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Bernie Sanders 'Acing the Electability Test' as Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump in General

For sure there is still sexism. What are you thinking numerically when using the word vast? And for the purposes of electing a democrat in 2020 (something you and I agree on), we can limit ourselves to swing voters or apathetic voters. Most voters who come out every year and vote their party will vote for a woman and that is even true with the Republicans I’d say (too bad Elizabeth Dole, Christine Todd Whitman, or some other woman didn’t win the R nomination in the past so I could test this assertion). So of the wishy-washy voters who would tend to vote D if there is a decent man opposing Trump in the general, do you think 20% would stay at home/vote third party or worse, switch to Trump if a woman were running? I think the number of votes that Clinton got (and she didn’t get mine, but she would have if I didn’t live in CA) shows that the sexism problem isn’t vast, but I agree it could be significant (say 2-5% of these voters) and even 0.1% of the total vote can swing an election.

I have my reasons for preferring Sanders to Warren, but between Gabbard and Sanders, I actually preferred the woman (until recently where I’m not happy with her comments on private health insurance compared to Sanders and I don’t think she is going to make the next debate anyway). Warren has plenty of things different than Sanders that absolute conclusions on these polls are going to be difficult.


Gabbard disqualified herself in my eyes when she voted for the recent HRes. 246 to condemn the BDS movement against Israel, bowing to AIPAC and the Zionist lobby. No true revolutionary warrior would have done that.

As for Bernie being a near shoe-in to defeat Trump in the general election next year, while I believe that is true, I also believe there is no way the establishment will allow him to get near the nomination. Also, while national polls show him winning well outside the statistical margin of error, bear in mind that we do not vote for President nationally, and that Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote by crushing it on the coasts, but narrowly losing key states in the middle (she also was never shown in the 2016 polls defeating Trump by as many points as Bernie was). I think that Bernie would win most of those states (in a fair election, which we really don’t have in this country), since he won the 2016 primaries in several (Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia). I’m just saying that while it’s true Sanders would probably beat Trump head-to-head, the establishment is never going to let that match-up happen. Sorry for the pessimism, but I’m just keeping it real.


Agreed. The main detail I’d like to see is segmenting the 1-1 polls by state and then assigning a probability of winning via the Electoral College. I know Real Clear Politics does state by state polls (I’ve seen New Hampshire, North Carolina, and a few others), but I haven’t seen a big poll attempting to do the mimicking of the actual general election. Are these done? (and as always, on a polling matter, I’m going to want to know what @dpearl thinks).

If such a poll is done, I think it is possible Sanders might outperform Biden even now as well as win the election.


Biden cannot win the Electoral College.
Bernie Sanders can.


I totally agree with many of your points. Especially the stupid festive lights. There are so many natural things to behold. For example: right now the yearly Perseid meteor shower which costs nothing in the way of earthly resources. But “we are so distracted by shiny and twinkling motives that we do not notice the ugliness beneath them”. (Quote from “The philosopher and the Wolf” by Mark Rowlands.)

Do you think it’s possible to base voting preference on other criteria beyond gender?

I don’t vote Dem but if I did I’d rank Sanders and Warre as my 1, 2 picks, and Harris and ByeDone at the bottom.


Author sez:
“Bolstered by strong support from independent and young voters, Sen. Bernie Sanders would roundly defeat President Donald Trump in a 2020 general election match-up.”

and …

“The survey also showed former Vice President Joe Biden defeating Trump by the same margin.”

One wonders who else “independent and young voters” might select down-ballot if encouraged to the voting booth in substantial numbers.
My fear is that, after Frontrunner Joe™ peels off a few anyone-but-Trump “conservatives”, his poor coattails will be full to overflowing.

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You’re right, it’s hopeless. Nothing left to do but kill ourselves in despair.

It is so blatantly obvious that Bernie is being torpedoed. You would think he won’t make the next debate the way he is portrayed in the media.
I guess we have to hit the streets and help bolster his bona fides.


Pamela Harris shouldn’t even show up in public radars. She’s deeply flawed.

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I agree 100%! Presidents are not elected; they are selected! In my view, Biden has already been selected, Bernie is just the DNC’s buffoon in their dog and pony show for the gullible masses.

So true Obama did betray us by setting idly when he had full public support plus both houses of Congress. Obama was a wimp and a drone killer who promised to close Guantanamo in his first year as president plus a lot more promises he never fulfilled.


Let this be yet another warning to Bernie Sender supporters that we need extreme vigilance checks and balances when it comes to vote counting. The DNC must be done away with before 2020 or fatally wounded before then.


Phenomenal News.

Bernie should overtake Biden as the Front Runner very soon.

It is becoming apparent that Biden is beginning to show early signs of Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, similar to what overtook Reagan.

I am not trying to be facetious or derogatory toward Biden it is only an experienced observation based on his inability to recall things accurately.

Besides he is devoid of any progressive ideas and he does not appear to have the stamina nor the incredible abilities both mental and physical that Bernie possesses.

I believe these Polls are beginning to reflect the truth about Biden’s handicaps.


His chances are only improved if people push really hard to make it impossible for the DNC to clip DNC wings potential to cause damage.

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Negating the effects of corporate media isn’t done easily, it’ll take real dedication to our nation’s future. It may take the form of pamphleting, knocking on doors and repeating it tirelessly to show to the people how corrupt the MSM really is.

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GOOD NEWS that we’ll NEVER see reported on MSNBC, much less Faux News.

Which is why progressives need to coalesce around Sanders in the primaries — so he wins by such a wide margin that the DNC doesn’t dare use the Stupor-Delegates to deny him the nomin­ation on the FIRST ballot.

The DNC would love it if we progressives split our votes between Bernie and 'Beth; then they can just hand the nomination to Biden (if he hasn’t tripped over his own feet - or tongue - by then) or Buddy- Geek (in spite of his low poll numbers):  “South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg was measured at 42 percent, two points behind Trump in a potential matchup,” according to Newsweek.

(Who talked Pete into running in the first place??   He’s nowhere near qualified, except maybe in com­parison to our current presidunce.)

IMHO, Buddy-Geek should run for Governor of Indiana — he couldn’t be any worse than Mike Pence.  If he wins and then serves for a term or two we’d at least have some kind of record by which he could be measured for the presiduncy.


It’s worth remembering that in the US, black men won the franchise before women of ANY color. It’s how we roll. So now that we’ve had our first black president, the first woman should be along soon.

With that said, do you admit the possibility that the refusal of many voters to cast their ballots for HRC (and never forget, she won the popular vote total by some 3 million!) might not have been solely due to her gender?


Uncle Joe ByeDone leads in the poll that asks “which Democratic nominee would you never vote for under any circumstance?” by a semi-comfortable margin.


No matter how you cut it, the fix is in! Don’t we hear over and over and over again ad nauseam: BIDEN IS THE MOST ELECTABLE! BIDEN IS THE MOST ELECTABLE! BERNIE IS TOO FAR LEFT! BERNIE IS TOO FAR LEFT!