, the one-party system masquerading as two-party, everyone treating the president like a king and the presidency like a monarchy, the treasonously stenographic press corps in Washington, and the fantastic depth of ignorance and hatred that has to characterize the entire process in order for it to be marketable to the average uninformed, brainwashed, apathetic, ‘American Sniper’-loving American, you can forget saving your country with it. The only real progressive candidate is one who will come out of the starting gate with all rhetorical guns blazing, and the ‘i’ll take the assassin’s bullet if I have to’ spine to back it up with action once in office - to stop the evil alliance with Israel. cut the military budget at least and a half if not by two thirds, combat the ideology of corporatism and force the corporations to pay their taxes, start to produce an avalanche of legislation to redefine the American political system, and start to turn around America’s descent into oblivion. Unless this process is undertaken by someone sooner or later, the United States is unlikely to survive the 21st century.