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Bernie’s Pivot for Biden Might Not Be Pleasant, But Trump Must Be Defeated

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/16/bernies-pivot-biden-might-not-be-pleasant-trump-must-be-defeated


Trump is not an option for me. Biden is not an option for me. I will be evaluating all other options.


gee, no one saw this coming.

“I know the fact that you’ve suffered for decades is bad ((pro tip: no, he doesn’t know that. he hasn’t suffered)), but this really is The Most Important Election Ever ™.”

Scam never ends. And once again, I ain’t giving my permission for this atrocity. To anyone.


You’re currently living thru a medical atrosity. So, one isn’t good enough for you? A second or third is necessary?
What is to be learned from the second kick of crazed and loco mule? Do you actually believe that the Dimocrats would handle the Covid-19 pandemic in the same manner as Trump & Co. have?


March 2 tweet from Mayor DeBlasio:

“I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus."


When did you trademark that?



Shame on you Mr. Solomon.

Until we say NO to the Duopoly party system in this country, NOTHING will change.


“. . . . but Trump must be defeated.”

So you think that anyone other than Trump is better than Trump?

You think that Biden is better than Trump?

I yield to no one in my condemnation of Trump — But if one is going to work for an alternative, why on earth pick the man who has declared “nothing will change”?


Trump is the enemy of all that is decent and good, holy and honorable.

Biden won’t do what he needs to do - send Trump to Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo.

But at least Trump will no longer be in a position to enable racist, nazi murderers.

Trump won’t be in a position again to enable placing children in concentration camps.

Trump won’t be in a position again to throw paper towels at hurricane victims.

Trump won’t be in a position again to hinder efforts to defend the country from a vile disease.

Trump is himself a vile disease.

Trump is a venereal wart on the anus of the American body politic.

And Trumpism is spreading.

And it needs to be stopped.


Comment I made on one of Solomon’s articles cheerleading for Sanders three months ago: These Party apparatchiks are so predictable.

“Keeping eyes on the prize this year will require a united front that can strengthen progressive forces, prevent any corporate Democrat from winning the party’s presidential nomination, and then go on to defeat Donald Trump.” -Solomon

And here we have the actual point of Norm’s article - The United Front. The parts about strengthening progressive forces and keeping corporate Dems from winning the nomination are hooey, of course. But we’ll be hearing a lot more about uniting behind the militarist eventually nominated by the DNC from Solomon in very, very short order.


Is there a chance that the Democratic convention will choose someone else? I am afraid that with Biden as the nominee Trump is a shoo-in. Biden almost definitely is suffering from dementia or something similar. His gaffes on the campaign trail are too many to be explained away by anything else. You better believe that Trump will make use of all the examples shown in Caitlin Johnstone’s “Stop Calling It a Stutter” article.
I live in a state that will vote Democratic no matter what so my vote won’t make a difference but Trump will be sure to use the examples at that article in his campaign. Will Biden be able to overcome that? It seems to me that the only hope is that Trump’s performance during the pandemic is so awful that many won’t vote for him on that basis. But if Bumbling Biden is the alternative won’t a lot of them just stay home?


Is there a chance that the Democratic convention will choose someone else?

I’m afraid that Uncle Joe is a lock, unless he strokes out onstage, or suffers some other all-too-obvious medical event. It’s important to remember that the DNC doesn’t actually care about which sociopathic warmonger sits in the Offal Office For them the important contest has already been won - the contest against all of us.

Extra points for citing the terrific Caitlin Johnstone. I’d sure rather see her iconoclastic columns here, rather than Party propaganda from the likes of Solomon.


45 days is a lifetime ( pardon me ) ago regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s on Trump & Co.
But, De Blazio also thought he was made of Presidential material. He was just another poseur, of course. It was always a campaign between Sen. Sanders and for.mer VP Biden.


This guy did the same thing with Clinton. He rants and raves about how the DNC corrupt and needs to evolve by adopting a progressive platform. This creates the illusion that there significant impetus on the DNC to implement that change. Election comes up and now “it the most important time ever the Republicans need to lose so hold your noses and vote Democrat”.

Put that message on replay over and over. This has resulted in a Republican President in the USA every year since 1980. These “pundits” all work for the same team. It no wonder the wealth gap in the US among the highest in the World. Solomon may not be openly backing Trump but he certainly helping to prime that wealth pump.


What do you know about Mr. Solomon?
Have you run for Congress?

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I know what he does every election cycle. You went through this same thing during the Clinton run. He just another Democratic party insider.

What does the fact he ran for Congress have to do with anything ? There a whole pile of people that ran for Congress and they have that double talk down pat as well. The Progressive Poseurs wing of the DNC party is alive and well as they encourage the electorate to get on board with a racist and alleged rapist who insists nothing will really change if he wins.


I’m really glad you have it all figured out. It saves the rest of us so much time and effort.
Since I live on the West Coast I have a bigger problem with the Electoral College than with most folks in America, apparently.
However, I wouldn’t trade places with them. Really; where would you rather be right now, Bend, Oregon or New York City?


Vancouver British Columbia where I live and where we have the NDP in power. This left wing party also had to deal with the same types of pundits claiming “you have no choice but to vote Liberal as if you do not the Conservatives will win”. Unlike down in the USA millions of people did not agree.


Well that is the difference between the US and Canada.

And this particular election happens to be held in the US.

However likely or unlikely Biden is to win, an alternative is even less likely.

A protest vote in 2020 will make as little difference as one in 2016.


I fail to see how we break the two-party oligarch duopoly by voting for it. Trump has done more to dig the grave of U.S. imperialism and neoliberalism than anything since ‘Occupy’. If we are not to be allowed to have a true progressive candidate, I’m all for letting him keep digging a hole we can bury them in forever. ‘Blowback’ can be potent fuel for a true revolution, and this flaming asshole is fast approaching the gas tanks.