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Bernie...Live! Sanders to Tell Supporters "What's Next"


Bernie...Live! Sanders to Tell Supporters "What's Next"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

This post may be updated.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is not expected to bow out of the primary race or endorse his rival Hillary Clinton when he speaks directly to supporters via a live-stream address on Thursday night.

"No, he's not ending it," campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said Wednesday. "We're working our way through that, how to go forward on that front. This message to supporters is going to be a lot broader than that."


Be There! The (political) RUMBLE in Philly starts in 39 days! Takin' bets? lol Looks like we use the Internet to avoid the lackeys of the cable news 1% milieux.


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Anyone know if this will be on the internet?


Hang in there Bernie leaks on usuncut.com say they have proof Clinton, the DNC and media colluded to tip the scales for Clinton. More leaks expected soon from Wikileaks will expose this and more about the emails that were classified. I hope this all comes out before July.
Don't endorse her yet, they're still counting votes in California and three counties have flipped for Bernie. There is still hope.


Will never support her - I didn't like her in 2008 when she ran, didn't like her as a carpet-bagger senator, as Secretary of State and especially now. I still can't understand why people and organizations are endorsing her. Just because she's a woman gives no credence to her ability to be the POTUS. And please, no one use the Trump card in protest of my comment. It doesn't work.



I believe Sanders is in sync with his base - that he authentically speaks for its insurrection against the Democratic Party.

However, at this moment, the base must make demands - upon Sanders, and upon HRC and the right liberal faction that controls the Democratic Party:

a) on the organizational front: the demand for the immediate start of open Democratic Party hearings made up of right liberal and progressive delegates - regarding the democratization of the Democratic Party - in particular, getting rid of superdelegates and closed primaries;

b) on the political front, the demand for binding short-lists of a to-be-determined number of progressive cabinet appointments, in the event that the Democratic nominee is right liberal.

This is important for several reasons:

It is important first because it is democratic - as in parliamentary coalitions, representatives of these two roughly equal halves of voters likely to vote Democratic must negotiate and strike a middle position. Each side faces difficulties in negotiating: the right liberals because they must give up power; the left liberals because - if the right liberals will not negotiate fairly, progressives must be prepared to vote third party

It is important second because HRC is a right liberal, and, unless she enters into binding agreements - to appoint a to-be-determined number of progressives to cabinet positions - her power will be unchecked, and she will rule as the right liberal she is. Pre-election shifts left, progressive party platforms are empty - nonbinding. Only binding commitments count.

It is important third because we - we who support Bernie - need to make it clear that Sanders is not simply advancing his values, but speaking for us. We need to make it clear that he is not simply our leader, but our servant.

Last words: write to the Sanders campaign, write to the HRC campaign, write to the Democratic Party. Open letters - a letter signed onto by others - are best, because they carry the weight of organizations with a similar outlook, not just individuals.



Yes, it will be on the internet:

The political revolution continues. Submit the form below to
receive the link via text message for the Bernie national live stream
before it begins on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT.



Bernie Sanders it is time to take back our country from the elites war profiteers now running both our country and all our lousy media.Even Amy Goodman and Tom Hartman not dare speak truth to power but if you will go green with you top ticket, we can and ought easily defeat the two clowns now set to run And even if the dump trump as I certainly believe will happen.GOP has no candidate worthy of shinning your shoes.


Bliss, I read your post - I think with care.

Yes, the DNC is a part of the "establishment;" however, no, it is not clear to me that Bernie's "Political Revolution" depends upon the idea that it cannot "be effective if we have anything to do with the DNC."

As I have written here and elsewhere, I regard Bernie's movement as an insurrection aimed at radical reform. It seems clear that his strategy is geared toward forcing the Democratic Party to the left, rather than breaking with it - remember his early 2015 statement that he was running in the Democratic Party rather than a Nader-type third party candidacy because he did not want to be "irrelevant"?

(I voted for Nader in that election, by the way.)

Now, you don't have to agree that we should be aiming at reform - but I think that is what Sanders's movement represents.

At the same time, Sanders's movement can be thought of as a 'hinge' to a truly radical politics; because, if the Democratic Party rejects negotiation and power sharing, it opens the door to the view that attempting to enter into any kind of relationship with the DNC is as hopeless and will be as ineffective as you say. That is, it would prove your point.

We shall see...

As I wrote, if the Party could be forced to democratize, and if the likely nominee could be forced into binding commitments to give up power - that is, if those two conditions of power-sharing could be satisfied - I would


Go Bernie! Don't stop; We're still with you!


...oop, uncopied sentence - as I was saying:

As I wrote, if the Party could be forced to democratize, and if the likely nominee could be forced into binding
commitments to give up power - that is, if those two conditions of power-sharing could be satisfied - I would support that compromise...mainly because it could pull the Sanders 'soft support' into a more committed, progressive stance. The idea - not for radicals, perhaps, but for the progressive equivalent of swing voters - would be that it is possible to have values and make demands that force the establishment left, vs. simply capitulating to it.


P.S. On the RSVP - you may use a land line or mobile phone connection....Once you RSVP you can also send to friends etc.

RSVP https://go.berniesanders.com/page/s/live?source=em160614


Go to his website to sign up for it


Third possibility - The Greens coalesce with what's left of our F.D.R. era Dems and take back the reigns of power stolen by the bluedog corporatists, i.e. Mrs. Clinton and her criminal wannabes. (There could easily be 50+% Democrats who know - and others just waking up from denial. We all have been conned and tricked. Politics will never be the same from now on. Until we rescue Earth from the brink and claw our collective selves back to lives of honor, sweetness and Love, again - means a lotta work ahead.

A People's Democratic-Green party must maintain a loggerhead determination to defeat the greed of the bankster class - a Repub party, or what remains of it. Their ill-gotten gains as King "CONG" polluters and war mongers will not be tolerated anymore,.

This idea may not fly right away, but something very close, will open for us a pathway to a healthy, free-from-fear, resilient life, going forward. A resurrection from the stinking rubble of the current Democratic party is doable.

A non-corporate coalition that works for all people and the planet, will become The 99% Green Democratic Party! Based on the premise: "All for one and one for all!" We demand open elections - open to multiple candidates, not just one or two, (Figuring it out, together, will be a hoot! The "Bernie Inspired" networking that is just now getting its legs, looks like a Movement to me.


TJ says:
No, I think You don't get it.

Bernie is our man on the inside. He still is ranking Senior Senator on the pivotal Senate Budget and Senate Intel Committees, which means he approves every penny spent in this Empire AND is liaison with the Secret Branch of Government: The Massive Intel Community.

Now, we didn't always have a President in this country. That didn't happen until the 1787 coup by James Madison. The men who opposed empire, the Anti-Federalists, demanded and got us a Bill of Rights, otherwise the government we now have was going to be stillborn, and everybody knew it. The Union was going to break up.

But the Anti-Federalists warned that these new branches of government, the Executive and the Senate, would destroy democracy since the President would act as a King and plot with the Senate against the people (his VP presides over all rules as "President" of the Senate!)

Bernie should keep his word to prevent Dems from stripping us of our only powerful rep in the Senate. OR he should pull a fast one and call for a General Strike since the DNC and Clinton cheated in the California Primary and many other states.

And that, sports fans, puts you and CD in a ring-side seat to HISTORY.

Think about that. Trust Bernie, who's been at this forever in the belly of the beast to make the right call for us. Do not trust a One Percent Doctor, in a ineffective party with no visibility who has never even been Dog-Catcher and gets hand-cuffed out of debates because she doesn't even have the common sense to be flanked by body-guards.

Sanders has over 40 years going to bat for the little guy. Trust him. He has relationships with people of power. He can negotiate like no one else on this planet. Stein can't. A new party can't.

Now maybe later, third parties can coalesce into something more effective, but right now, we need to Flood Philadelphia with protest signs and support the Sanders Revolution.



I RSVP'd for this a few days ago, but have yet to get a direct link to the event. has anyone received one yet?


Take this campaign to a higher level -- challenge Clinton and more important, form a block that continues to challenge the corrupt status quo on issues and that funds candidates. We cannot afford to concede anything.


Live link just in here: https://berniesanders.com/stream/


Democratic Underground has a direct link.