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Bernie-Inspired Organizers and Rhode Island Voters Deliver 'Crystal Clear Message' With Progressive Primary Wave

Joe Biden’s Promises Were Meant to Be Broken

Contrary to the rosy predictions of liberal pundits, Joe Biden has not embraced the Left or its priorities. The only viable left strategy under a Biden administration will be one of confrontation.


. . . along with just enough Hideous Hilliary and Dirty Debbie to totally turn off a YUGE number of Main-Streeters.  I still say if Bernie had gotten half the time that the Red Queen got during the primaries in 2016 that he would have been the DamnocRat’s candidate and he would have beaten Tweetle-Dumb in November.


I believe it as well, and thought so when we all realized this was a biased media coverage stunt.

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The only thing Biden has going for him is Trump et al.

I agree with those (while acknowledging that the point is debatable) who say that four more years of Trump would simply be too horrific.

That said, if (as I confess I hope, under the circumstances, he does) Biden wins, SURELY the organizing to elect a Senate and House in 2022 and a Senate, House, and President in 2024, that owe no fealty to Biden, Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats, Inc. must begin the day after Biden’s 2020 election is confirmed.

And see my comment below.

It is very hard to depend on wealth when there is none.

And I’m sure all these LOTE voters will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us in the streets in late January to protest against both the GOP and the DNC and all their caricature corporate fascist puppet candidates,…at least in their weak sauce version of keyboard activism, virtual unity.

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