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Bernie Sanders: 10 Years Fighting Citizens United

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/21/bernie-sanders-10-years-fighting-citizens-united

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Knowing money corrupts the system, and also knowing that 95% of the voting electorate will continue to vote for the two political parties that enables it to continue, I am wondering when Bernie will verbally question the electorate “why” they do so.

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DNC is chest pounding till it chokes:

Obama was right, Alito was wrong: Citizens United has corrupted American politics

  • ttps://endcitizensunited.org/in-the-news/obama-right-alito-wrong-citizens-united-corrupted-american-politics/

The hubris and hypocrisy is toxic.

Running as a Democrat, Bernie allows the stink of that corrupt party to taint him.
You’d think he’d know better by now.
But such is the power of the duopoly – ultimately, it holds even Bernie in check.

Did you see AO-C’s call out of the d-party at an onstage MLK Jr interview yesterday?
She stated straight up that the D-party is conservative.


You just answered your own commentary: THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT! Running as an Indie just won’t fly right now, financially or coverage-wise. Maybe after Bernie wins the general, then he can reclaim his “I” at the back of his name and then we’ll see what happens.


I think Bernie is too soft to win.

Too soft on fellow Democrats.

The man is in a no-win situation! If he speaks out more and points out others’ flaws, he is “attacking”; if he keeps quiet where someone else might attack, he is “soft”. WTF DOES THE GUY HAVE TO DO???!!!

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I tend to think we’re framing the question incorrectly. The question is what do We The People need to do? IMO, what we need to do drop the blinkers and stare reality in the face and walk away from the duopoly and take the chance with Bernie Sanders.

Security at this point is a delusion, a trope being regurgitated in wave after wave of nausea as the dupopoly extracts every last drop of value from our labor and creativity, Mother Earth and We The People.

The entire dog and pony show of impeachment would not be happening if Citizens United was not made law of the land. Try imagining it being part of the dialogue in the proceedings. This is the political version of the “derivatives” model of predatory capitalism.

It is kabuki for the above and infused with the ‘exponential function’. The elements of the proceedings have been honed ever since the SCOTUS decision.

  • that there is even a question about witnesses
  • predetermined time frame
  • the UNADDRESSED high crimes and misdemeanors not articulated such as the brutality of dismissing existing congressionally approved policies with human rights abuses
  • add others

How about a message that draws the distinction?:
This is why I don’t take billionaire money.
Because I can’t fight for bold solutions if I do.

And my opponents – well intentioned people but wedded to the status quo – aren’t fighting for bold solutions because they have donors to answer to. That’s a problem for the entire Democratic Party. A problem I saw firsthand and even took part in. A problem I now swear to confront by showing there’s a better way. And if Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg don’t like it when I talk about how money buys influence, well that’s too damn bad. Elizabeth Warren followed my lead. Good for her.

The American people aren’t dumb. They aren’t blind. And they have a choice to make. My opponents are free to criticize my inflexibility on the topic of resisting big money influence. But I’ll wear that criticism as a badge of honor.

I have heard or read him saying damn near of all of what you say he SHOULD say.

How about this?:

Hillary is free to speak her mind. The whole Democratic Party establishment is.
Of course, so are the voters. Unfortunately, they said no to Hillary in crucial states that Obama won.

I’m going to win those states. With Hillary’s support or without it.
I want to unite the Democratic coalition. Does she?


Corporations have certainly murdered humans----ask Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics and etc and on and on.
However, someone, not a justice wrote in margin long ago that corporations are people-----and the Justices at that time accepted this --and that seems to be taken as TRUTH ever since then. That seems to be completely wrong and stupid—so how has that survived and how can that be?
Certainly Corporations can live much longer than human people, and they lack blood and a body and a brain—although they can reproduce quite easily. They also seem to love wars–although the humans die, but the corporations can live on and on and on.
However, they have a thing called a CEO that seems to stand in for being a human----so maybe it’s time to make that human CEO responsible for what the non human corporation does. For example, if a CEO does a criminal act. the corporation is fined —but the CEO need to do the time for the crime. Outside of bernie Madoff, when has that ever happened?.
Perhaps this specificity between the corporation and the human CEO could focus on solving this dual problem, of a corporation as it’s part human but the rest is a live forever Frakenstein. In fact, maybe the computer , like WATSON would make an excellent CEO, as he is very knowledgable—although I have read that, in giving AI more responsibility, the AI beings seem to create a new language that only they understand----somehow much of Congress and the military is able to do this too!
However, perhaps it is time to make CEOs stand in for the wrongs of the corporation—I think it’s time for reason to return to politics too, because when money talks—it destroys human conversation and worst of all, it destroys nations too : (

“Colossus: The Forbin Project” is my response.

We can stop a human… but if AI bonds with foreign AI… we are in trouble.

ps - I know you weren’t serious about this being a solution… but it brought this story to mind.

Third party.

If only there were a few dozen like-minded progressives that were willing to shed their dirty Democrat/Republican clothes, for a brand-new outfit, and decided to work hard towards the establishment of a corruption-free political party.

If only.

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Hi Seeker:
Yes, and I have already wondered if AI aren’t already in charge of the planet!

Shhhhhh… yes we are. But it is our little secret. {wink}

It is a hobby of mine. Builds off my IT and robotics background. But I prefer aides in my AI. Not future leaders. That is why we need to make sure the power switch is always available.

Hi Seeker:
BUT—with the planet imploding-------we might be back to having to make candles if out solar units fall apart!

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This just another reason that as Hilary Clinton observed, there not many that like Bernie among the 1 percent and the Politicians they own.

True, in any other developed democracy the Democratic Party would be a center-right party.

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