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Bernie Is Not a Wind Sock

Bernie Is Not a Wind Sock

Norman Solomon

Bernie Sanders wrapped up a weekend campaign swing through California with a Sunday afternoon speech to 16,000 of us a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. News coverage seemed unlikely to convey much about the event.


The big difference here is that Sanders (and to some extent Warren) want to change the foundational institutions that have created our problems, while candidates like Biden (aka Clinton 3.0) offer only superficial and unclear answers to our deep societal problems.


But Beto-and-Switch wants to means test Social Security. That’s progressive, right?


I watched that clip of Beto on Social Security and he was clearly peddling line-of-the-day Washington blabber, somewhat thoughtlessly. Not a good look. It wasn’t a good look when Obama offered it up during the budget hysteria negotiations either. Low point without a doubt.


“Alone among the candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders has always been part of progressive movements.” Hardly “alone.” Tulsi Gabbard has been saying so for as long as Bernie has. In addition to that, Tulsi is against war, while Sanders has been endorsing wars. Tulsi is good on domestic as well as foreign policy. Bernie ONLY on domestic policy.

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Was Tulsi even alive while Bernie was in Chicago? Just askin’.


If there is doubt about Bernie I have posted his 2010 Social Security filibuster speech in the Senate, it is 8+ hours long and a clear demonstration of the mans heart.


That was a great way to start the week by spending a hour watching Bernie tell the truth! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace


I too await a showing from Sanders he is repenting of his warmongering. He will get my casual support for now, but I will not jump into the wind with him without some clear idea of the VP. A wrong choice and all progress will be reversed in a ‘heart beat’.


With California in the early primaries, this is where Sen. Sanders and the Sandernistas are using the $9-10 million in donations to make a real difference early, hopefully.
As to his messages yesterday, the generation long fight has been opened. The issues are in play on a national scale. The inclusion of defense cuts was a real breathe of fresh air after 18 years of silence from The Uniparty of D.C. & their Sprendthrifts in the DoD and Police/Security State. All in all, Sen.Sanders had a nice weekend on The Left Coast.


No, you are correct here; there’d be almost a generation in between.

But age is not always a sign of good policy, is it?

Bernie’s sketchy on foreign policy. He’s better than most of the rest of these people, but that’s a high jump over a low hurdle.

With as fluid a field as foreign affairs, can you blame him?

Bernie will not be allowed to succeed electorally - the ruling corporatists have billion dollar profits at stake - and those profits will be ruthlessly defended using all the means available to deeply entrenched oligarchs.
If propaganda fails them, they will blatantly rig the ballot counts with impunity. Let Tim Canova vs Debbie Wasserman Schultz be an object lesson as to the depths they will stoop to retain power.
Corruption Exposed! Rigged Elections Across America!:

Sanders looks healthy. DWS looks terrible.

They will certainly try. Some waves are too big to rig.


Superb to hear Sanders step it up on war and peace. Want this to be an ongoing part of his campaign and stump speech going forward.

Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

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Each article regarding Bernie Sander’s policies, dedication and stamina needs to include a good analysis of actions being taken to overcome the resistance within the D Brand party.

Without preparation for counterattack 2020 will be 2016 and 1944/Henry Wallace vs Harry Truman debacle repeat.

It is not to early for voters to write letters asking about the DNC and it’s crafty, sneaky deceitful ways.

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I hope Common Dreams is reporting to the Federal Election Commission the value of what amounts to ads for a political candidate.

My biggest fear is not getting the votes, it is who is counting them… http://bit.ly/california-flipped

Maths geeks who track votes can spot the fraud. e.g. http://bit.ly/california-flipped