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Bernie Isn't Running (Yet), But the Sanders Network Is Alive, Kicking, and Organizing for 2020


Bernie Isn't Running (Yet), But the Sanders Network Is Alive, Kicking, and Organizing for 2020

Jon Queally, staff writer

It sure seems like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is going to run for president. And the people who want him to do so are already busy making sure the announcement they believe is coming is greased with an infrastructure and base of support that will give him a distinct advantage in what is expected to be a crowded Democratic field.


Hopefully it turns out that many of those Trump voters that said they would have voted for Bernie instead, are still there (now that Clinton is out of the picture), at least after the primaries.
While people that voted for Trump will not give any quarter to liberals openly, they are smart enough to know Trump is dangerous and may come to their senses.


The grass-roots run deep and wide. Go Bernie Go.


2020 Democratic, Convention, scenario? We cannot allow Trump a second term so I am endorsing Biden!


Name recognition is critical to getting enough dialed in Murkin voters to vote for you. Although there are other good candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, they need to ramp up their name recognition during the next few months or they will be Iowa road kill in January 2020.

Sanders has the name recognition needed to win.


Crowded bunch of blood thursty Vampires looking to be the new King. Anybody with money can run including Celebtities, Billionaires and other Creatures. Who has the experience and large enuf of a following to hopefully make a difference for the average voter? Only one that comes to mind is Bernie Sanders.


The Corporate media already trying to head off a Sanders campaign by referring to Sanders supporters as Toxic and working to ensure Trump wins. This mealy mouthed opinion piece slams Sanders supporters for poisoning the last primaries even as he poisons primaries not yet started by attacking Sanders supporters .

The Corporate money is on Beto as this article makes clear and that should be enough for true progressives to understand that BETO not the person to back.


I agree another trump term cannot be allowed for so many reasons. The supporting Biden strategy to “defeat trump” is like Sanders shifting to supporting HRC after he was forced out, and was savaged for doing so. Seems like supporting Biden is what Sanders fell back on to “defeat trump” after he was sabotaged by the DINO DNC HRC establishment…lots of time yet and we should perhaps concentrate on forcing Pelosi and Schumer to represent issues that would build energy for 2020 instead of screwing us!

Supporting Biden isn’t much of a change from business as usual even tho he has been supportive of some progressive and common-sense issues. I believe that Sanders and a strong progressive VP pick (maybe prior to the convention), would be very able to defeat trump & the R’Cons, just like polls in 2016 showed him doing by double-digits. Time will soon tell Shanti. http://www.ontheissues.org/Joe_Biden.htm


I agree with everything in your post Emphyrio, but let me add, since you mentioned the Pelosi agenda, that it starts of with a push for voter/voting reform.


Pelosi is a sold out shill. I can’t believe this thread right down to Bernie - who’s campaign I worked on and who was a hard awakening.

Sociopaths say what you want to hear and then do the opposite. I’m convinced Bernie is as big of a sociopath as Obama. His medicare for all destroys the current medicare and instead creates a new one that pays the insurance industry not the providers. We need to expand the current medicare, not eliminate it. Bernie is a shill.

Will we never learn?

With people like you guys who don’t check and stick your fingers in your ears, no we won’t and we will continue to get raped and pillaged - including by the health insurance industry that Bernie is the biggest tool for. And, our world will continue to be polluted and destroyed.

You guys haven’t woken up to Pelosi WITH HER RECORD. OH MY F-ing God! and this Bernie crap still when his mask has had too many cracks in it now?

We are doomed.


It begs the question then: Do we want to just jump into the lake of fire, or do we want to get f–cked up and dance around the lake for a while?
This a time for that song from The Mothers of Invention
and Frank Zappa, “Stuff up the Cracks” --------
Change a word or two and it is a song of unrequited love. Love of a person, a country, mother earth, or of ones self. That’s the one I think it’s about. Frustrated, and checking out.


Our last gasps no matter how futile should be in the best direction though.

Nobody should be voting for the duopoly at this point - including for the “new” dems. Ocasio cortez is the new Obama. She wouldn’t be a Dem steering you back to the duopoloy if she wasn’t one of them. When people say the exact right things and do the opposite - proving they know better, we are dealing with sociopaths. Everyone just has to wait for the right moment for Ocasio to show her colors and she will. Bernie taught that lesson well.

Vote Green. Invite Ocasio Cortez to switch parties, if she’s serious. DON’T spread the lie that the Greens can’t win so we are forced to vote for the duopoly. It’s a lie they spread about Bernie and it turned out to be a total lie. The Dems spread it and will spread it again - they already are. Abandon that corrupt sociopathic half of the duopoly. It’s no better than it’s other half.


Pelosi is a sold out shill, and in my opinion, she and the super, corrupt delegates and the rest of the Democratic elite are no different because they knew Bernie had no chance but used Bernie for their dog and pony show.


TRUE! That is exactly why Biden is their corporate boy for 2020.


The reform package you mention, and Pelosi seems to support is a good thing, I just wish she wouldn’t water it down - the details remain to be seen as does how they will fight for it. I also wish that she wouldn’t sabotage other progressive issues as apparently has, including PayGo, the Green New Deal via an apparently toothless Climate Committee, and her refusal to support universal single-payer among other things. There is so much that needs to be accomplished including 2020 election unity, the climate crisis, not-for-profit health insurance, and more

As far as PayGo, I don’t see Pelosi cutting the obscene military budget restoring responsible/fair income taxation on the richest,to fund progressive, or any civilian priorities so how will that work if PayGo is enacted and how will that affect education funding/loan forgiveness, and the other priorities that would need funding offset by cuts from somewhere?..where will it come from? The bottom line is I just din’t trust Pelosi or Schumer.


I just looked up Ocasio Cortez and EVERYTHING about that woman ends of falling apart.

Right down to where she grew up - she said the Bronx but it turns out she was supposedly born there but grew up in the much richer Westchester - 2nd in per capita income only to Manhattan.

She said she was a political newbie but studied politics in college and graduated with a Foreign Relations and an Economics degree, and, worked with Senator Ted Kennedys on “immigration casework and foreign affairs.” She came back to the Bronx after graduating and pivoted to working as an educational director with the National Hispanic Institute, helping high schoolers “expand their skillsets in community leadership and social enterprise,” according to her website."

While that’s all lovely, she campaigned on being a waitress and a bartender from the Bronx. She hasn’t been a waitress or a bartender in a decade and there’s no reason to believe it was in the Bronx.

She said she had 7k in savings and it turned out she checked the box for 15-50k. And she said she couldn’t afford an apartment in Washington DC until her 174k representative salary kicked in when she had between 15-50k in savings.

Her college and career has been aimed at politics. She played a bar/tender waitress from the Bronx and as a political outsider for her campaign. It’s Obama.


I feel that so far, Bernie is the only candidate that can beat Trump.


While I appreciate your fire in attacking a freshman Congresswoman; among others, here is some cold water to try when you’re ready.
There are many smart and electable folks, who for a variety of good and personal reasons, choose not to run for high political office. Their work as councilors " consiglieres " and on many valuable policy positions and political agendas cannot be overemphasized enough, however. Over an imaginary cup of coffee, or a beer on me, I would gladly give you a list of many of them. And, how there work changed things for the better in quite a few cases. It’s not unusual, imo.
If things were as easy as making an $8K misfiling on your income ( asset ) statement ( so you say ) and being declared a cunning lying oppurtunist of the worst sort, not many good people will be intersted in serving you, or anyone else, for that matter. That’s not how it works; who needs to go looking for dire wolves when you are already surrounded by them?
Hell, we can’t even see Trump’s tax returns and his buddies and swamp creatures are being convicted right and left. He’s most likely broken hundreds of laws in 40+ years and he’s the fuxking POTUS.
Get some perspective before you blow a head gasket, please.


And that is including Warren.


The Democrats have searched long and hard through their ranks and come up with nothing, no one with more than a tiny fraction of the substance and credibility found in Bernie Sanders’ inspiring progressive efforts and campaigns. The Democrats have nothing of substance to counter the popularity of the Bernie Sanders years-long surge.

Bernie Sanders remains the prohibitive favorite. For years now, he has been the prohibitive favorite to win not only the Democratic primary but the Presidency as well.

Noam Chomsky: “The most remarkable thing about the [2016 election cycle] was actually Bernie Sanders not Trump. Bernie Sanders broke with a century of American political history. In American elections, back to the late-19th Century, elections are basically bought. Literally. You can predict with remarkable accuracy electability simply on the basis of campaign funding. Sanders came along. No support from the corporate sector. No support from the wealthy. The media dismissed him as ridiculous. He was basically unknown. He even used a scare word – socialist. And he would have won the Democratic nomination if it hadn’t been for the shenanigans of the party managers. If you take a look at popularity today he is far and away the most popular figure in the American political system.”