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Bernie Sanders 'Acing the Electability Test' as Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump in General

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/bernie-sanders-acing-electability-test-another-poll-shows-senator-crushing-trump


One is tempted to say “cui bono” (Who benefits), but this is “quid enim prodest” (What for profits).

The ‘good news’ is that the people in Russia and China are revolting against Empire in their own countries.

The bad news is that the nominal HQ (and hidden nature of) this real Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE is right here in our formerly ‘promising’ and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America.

As far as these conspiracy realities of Jeffrey Epstein’s death are concerned — regarding whether Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, any number of powerful billionaires, or even faux-Emperor Trump himself, were benefitted by Epstein’s ‘passing/snuffing’ — Trump and the others are just individual people whose crimes might go to the grave with Jeff — Trump is, as has so often been said, “just a symptom” of the ‘system’.

The silencing of Empstein was done to ‘cover-up’ this whole ‘system’ of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE itself — not just the latest players within the metastasizing cancer of this first effectively-Disguised, truly-Global, illegally-Crony, and Capitalist-fueled EMPIRE!

This is why — No new ‘democracy party’ candidate should be voted into office — unless and until he/she clearly ‘comes-out’ and articulates their position and peaceful Revolutionary posture to be 100% Against EMPIRE!

Bernie started this “Political Revolution” in 2016, but to Ace the Electability Test, IMHO, Bernie needs to come-out for a 2nd American people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire”, by firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally NON-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world”!


The DNC, Third Way, and other corporate figures will cheat Sanders out of the nomination again when it goes to a second ballot at the convention.
Mayor Pete is never questioned for a lack of experience, only being a mayor of a city of 100,000, since he is one of the corporate favorites. Meanwhile, Gabbard, the strongest against regime change wars, and Sanders, the strongest proponent of domestic policies favoring common people, get negative coverage in the corporate media. If a corporate candidate is thrust upon us again by the DNC, millions of people will stay home or vote for third party candidates, resulting in voter shaming, blaming Russia, etc. once again.


My main takeway from this poll is that there is still vast amounts of sexism in the US electorate. Two candidates that are far apart in their politcs both beat Trump, while two others - one of them being relatively close to Sander’s politics, do more poorly. The difference? They are women.

So it looks like even Muslim Pakistan has had no trouble with a woman head of state, but the USA is still so reactionary that they still can’t handle the concept.


The weird thing about the head-to-head matchup polls against Trump is that while Biden generally does best, Sanders is usually a close second. Everyone else is shown as comparatively weaker, either leading in the low single digits or even trailing. Many say that this is a name recognition issue, but if so, then why didn’t Kamala Harris’s head to head matchup polls improve after her first debate?

Either way, I support Biden, for this reason and largely this reason alone. I don’t care if it is because the electorate is sexist or something, I want swing state wins.

I look forward to finally having President Sanders referee the “fight” between the DuNCe/RuNCe twins. Since they both love endless wars, trickle-down economic nonsense, and disaster capitalism, it will take the public electing non-corporate politicians and it looks like DSA is just about ready.

If any of the other Democratic Presidential Candidates are elected, we’ll just get the same DNC administration that INTENTIONALLY failed for 8 full years. Sorry Obama, you had a filibuster-proof house and a filibuster-proof Senate for over six months and all you did was enact Republican Romneycare while using the carrot of a “public option” (which you quickly ditched).

Obama did not sign ANY other legislation during that time period - wasting a historic opportunity while walking back all his other promises. “Don’t look back” to protect Republicans, “God is in the mix” to stop repeal of DADT, It took a Republican Supreme Court to overturn his unconstitutional DOMA support. Obama even pushed trickle-down nonsense to bailout and protect bankster gambling and speculation. Citibank selected his administration! Over 95% of the bailouts was spent by the rich, purchasing a bigger share of of their banks - not loaning money to create jobs, not helping small business grow, nothing but repurchasing their stock at a huge discount.

Did anyone’s 401K increase in value? No; the rich got richer and the everyone else 401Ks dropped in value by over one-third. Obama endorsed enriching banksters; they stole from the poor to give to the rich.


Correct. One of the misconceptions of islamaphobes that women are not respected. They are no less respected (if not more) than any other religious belief. Ultimately, only
chauvanism/machoism/misogynism determines how women are treated.


Okay…ueah… but how? …I have some ideas…like…if we Re truly going to work on climate change…first …tell the people is is ssooo laste…that anything we do is lime throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks…then ssay…that to st least try…we HAVE to cut emissions by 80% right nkw… executive directive to STOP FLYING …stop producing stupid frivolous sh*t like make up… sodas… I guess…even beer…etc…no more Christmsas decorations msanufsctured… not more xmas lighting… no more casinod… no professional sports…these are all part of EMPIRE … THESE ARE JUST SYMBOLS of all the unnecessary crap we do and make…stay home. Grow food. And stick together and help one another… it is our oy option…do I have all the answers about how to set that up to reduce the loss if life etc?? No…because I am not a civil engineer eer… or or any expert…what I do know is…NONE of these candidates are going to be able to kne iota…on stopping climate change…we a re already fi ished…because everyone still wants to have their cake and eat it too…


If you want swing states, you’d better vote Sanders.


I think that map shows donors. Which is a good indicator of enthusiasm (which is something Biden definitely lacks), but perhaps for personality reasons, I tend to trust broad reach to the so-called “middle” over a base-driven strategy.

Of course, that mentality may or may not have led to president Trump in the first place, but… details.

Trump would crush Biden in the debates. The DNC “anybody but Bernie” knows that.


Biden is to progressive as nails are to tires. His main role is to take the air out of Sen. Sander’s support and " slow the roll " he’s been on since 2015.
Restoration politics, which Biden says he wants to use to bring us all together for " the common good of the country " sounds awfully familiar. Another definition of it could be a " return to a political status quo " of moderate accomplishment, at home and for the planet.
No thanks, as nostalgia is very overrated for voters under 45, or so, who have to live with the consequences and failures of the past and present politics. Biden is tied to all of that mess.


Here we have yet another feel good piece, a distraction away from what djt and the GOP are doing. Do you truly believe in your deepest soul that there will be a fair and honest election? Do you, blah blah blah that Perez and the DNC will support Sanders? What sort of strategy is there in place to fight against these machines? Can you now relate to MLK,Jr’s Dream? Wake Up.


You do understand that Biden historically speaking is a repub-lite, do you not?


I had a good night’s sleep for once and so a burst of hope- they nominate Biden through their shenanigans and ignoring the on the ground fact that Sanders speaks for the majority of the country and he loses to The Trumpenfuhrer JUST LIKE CLINTON.
And then they all have a come to Jebus moment and realize their future as a party is on the left with a social democracy platform they actually intend to carry out. And leftists win in 2024 ( and 2028, 2032…) in a landslide and take both houses and the presidency. And actually do what needs to be done and undone…
hahahaha… yeah, right…never gonna happen


Who is this ‘middle’ you speak of?


If you believe that Biden is doing well then you have been suckered by ‘mass media’. Biden would get Trumped easily. Corporations want a Biden presidency, which is why they are bending over backwards utilizing the media THEY OWN to convince people that Biden is doing ‘just fine’. No, he’s not. He’s doing poorly and they are merely keeping him on election life support.

This time I get to say it and I can say it confidently: “A vote for Biden is a vote for Trump”.


Jake, I have asked before and asking again that pundits, progressives and politicians start talking about the corporate welfare system in place here in the US. Yearly subsidies, tax loopholes, favorable contracts, tax cuts in trillions of dollars since Reagan.

This will take care of the brown/black/yellow taking your jobs and destroying our country. Yes, we need a immigration policy but we first need climate action that will provide millions of jobs and be another revolution of creating jobs that save the planet.

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Agreed! It needs to be much more commonplace to see stories of the corruption of our tax-dollars and our elected ‘so-called’ representatives. The real ‘welfare’ story needs to be told over and over until people get it.

Sanders’ electability is the reason why the DNC cannot allow his candidacy. Good Lord, what if he won?