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Bernie Knows What Time It Is


Bernie Knows What Time It Is

The drama in Iowa gave us so much. It offered the spectacle of a surge for the messiah-minded, what-separation-of-church-and-state Cruz and his religious right "skin-crawlingly creepy" supporters. The archetypal "wake-up call" for a smug Democratic party that proved woefully out of touch with the change so many voters want. And this fabulous photo of gleeful hard-won triumph. Wheel's still in spin.


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Loyal BERNERS have their work cut out for them w/South Carolina primary Feb. 27th. Soooo important to smash Hillzilla's so-called "African American firewall," because Super Tuesday is only three days later. BERNERS, please wake up & help out; contact the closesy BERNIE headquarters & sign up to phonebank to SC if only for a coupla hours. Cannot stress enough how critical SC is; BERNIE could ride a tsunami to victory or be washed up a poor 2nd here. Headquarters can email you how to do the job; if I can do it, anyone w/the internet & a phone can, too! Please jump on board the BERNIE bandwagon; you are SO needed!!

Also, it is critically important to talk to your AA friends wherever u r; they might well have family in SC. I am talking to all my AA friends here; they aren't all for SlickWillieShillary; where you can strike gold, you gotta prospect 1st....

OAT, the celebrated author Michelle Alexander, "The New Jim Crow," famously said just a coupla days ago, that if the African American community REALLY knew how both Bill AND Hillary had sold them down the river, e.g., "ending welfare as we know it," & so many other ways, they would run like hell away from her & her lies and treachery. We all know how she never met a war she didn't cheer for, right? Iraq, Libya, shilling for no-fly zones in Syria, her sleazy work in Ukraine, and on and on--an AA friend told me of the PTSD a relative fell victim to in Afghanistan: he is in such bad shape that the military can't release him to come home from the hospital over there because right now he would be a danger to himself and his family. So we need to have no-fly zones in Syria, sez Hillary the Hawk because THEN we might get into a war w/ Russia! The problem is, she votes for war, triggers war by her inept so-called "foreign policy experience" but never plans for the aftermath of the surge, or the war, or what happens after murdering a despot & leaving a power vacuum.

BERNERS, please volunteer a bit of time to help build a BERNIE firewall in The South. We gotta win SC.


Herdpoisoning, I would be most grateful if you would further explain your post above concerning the coin rosses, the irregularities-caught on CNN? And especially explain the probability percentage you wrote of. I would very much like to write a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper which happens to circulate statewide here in SC. I don't want to simply repeat what you wrote above, because I don't fully understand and I would be blowing smoke if questioned. What you wrote can be used powerfully. Please expand. Very much needed.


apologies for not correcting the 2 typos, 1 in each post, above.


In the name of democracy, we need to recount the raw votes. We all want to know the exact number of votes for each candidate.

We are for free tuition public colleges and universities; No privatization of Medicare and SS; Reinstatement of Steagall Glass; Fair taxation; Full employment; No outsourcing.


Sanders has to be challenged on his support for US policies towards Israel. He has supported military aid, and additional funds for the Gaza war consistently since the early 90's. He has openly defended the Israeli war. In the late 80's, he supported cutting of military aid to Israel unless their commitment to a two state solution was implemented. Now he parrots the US government for decades, saying Israel has a right to exist and Palestinians have a right to a state. OK, Clinton's position is even worse, she sounds like Netanyahu. Why did he change his position original position articulated in 1988 during the Jackson campaign?


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Wow!!! That's all I have to say.


Thank you for the eyewitness account of a caucus in IA.


So now in addition to fraudulent tampering with vote counting machinery, we also have to worry about fraudulent coin tosses!


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