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Bernie Runs


Bernie Runs

To brighten your day, here's video from Bernie Sanders' first amiable, upbeat campaign event, a house party in Manchester New Hampshire where people seem some happy to be there. Sanders says he has already pledged 175,000 volunteers and raised over $1.5 million, mostly from small donors giving about 40 bucks. Fresh breeze. From Facebook: "This country needs you."


I donated my $100. Give til it helps, I always say!
Looking to sign up for campaign activities in Arizona next!

And I’ll close with an admonishment to my fellow Democrats.
Anything a candidate says that sopunds different from what they’ve said all along is a probably lie, or carefully worded positioning, or both. Don’t believe a different tune if you hear it. She’ll (and we all know who she is) say anything she believes will help her to get elected, but if she gets in she will take care of her friends on Wall Street first, and you all?
Well you can just hurry up and die then!


Go Bernie.


What a breath of fresh air he is and has been since being elected by people who sincerely and deeply believe in him, his beliefs, and his policies. He truly represents the best interests of his constituents and all Americans in the 99%. He has perennially flown in the face of corporatism, unbridled capitalism, pernicious globalism, and kleptocracy uncompromisingly. If there is a Supreme Being, may He/She bring this man to the White House. I gave what I could to his campaign and will continue to do so while I am able! VIVA Bernie…más adelante!


Hey Man, I disagree. I think he must run as a democrat, or the MSM would label the independent a boogie-man-socialist. At the very least they will all spin his own words in a very bad light. Now, I am with you in spirit, having voted Green the last 2 elections, but if Bernie could take the Democratic party back for labor & people, that would be a stellar accomplishment. I can get behind Bernie, the man, and ask you to think of him as: Bernie the Role Model Democrat. And I hope others might also. Did you read his progressive budget in 2014? He talked about 10 taxes that could be raised including a sales tax on stocks. Together they would bring in 10 Trillion dollars in 10 years. This would be re-invested in the country.


I can get behind Bernie about the only man in Congress with some sincerity and integrity, when it comes to domestic policy, but I cannot get behind the Democratic party. I have supported Dr Jill Stein in the past and after her arrest and what was done to her during the last debates was unconscionable! And that was the last straw for me. Bernie may have had a good reason for joining the dems; especially wanting to be allowed in the debates, but to me, joining the demrats was a shame.


Don’t despair, Peter. Bernie will most likely lose as a Democrat, then he’ll be free align with the Greens, which could be the beginning of a real progressive presence on the US political scene.


All political parties are hierarchical. Partisan politics is old fashioned. Evolve now.


Bernie doesn’t take corporate money. The corporatists hate Bernie.