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Bernie or Bust? No, It’s Justice or Bust


Bernie or Bust? No, It’s Justice or Bust

Donna Smith

Oh brothers and sisters, what an odd time. I hear great energy going into whether or not Bernie should now concede or how the next few weeks look if he stays in the race as he proclaimed he would late Tuesday night. Will Bernie delegates or supporters disrupt the DNC convention? That’s another point to consider for pundits and others. Bernie or bust is one group’s battle cry, while others call for Party unity. I think all of these issues are missing the point and the moment at hand.


At least she didn't come out and beg us to now support Hillary. No way, no how for hopefully most of us. We now need to work to defeat Hillary in November. The real job is seizing and rebuilding the party from it's 30 years of control and destruction by the DLC/Clinton machine. This must end this year with her defeat. I would never tell anyone to vote for Trump. Make your revulsion known by turning out en mass for the Greens this year and send a clear message in the form of the largest 3rd party vote since Ross Perot that the choice of another Clinton is unacceptable. #NeverHillary.


Another tortured article trying to make the best out of a putrid situation.

Why in God's name would Bernie concede? Hell, the entire media blob has proclaimed it's over so that would just be redundant, right? Party unity? The party that obstructed his campaign from the beginning? That party? Bernie doesn't owe the DNC jackshit.

Oh, but we have to unite to beat Donald Trump! I got news for you Hillary, there never has been any we in your vocabulary, unless the 'we' you're talking about are your Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and Chevron buddies. Those are the 'us' in your bullshit fighting for us bullshit slogan. I got your 'we' right here.


Donna, another outstanding statement from the ranks of us ordinary people.

That quote from JFK seemed so rationally true that several years ago I took the time to find out just when and where he said it. After all, like many of his other remarks, if he had said it here or in Berlin, or in the UN Assembly it would be as well known as "Ask not..."

However, it was contained in a written address he gave to moneyed political and business leaders gathered for an economic initiative in the Central and South American States. It came at the height of the Cold War when the US and the Soviets were vying for hearts and minds all over the globe and nowhere less than that beleaguered and abused part of the world.

Taken out of context as it almost now always is, it sounds like a clarion call of progressivism. Read IN CONTEXT, and here now on the edge of the dystopia of the new world order, it becomes for me, enigmatic.


I generally try not to stoop to this level, really I do. Alas, sometimes I fail. In any case, a few images can show everything.
Please Senator Sanders, stay in till the very end.



Wonderful essay! Now ...

" ... Progressive Democrats of America. PDA's mission is to strengthen the voice of progressive ideas inside ... the Democratic Party ..."

Is that really possible? Ten years ago, I thought it was. Today, it's a fool's mission. It's not just that party insiders rejected the more progressive choice, which they did, but the Democratic primary voters did too. Democrats -- and I no longer call myself one -- just nominated someone who voted for the Iraq War. That's unforgivable, and I won't associate with them any longer. Not one more dime of mine is going to Democrats. Good luck in November.


Part of me says let Trump drive it into the dirt so it can be rebuilt. Her Inevitableness will just try to paper over the issues with the cooperation of her banking overlords. Maybe the country just needs some good old raw failure to allow the pus to escape.


Bernie is an artifact of a movement that is bigger. The Occupy movement was large, perhaps larger, and was/is itself an artifact of the dissatisfaction and disfunction of the present system of inequalities. Smith is right, this is about justice (not Bernie).


check it out. might be the vehicle that can help you. being run by Bernie people.


Since you have such disdain for those who post on this website, why are you here? I see you just recently joined. Yes, you are a troll.


Oh, a Cass Sunstein payroll plant, how convenient during the election run-up.

I think your use of the we-pronoun is the most repugnant I've yet to see.

How much more authoritarian lock-step can one get than to take the illegitimate coup government composed of people so lawless that they think nothing of torture, have engineered the global economic system to suit themselves (at vast expense to billions of persons), destroy the fundamental ecosystems that sentient life relies upon, and make war at their pleasure... and turn that into "We."

No, buddy, the Secret State/Deep State and its various corrupted individuals and alphabet agencies are not WE.

They are a subhuman subset with LOTS of power. They act in the dark like roaches... and they do NOT represent The People. They act in "extra-judicial" fashion and should be brought before the Hague.


This video is more potent... and I think it's well enough documented to be truthful. It's about the Clintons' past connections and drug running in a little backwater town in Arkansas. SO MUCH cocaine $ came in through that covert operation, that it bought LOTS of people and much of the $ was laundered through operations done through Hillary's employer--The Rose Law Firm.

Much of this story was pushed aside as if untrue, as were Clinton's many infidelities.

I am posting the link because even if 25% of it is true, it shows the kind of dynasty that thinks it's equipped to run this nation. And it shows the completely bankrupt nature of any statements oriented towards improving the lives of citizens.

Clinton machine:



"O.K., but.where do we go from here?"

If you are thinking about doing something in the political world, I think working at the local level is a great place to start. Good on you for running for office yourself. As an alternative, maybe working for other candidates for city council, county commission, mayor, etc. would be effective as well as fulfilling. Progressive forces can still make a difference in local politics by working at the precinct level for the Dem Party (yes I said it, local level Dem Party decisions can still be progressive). State representatives are the next level up, and the people in these office are usually still available to and receptive of the people. Depending on the municipality, if you are more concerned about policy there are citizen advisory boards that elected officials rely on for detailed information to make decisions.

The problem with presidential elections is that they totally suck the air out every other political activity/event. And when things don't work out, they can be very devastatingly disappointing.

Personally, I got burned out on working to get other people elected to higher office only to see them lose, or even if they won, seeing them capitulate to party or corporate power.

So, most of the work I do now is involved with making social and economic change at the grassroots level outside the political process, simply by taking and implementing the fabulous alternative social and economic formations available to people as means to live their everyday lives. At the base, this is where is all has to happen anyway - we all are going to have to learn to adjust to the inevitable changes with climate, economic, and social conditions that are coming. This kind of work pushes policy in the right directions from the ground up and from the local level to state to national to global. Plus, I find I have a heck of a lot more control of what I do and how I live then relying on a bought and paid for representative to do the right thing.


A presidential race that looks more to become an implosion track.


An exceptionally weak officeholder sans national and international cred.


Expanding on George Orwell's "In an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical", Sanders' steering the campaign to addressing issues of consequence rather than corporate sanctioned soundbites of past elections, the radical label just hasn't stuck, so the 1% need to portray progressives as comical.

Unreel is simply adopting that tact since the reasons for voting Clinton or Trump are far more comical than anything any progressive has articulated.


"Bernie’s political revolution embraces all of us, and it is not over unless we throw in the towel. No matter what happens leading up to or during the DNC convention in Philadelphia, the revolution has been ignited, it is growing and the will of the people will not be denied." Amen. The struggle continues. And if we don't get lost in minutiae we will win. Onward!


During the past year corporations, politicians and media set Sanders up to take the fall if Hillary loses in November. The positive aspect of that effort is that Sanders has the freedom to do whatever he wants from this point forward. He is already the fall guy and has nothing to lose by pulling out all stops.


Hopefully, though the term does not imply this, the "Bernie or Bust" people were thinking beyond Bernie, whether or not he is the Dem nominee (or decides to run as an independent or on the Green ticket, just to include the range of possibilities).

Hopefully, these people were not planning to put all of their energies into Bernie's long shot campaign or relying completely on him should he by some miracle get elected (given all that he is up against).

Hopefully, the "Bernie or Bust," many of whom I am assuming supported Obama in 2008, learned their lesson, though I trust Bernie to work tirelessly for the people more so than I did Obama..

As Bernie himself has said on numerous occasions, it is not about him, it is about building a movement. It is not up to him, it is up to each of us.

What are you willing to do for the Movement beyond the Bernie campaign?

(1) work for progressive political candidates at local, state, and Congressional levels?
(2) advocate for progressive policies at the local, state, and national level (e.g., from national (Move to Amend) through local (local ordinances promoting local decision-making and the rights of nature)?
(3) join or help organize demonstrations and/or actions of civil disobedience?
(4) support groups and organizations that are on the front lines of racial, gender, class, and environmental injustice?
(5) adjust your lifestyle and change you habits that promote injustice and inequity and work in your community to get others to do the same?

There is plenty to do that has nothing to do with Presidential election politics. This is the work of Movement building.


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." This is a great article and Ms. Smith tell it like it is like Bernie would want. We demand justice and anything less is placebo.
I won't stop supporting Bernie even as Hillary has proclaimed herself to be the nominee. Not the DNC but Hillary proclaims. OMG this woman is insufferable.
I see the groups popping up wanting to carry the revolution forward and I agree we must but my feeling is that all these groups need to come together under one banner to push for Bernie's demands. I would like to see what he does after the convention before I sign on with any other groups. His wife has said he plans to lead the revolution whether elected or not. I will wait for him to do that but in the mean time I think it's time the Red Queen gets put out of business permanently. The DNC needs to wake up and realize we are done playing their lesser evil game. No justice now peace.
Bernie or Bust, Never Hillary


If this site is so terrible why are you on it? You use the same talking points Clinton would like you to use. You may not be a troll but you should be getting paid for this drivel.