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Bernie-Inspired Organizers and Rhode Island Voters Deliver 'Crystal Clear Message' With Progressive Primary Wave

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/bernie-inspired-organizers-and-rhode-island-voters-deliver-crystal-clear-message


Wonderful news. A small bright spot when people do their homework (think and use their brains) instead of watching Faux News then get out and VOTE. Very nice. Go Bernie…


from inside RI I agree this was a significant progressive victory. A takeaway is the number of allied but different groups participating, each with its own energy. In addition to the 2 groups mentioned I’d note Working Families Party and Planned Parenthood Votes. And not just our Congressional delegation should note this, so should State Senate and House leaders, some surviving close calls. I hope this is how positive change actually happens


Nice Nice Nice!!! Congratulations to all. You have shown the rest the way


Hi ultraviolet:
Bernie’s people truly do believe that the, so called , “Little people,” do make a BIG difference! They , like Bernie, truly do realize that having a government OF., BY and FOR the PEOPLE is and can be a reality! : )


Wow. A bright spot of news in our otherwise dark-night-of-the-soul world. And I love the warning to others who may find themselves in these organizers’ sights. We must challenge the currently entrenched powers. On all fronts, in all states.
Congrats to those who won, and a bigger congrats to those who worked to create the organizations that promoted this movement. May there be many, many more such successes.


Can’t believe “Election officials reported an 11.4% voter turnout, higher than three of the last five presidential elections in the state.” Surely there must be a typographical error here.


Unfortunately no - that is the pitiful turnout they get for a state primary (of course - they get a higher percentage for presidential primaries and a much higher percent for the general election). see ~https://vote.sos.ri.gov/DataInformation/VoterTurnout

That means your vote REALLY counts a lot.


It does. A few tens of thousands of progressive people strategically placed geographically could actually win statewide power there.


Hi Barry!

The rest of you should understand that Rhode Island is such a small state that most of the community knows each other. Most of us can take a local bus to the State House or a few of us can walk there.

Rhode Island’s government at least until last Tuesday’s primary wasn’t the least bit interested in R&D for heating all of the state’s buildings. Moving forward from my off-grid and zero fuel West Greenwich solar greenhouse and other prototypes, I’m entering the Helsinki Energy Challenge. Finland’s capital city is hoping to have 100% renewable heat for every building in the greater city, population 1.2 million people. They want to shut down their last district heating coal plant by 2029. I’m submitting an affordable plan that accomplishes their goals.

My message for Rhode Island’s progressive community is, the second mouse gets the cheese (and unfortunately loses the really good jobs to Finland) so be there! My message to everybody else is, what, you think you’re not worthy?


I worked the polls as a clerk until the covid-19 came around. It’s too risky this year.

Our own ward simply didn’t have a Democratic or Republican primary because nobody challenged the incumbent Democratic state representative (progressive) or the incumbent Democratic Congressman (kind of progressive considering what else we have in Congress). Statewide offices are only up for re-election in 2022, 2026, … and no Rhode Island U.S. Senator is up for re-election this year. So, our district had no primary choices and therefore no ballots were printed. We had 0% turnout.

I think that the covid-19 scared some people off, older Democrats who tend to just vote for the incumbent.

Outsiders should understand that the Republican Party is almost nonexistent in either house of the State Legislature, although Republicans often buy the Governor’s job here. The primary is often the real election and the General Election isn’t as exciting.


You can win your district primary in many states with less than a thousand votes.

Yes, many of the organizers of these successful progressive insurgencies were indeed inspired by Bernie and had worked their asses off for him.

However, despite being asked (also from The Intercept:) “the Vermont senator rebuffed efforts to win an endorsement for Rhode Island candidates running in his mold, sources involved in the attempt said…A Sanders spokesperson declined to comment.” WTF, Bernie?

Also, The Sunrise Movement was a big force behind these candidates, so was the DSA.


Too bad we couldn’t have had a bigger Progressive Primary Wave four years ago!   Imagine what the world would be like today if the DNC/MSM cabal had given Bernie even half as much air time as they gave to Hideous Hilliary . . .

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Absent ranked choice voting, the only realistic way out of the lesser-of-two-evils choice offered by the corporate-serving duopoly in to replace by primary challenge, the so-called moderates and centrist with progressives.

We need to pass your message on to Wisconsin voters.

The real damage was done by a MSM that adorned our TV sets with nothing but trump, day in and day out.

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You have inspired the 99% (at least enough of them) to move away from the status quo and vote in their own best interests. I wish we could do that here in New Hampshire where anyone who proposes a broad based tax to replace our reliance on property taxes is doomed to lose. Many people here believe that our state motto, ‘Live free or die’ has something to do with taxation. In reality it was a quote from General John Stark, who fought for the king in the French and Indian Wars and against the King in the Revolutionary War. Property taxes are the most regressive way to fund our schools. Towns with a poor tax base are hard put to pay for education.


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