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Bernie’s Call to Rein in Wall Street, Artfully Clear


Bernie’s Call to Rein in Wall Street, Artfully Clear

Donna Smith

At the heart of the matter is Bernie calling out the way Wall Street money has corrupted our democracy and perhaps most especially our election process. So when I went looking for ways to illustrate how that might have come into play on issues of deep concern to me, I found something that was instructive.

Bernie’s direct statements about the demands Wall Street makes on elected officials are not part of any “artful smear” campaign, as has been suggested.


Thank you, Donna Smith.

If the public were to see this Moyer's clip, Mrs. Clinton's defense that her accepting Big Money is a "smear" would be seen for the canard that it is.

This is shameless!


The Moyers interviews will resonate with more voters today than they did when first aired. Lets hope they air soon.

The only election Hillary Clinton has ever won was when she won her Senator from New York (Wall Street's hot line to DC) seat in 2000 and 2006. Seeing how Bill Clinton handed Wall Street some of its greatest gifts in 1999-2000 (killing Glass-Steagall and signing Commodities Futures "Modernization") Wall Street's funding her campaign assured that the party (for Wall Street, anyway) would never end, and so far it hasn't.


Thanks again, Donna. Always a pleasure and we need all the facts we can get.


Bernie, Liz, Dennis, Paul... I don't think we need last names here.


Some may resent Chomsky for this, but it does have some wisdom to it:


Thanks for this wonderful thread


True. And the Republicans essentially conceded the race for this seat each time.


We all need to be sharing the link to that video clip with our own networks.