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Bernie Is So Not Done


Bernie Is So Not Done

If you're feeling bereft, take note: Bernie Sanders is still here fighting the good fight, Tuesday blasting the avarice of Big Pharma so persuasively he sent their stock prices plunging to a seven-month low. In a Tweetstorm accusing Eli Lilly of price-gouging diabetes patients with insulin prices up 700% over 20 years - and in his support of a California bill to set price ceilings - a pissed, plain-speaking, tireless Bernie insists, "It's time to end their greed.”


He's urging you to vote in a way that will help him be an effective chair of the budget committee in the Senate if the Democrats take it. As chair, he'll be able to drive budget negotiations, the amendment process, and hold hearings. I suspect these things are too boring for some folks to care about, but running one of the most powerful committees in the Senate, and having a president who will sign what comes out of it, is how good things can get done.


I supported Bernie financially, a good man, but unfortunately, according to some of Bernie's delegates that attended the convention in Philly, Bernie was beat up by Hillary's thugs and his family intimidated. Bernie and his wife walked out of the Democratic Convention in tears. If this is true, why would he want to try to work with this horrible woman ? Looks to me, according to some delagate's, Bernie was done in at the convention by crooked Hillary.


They carried him out on a stretcher with Hillary sitting on top of him with her hands around his throat. It was horrible. My story is better than yours.


I did not say it was true, only if it is true. Please do not be so impetuous to misread my post. Thanks.


It seems to me that we should give the man (Bernie) a chance. Obviously, virtually no one (including me) is happy about his primary concession or his support for an HRC presidency. Nonetheless, he has made a huge, progressive impact on this country, and he is one of the few progressives who has a voice that millions listen to. I, for one, remain glad to have his voice representing my interests. Still...

Stein/Baraka 2016


Not my story only what I was told by delegates that attended the convention in Philly.


Sanders sez: “Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk clearly care more about their profits than their patients."

Well, yes. That's required by their corporate charter.


Sanders sez: "Why has the (price) gone up 700% in 20 years?"

Because people pay it. And for many who can't, the government has assured the taxpayer will. It's the kind of thing a good partner does.

(edit: Just ran across Jake Johnson's piece here in Views. He explains all this quite nicely)


Well, I heard differently. I heard Bernie shorted Hillary on a bag of goofleaf and she was just trying to get it back. Not saying it's a fact, just what I heard.


"It’s time to end their greed.”: Agreed, Bernie. Now let's remove ALL patents on drugs, prohibit university labs from selling these patents to anyone with NHI funds--tax dollars--and legalize marijuana across the country as a safer pain medicine. Big Pharma was much leaner at one time until sometime in the 1970s when they were simply manufacturing plants and drugs were cheap. Let's get busy ending every absurd and endless war, pentagon spending and a system of perversion where the wealthy pay the least. There will be plenty of cash then and we can get busy on saving the future for our children.


I have let go of much of my vitriol against Bernie's actions during the primary. It is disappointing yes, but I can understand how difficult it is to work in such a framework. I wish the best for him and his family and that he can still have an influential position in this coming storm of a presidency.


Now, now Dr. Jill Stein, why would you give such an unfair statement against Bernie? Is it that Sen.
Bernie Sanders draws more crowds than you, is more organized, more recognized, more intelligent,
has accomplished more, has been voted in as a successful Mayor, voted the most popular Senator,
and survived an "alleged" physical beating and threats to his family if he did not "support" Hillary
Clinton. The Clintons, you may know, "allegedly" get rid of people who get in their
way. Bernie won the Democratic Primary and sued the DNC in three separate law suits.

You were there, Dr. Stein, at the Convention, with your little bull horn, outside the Convention, and I
briefly spoke to you, as you tried to talk to all of the delegates and Bernie supporters. You were
trying to get their votes, after they walked out of the Convention right behind Bernie and his family.
Thousands of delegates waked out of convention in Philly leaving it not even half full, with Clinton
having to getting actors to fill in their Convention seats for the next day, and putting an ad in
Craig's list for actrors to dress up, clap, and receive $50 per day.
Those people who walked out of the convention on the roll call day, love Bernie as I do, and I
thought you did, too, but now you are suspect in my mind as to why your were REALLY there at
the convention. You may have have lost my vote and the votes of thousands of students that I teach,
and many of my friends. I will tell them to visit Common Dreams to see what a vicious attack you made
on a man that is so interested in the environment for all of us, that he turned his home city into a solar
and wind-powered city and he continues to work for people who cannot even vote for him now, but who
respect him after they hear what really happened and why he no choice but to protect him family.

I don't consider you a bad person, perhaps ill-informed, no pun intended, and having to cover
"both sides" of the issue to get votes from PHARMA voters and supporters. Before you make a
comment about Senator Bernie Sanders, please consider checking out all of the facts, because
you never know who will be reading your comments.

I still wish you well in the election, and do not wish my remarks to be taken in a mean manner.
You have thoroughly shocked me, and you have, in my opinion, really done a very negative job
on yourself, Dr.


What I would like is other figures put out there. How much of the public's money was used to develop the drug? How much money does each of these drug companies pay in market, how much to lawmakers to write the laws that allow them "price gouging".


The critical question is: If drug companies or any other company is profiting to the extent that they can afford to own politicians, then regulations and tax structures need to me modified to limit their ability to buy politicians.

The US had a strong middle class from 1935-1985 because the New Deal controlled (through regulations, taxation and laws) the amount of profits the 1% and their corporations had available to purchase politicians and write laws and regulations.


Thank you for your reply and the google information.

One question: If what you say is true and I will check it out when I have more time, why would Bernie, a man of integrity, back HRC after what Hillary's goons supposedly did to him?


I have no idea whether Bernie was roughed up, threatened, or just got worn out from months of nonstop campaigning, but giving in, for this old warrior, is not in his DNA. I trust that if he is still breathing he is using all the energy he can muster to better the lives of us common people. Admittedly, he is not a god, not even Superman, but he is and always has been a damn fine supporter of The PEOPLE. If we ever get to know the full story of his "Hillary Moment", many will cry in shame for having abandoned him. Sadly, there is no way even on a paper Absentee Ballot that we can vote for him, proving how totally corrupt US elections have become.


Your question is why would Bernie Sanders keep supporting Hill. after she "allegedly"
had him physically beaten and the answer is:
Everyone has to know by now, I would hope, that the Clintons "allegedly" have a list of over
a hundred people that have had "accidents" or been found dead and the police called their
deaths suicides. To name a few, Vince Foster, "allegedly" Hill's lover and partner from
the Rose law firm was found dead in woods and it was ruled homicide; Mr. Ashe, from
U.N. was found dead with his exercise bar bells crushing his throat because he was to
testify next day in court against Hill, and this was declared accident; there was a young
27 yr. old who served the papers on the DNC for Bernie who was found dead and it
was declared a suicide; the list goes on. Bernie was "allegedly" physically beaten badly,
...pics of face are on so many websites. Most realize he beat Hill. and Trump in polls by
double digits and a certain winner for the Presidency .. but he, right now is valuable
to Hill and she MAY feel that since millions love him, if he campaigns for her, the
voters MAY listen to Bernie and vote for her. Therefore, she threatened, "allegedly" to
have an "accident" happen to his son, or grandson, or anyone in his family. This is
how she works when she wants to use someone. She is 'ALLEGEDLY"using Bernie,
and she gets the votes that he generates by campaigning for her and he gets to keep all the
people in his family... nobody gets in an accident .. GET IT? What happens after the
election will be another story. Hopefully she, hubby and a certain Prez will get their
just desserts.


Medicare and Medicaid don't pay those prices. It's the insurance companies that support the jacking. If you'd ever had a name-brand drug prescribed and had to go through your doctor proving it's what you need and generics are not available, you'd know more what you're talking about. Insurance companies kick and scream and negotiate a lower price, then leave the pharmacy charging triple the generic copay. And then the Pharmas offer to "pay" the copays so we schmucks will stick with their products.

And your identifiers are not funny.


No patents, no R&D. I've no idea what your sentence about university labs means.