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Bernie Gets Gleefully Photoshopped


Bernie Gets Gleefully Photoshopped

Bernie, thank God, is still here, and still speaking up. Yesterday, he took to the Senate floor during a health care debate to lambast the deranged toddler-elect for (surprise!) lying about cutting benefits and wasting all our time. His prop: A huge poster of one of Trump's own bullshit tweets. Perhaps because so many are so relieved to see Bernie - oh rare lucidity - among us, the Internet went berserk devising alternative, demented visual aids to help him keep fighting the good fight.


More puerile stuff.


Sure, there's plenty of nonsense in the photoshopped examples, but come on! Using a blow-up of Trump's tweets is a great strategy. All his lies and pretending he never said what he said are going to be held up for all to see, and remember. Go Bernie!


Hmm, quoting O and Clinton never seemed to have worked ...


Oh yes, Thank God for Bernie - the fellow who told us to vote for Clinton ... Good grief ...


Thank you again Bernie!


Yes! Please respect Bernie for being, possibly, the last honest person in the cesspool of our congress


I love Bernie but he, along with all the other dems are powerless. It is up to we the people to resist and revolt.


I would tend to agree that the Dems in Congress are pretty powerless, but what is he supposed to do, just sit down and shut up?

Btw, who is that poor fellow in the lower right of the photo?


Bernie, introduce a bill to allow fast, secure, encrypted online voting to let the public decide whether to pass each bill or not.

Online Direct Democracy


And do not forget that the reason Bernie said he was backing the corrupt Hillary, was: " WE CANNOT ALLOW TRUMP TO BECOME POTUS".


I supported Bernie financially, but after what happened at the democratic convention, I realized Bernie means to do what is morally right but will never be allowed to do what is morally right because Bernie, like the corrupt, democratic party that he joined.... has become the controlled opposition.


If you don't use fancy words like that, you can enlarge that red state audience.


And on multiple, multiple occasions he makes statements no other supposed "liberal" democratic member would ever utter, particularly while running for president.

Although about the same proportion of blacks and whites use
_ marijuana,_ a black person is almost four times more likely to be
arrested for marijuana possession than a white person." -----Bernie

T-shirt idea. In italics on the front, the rest on the back. The introductory dependent clause begs for completion with the following independent clause. Black shirt with white letters


Sad nobody is perfect.


Good idea on the t-shirt. After thinking about my earlier comment, I realize that I should have included Rep. John Lewis
in the tiny group of honest souls in our Congress.


Who is childish (puerile), "ErneBOY?


Washington State has mailed out to voter , filled out by voter, and mailed back to election boards. Paper ballots, user filled out and returned. Ballot contains ballot tracking number. Paper for voter, computer reader, tracking number if voter is concerned regarding her/his vote. It seems easy to me. BTW, Sanders by himself, whether elected or not, could not have saved the Poor ol' USofA from the demise of its political and social states of being, and of its economy.


My contribution...