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Bernie Holds Double-Digit Lead Over 2020 Rivals Among Young Democratic Voters: Poll

Bernie Holds Double-Digit Lead Over 2020 Rivals Among Young Democratic Voters: Poll

Jon Queally, staff writer

A new national poll of young Democratic voters released Monday shows Sen. Bernie Sanders leading the crowded 2020 field with a double-digit lead over the second most popular candidate, Joe Biden.

According to the survey by the Insitute of Politics (IOP) at the Harvard Kennedy School, the U.S. senator from Vermont is preferred by 31 percent of likely Democratic primary voters between the ages of 18 and 29 years old.

Now all we need are legitimate elections…


“In contrast, likely Democratic voters who are not enrolled in a four-year college or university and do not have a degree, favor Sanders by 25 points. The Vermont Senator polls at 41 percent to Biden’s 16 percent. O’Rourke polls at 12 percent with this cohort, with no one else receiving more than 4 percent.”

This is why I have consistently been saying that Bernie would have wiped the floor with Trump in 2016. It would have been genuine populist (Bernie) versus faux populist (Trump). No one needs a college education to figure out whose message was better and the anger against the status quo would have been sated either way, thus rendering that component a nonissue.


Hopefully that will include legitimate primary elections. Since both the DNC and the RNC “own” those votes, the courts have said that the DNC and the RNC don’t have to publish or follow the primary vote results.

Remember Iowa? No primary vote tallies and Hillary was declared the “winner” and they refused to publish the results. Cheating? Definitely no transparency.


We also need to concentrate on state and local elections and of course issues. Remember most politics is local.


The candidate who will need to read the writing on the wall in the next couple of months is Warren.

She isn’t raising money, she isn’t gaining traction, and the polls show it.

And let’s face it, Trump would mop the floor with her.

As for Bernie, are these voters going to actually show up? They tend not to.

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No, they do not show up, and Bernie would have to be nominated - we’ve already gone down that road. and Bernie is also four years older. I dig Bernie, but let’s face it will he resonate beyond the blue coastal areas? Or the fetus worshipers in the South? Bofiden will probably be the nominee - the Shillary for 2020.

And the truth shall set you free…worried that Bernie won’t make it (see above) ? Then get out the vote! Door to door to door, a marching we shall go. Be the change you want to see and the other great lines that motivate you. This is, after all, your country, claim it.
I will not waiver from my support. I do though have a few ideas about those running against him and the rolls they could play in the years to come. Like, what a great bunch for the cabinet :-)))


It’s the damn system period like Chomsky has said many times politics is all about money and corruption. People like Bernie, AOC and others spread the word about the system and its rigging. But people in general do not lift a finger ususally unless something hits them directly. Not since the draft ended have we seen a movement like that. We need all people to not only volunteer in their communities but to do required service no matter how rich or poor. Been advocating for that for nearly twenty years. Join in that.


Now we hear that people are too depressed or too “busy” working ( Didn’t people always work?) or that they are hooked on opioids. Nonsense- no more excuses!


Now the problem is getting THEM out to vote. If Sanders gets the nomination, IF, he must choose someone that will continue his programs if he should die before his term ends. I know, I know how fucking macabre and disgusting that sounds, BUT it has to be faced. A good choice would be a woman of color, possible Harris or the former Congress Woman from Ohio who was with his campaign in 2016, can’t remember her name.


I’m sure Bernie has double digit leads among Seniors as well, since he’s the only one who’s fighting to lower Drug costs. He was the one who brought Single Payer / Medicare for All to the table… NOT Warren or Harris who stole this from Bernie. Don’t count on the corrupt Media or low life Democrats for fair Elections. It will be worse than the last one.


When young people or people in general are told to vote- they do not feel like it. Our voting record is dismal in the USA I agree. When it comes down to it- our gubmit asks little of us- just pay taxes. We do not get drafted anymore, we do not HAVE to vote, etc. Unless one is really wealthy, we do have to work . Yes, this admin is nuts and dangerous, but I am talking about in general. Remember what Kennedy said and FDR before him and others before that- Ask not what your country etc.I advocate that all people no matter how rich, poor etc need to have a common purpose and think about all of the work that can be done etc.

I agree- they’ll push Biden as the new Shillary. Biden is a loser.


Granted it’s way early to read much into poll numbers, but I predict that Biden’s support among young voters will evaporate should he get out on the campaign trail and actually start talking issues. Compared to Sanders, Biden has little to offer young voters. Moreover, a Biden - Trump face off will quickly deteriorate into an adolescent male mentality pissing match, further alienating voters in all categories. It won’t be pretty. Biden’s current support is now primarily based on name recognition. Once Uncle Joe gets out and starts stumbling around in public, again, voters looking for real change will throw in the towel and just stay home.


Will they show up? They will if Bernie gets the opportunity to run for president. The young voter will not show up to vote for more neoliberal democrat stalling. Come to think of it, neither will I.

As for Biden’s support among young African Americans: I suggest they talk this over with their mom and dad, if they are not both in prison due to Biden’s past actions.


To see Biden so high in the poll is just more proof of the extent of the success of propaganda and the brain-dead condition of the U.S. voter.


Judging from the questions on the “survey” I just received from the DNC, I understand how Biden ranks so high.

Example: The DNC wants respondents to rank “protecting social security”, NOT expanding social security that progressives would rank near the top, just “protecting”…whatever the f____ that means to corporate money addicted DNC operatives.


Why is it that only Bernie’s age is an issue among the candidates?

Biden is 76, and will be 78 on election day 2020.

Trump is currently 72, Hillary 71 . . .


Yup, if he even finally decldes a Presidency run after the Scandal. He’s always been a lame duck and they just wanna Put him there to steal votes. Biden has nothing to offer.