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Bernie Sanders 'Acing the Electability Test' as Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump in General

Closer to 250 years – which it will be in just another half dozen – but it has been much worse in the past 40 or so than in the 40 before that, and the most recent 20 have been HORRIBLE.   Anyone who wants to return to the O’Bummer-P’Loser era needs to have his or her head examined.



And the super delegates will never nominate him.

I guess I don’t think this is worth spending money on at this point.

Even for the general election, predicting the electoral college vote with polls is a way harder problem than predicting the national popular vote. For the latter - you have hundreds of polls from dozens of pollsters all around a consistent and current time point to inform the modeling (since it is unlikely that all of the pollsters are biased in the same way, the industry average will do well). For the former - you have dozens of polls from just a few pollsters over a greater time period in each state (since it is very possible that those few pollsters will all be biased in the same direction, you are highly likely to miss badly on some states). Next, that general election issue is exacerbated by the fact that this far out while the primaries are still ongoing, there is an even greater paucity of state level polls, the Republican negative campaigning is not fully concentrated on a single candidate as it will be next year, and there are still so many candidates in the race that polls about potential general election match-ups are contaminated by people’s feelings about other candidates that won’t be relevant next year.

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There is no one in the list with policies close to Sanders. There is a woman candidate in the list with rhetoric that mirrors Sanders but her ideology and policy plans based on that ideology vary significantly.

There may be other factors other than sexism at play.

For instance, in 2016 I was accused more than once of being sexists because I didn’t support or vote for Clinton. The irony is, I voted for Stein, a woman.

This time around, if Warren is nominated rather than Sanders I will probably vote for her because ideology wise and policy wise, she’s no Sanders but, on the other hand, she is no Clinton either. Though it would be disappointing to have a Warren nomination because her leadership will not turn the tide, she might at least put the brakes on.

With the brakes on, even as soft as they will be applied, and with the continuation of the revolution, their might be hope for a stronger progressive build-up for 2022 and perhaps even a true progressive for 2024?

Whether Sanders is nominated or not, he will remain a leader of the revolution. For this reason, nominated or not, his life may be in danger either way.

It doesn’t look to me like Biden at the top of the list has much of anything to do with anything other than he ties himself to the Obama legacy and for that reason the un-grounded notion that he is electable remains but seems to be fading.

Regardless to the current poles, he isn’t any more electable than Clinton. Largely for the same reasons but additionally he can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. Clinton’s, “We landed under fire and had to run for the terminal.” is child’s play to Biden’s foot-in-mouth disease. I expect Trump and the GOP are hoping for a Biden nomination - probably even contributing to his campaign.


It sounds like you are mixing swing voters with swing states. Swing states don’t necessarily have a higher percentage of swing voters - but they do have the percentage of non swing voters somewhat even between the two major parties. As Sanders said, I believe the best strategy is to go after everybody in every state. Sure some will ignore you. But in almost any locale there is someone who might finally figure out Sanders is better for them than Trump. The comments on the Joe Rogan show with Sanders were illustrative of this point.


Muslim Pakistan had so much respect for a woman president that they assassinated her.

But then, we don’t want to offend political correctness, do we?

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There is no such thing as a “Democratic Centrist.”

You’re either for the people or for the corporations.


If you read this it might enlighten you:

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It could be related to Obama’s stint at Business International Corporation.

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Warren MAY be a good choice. When looking at former-Republicans, she is at the top of the list. However, she showed her cards with HRC and exposed that she would engage the EXACT same people as Hillary - corporate stooges and those seeking wealth-rewards.

I want to see an actual referee between the twins. Last time we thought that we won everything and all we got was deception thru identity politics and Business International Corporation.

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I doubt it, but I sure would like it if you had it correct and I was wrong!

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Not only that, but it seems that he’s losing his mental capacity. I’m very serious. At the first debate he appeared like a doddering old man who didn’t have it all together at all. He was slow, and just out of it. He doesn’t have fire and passion. He is living in the past that is exactly what we do NOT need as a president. We need someone with courage and strength to get done what needs to be done, to push hard even against oppostion, to dare to make decisions without kowtowing trying to get some support from republicans - it ain’t gonna come, ever. Obama tried and tried and tried. And here we are. Biden just doesn’t have what it takes. Periodl Bernie may be old too, but he still has all his smarts, his energy and passion are as strong as when I first met him way back when in Vermont, and he is a man of his word.

This could have been in cap’s, people don’t understand what that means anymore. Like agreeing to something and shaking hands, they don’t understand that.

The Problem is that the Koch Brothers are still in control of the ‘democrat’ party

According to the new book “Kochland,” written by investigative reporter Christopher Leonard, Koch Industries secretly financed a report by Third Way, a corporate-funded think tank with ties to the centrist wing of the Democratic Party. The report, titled “Why Lou Dobbs is Winning” and published in November 2007, was written to promote the free trade agenda to liberals. The white paper explained it would be the first salvo in a yearlong effort to reshape the messaging around trade policy, warning that “a new and powerful populist strain has emerged on both the left and the right of American politics that threatens to turn the nation fearful and inward.”

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If you closely read the New York Times (and other major journalistic) reports of the event at the time, you would know that it was very likely the CIA that assassinated Benazir Bhutto, not “Muslim Pakistan” (whatever bigoted point you were trying to make).

When Washington, DC, turned against Bhutto, she personally begged Dick Cheney for assistance, prior to her assassination.

Unsurprisingly, VP Cheney afforded Ms. Bhutto all of the “assistance” that Washington once extended to Mr. Diem in Vietnam.

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You have the principles and values. Run with it.

The Senator from Vermont is self serving. His Yemen resolution shows him siding with our military aggression (even against Venezuela) and supporting that of Israel. His original medicare for all included bailins for the same profiteers that caused us to have this terrible system in the first place. Be suspicious when rhetoric does not match the work. Ditto for his railing against corporate power yet did not get out in front with Move to Amend that the Greens put forward with their Presidential candidate David Cobb. Stop worshipping people that claim to be Democrats but are really not.