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Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama Agree: Trump's Attack on Postal Service Is an Attack on 2020 Election and US Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/bernie-sanders-and-barack-obama-agree-trumps-attack-postal-service-attack-2020


Oh-oh-oh, trump and gang are breaking the law, just like they do many days of the month.
So how many are being charged? How many convicted, dying in court battles, shoved under a rug etc?
If the democrats were breaking these laws they would be in committee hearings every day, and some would be in handcuffs and jail.
Either democrats don’t want to prosecute, or think they can’t. I want to see ten times more effort disrupting this lawless regime.


Filed under "no shit Sherlock’ this is obviously an attack on the election (among other things).
Talk is cheap boys. The question is - What are you going to do about it?
The answer is, nada
Get back to me when you start putting people in jail


Amen. That has to be sermon we preach from here on out.
It gets worse. It seems those purple stat.es of 2016 are being targeted with postal interference.
We need to pass the word, get a mail in ballot as soon as is allowed, and be vigilant about making sure it gets counted. That said, if it is getting that hard to vote, the obstructionists are winning so far.


I here the worry over whether mail-in ballots will be delivered on time. That must hinge on when they can be obtained in the first place.
A possible remedy might be to spend a couple of bucks and have your ballot sent “certified mail.”
Just trying to think out of the box.


This tyrannical fool Trump must be taken down and taken down hard, so hard that he can never again have a platform of any kind to lie, propagandize and manipulate any American ever ever ever ever again.


It makes no real sense to remove sorting machines at this time unless you are intentionally trying to curtail the mail. The managers know, the carriers know, the sorters know, that a month or two before a presidential election, along with mail-in ballots will be candidate flyers galore. Sometimes two or three a day at the peak. Those have traditionally been treated as 1st class mail and can nearly overwhelm distribution work.
Wrong time to lessen sorting capacity.


Interference with the U.S. Post Office is a felony.

We the People need to make citizen’s arrest of Dejoy and De Fuhrer.


I thought that was Donny, Michael Cohen’s partners in crimes, trump speaking. You have that silver tongue way of describing the challengers.

Like I’ve said before, every single House and Senate Democrat needs to be protesting these felonious actions so loudly and long that they collectively are prepared to be arrested for it.

And then, once they’re released, they must do it again and again until action is taken to cease the attacks on the Postal Service.

This would gain so much public support the GOP would have to alter course.

Proclaiming the GOP is openly committing these felonious actions to steal an election just like Putin would, is not the type of continuous press coverage the GOP wants.


“Please please Mr postman, is there a letter in your bag for me.” Or maybe a ballot.


“I’ve been waiting such a long time, to hear from that girl of mine.”

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Bernie and Barack agree on a lot of stupid things too, like that offering Biden, in his obvious state of decline, isn’t simply a screw you to anyone who is to the left of the Republican party.


Keep this in mind:

22% of Mail-In Votes Never Get Counted
Jim Crow is Hiding in the Mailbox


eVoting machines
polling place reductions in Red States
Media Blackouts
Complicit Media
Citizens United
Judges rated “Not Qualified”
Interstate crosscheck*
Emerdata Limited (formerly Cambridge Analytica )
Voter Purges
Electoral College

And MOST of that is still in place and operational.

and now add - USPS hamstrung

And btw, what have the Dems done about any of this since 2000 when SCOTUS appointed Bush President even though Gore won the popular vote and would have won Florida (and therefore the EC) if ALL the votes had been counted?


yep. and neither Pelosi or any of the Dinocrats can do a damned thing about it. Or would, if they could. Except talk…


Yeah, about mid-way through the first Clinton Administration it was pretty clear that the two-party system was over. But then I watch the legislation instead of listening to the words.


Then there’s the health insurance companies who now demand you order your meds by mail. First, I could get my scrips filled at any pharmacy who was in the PPO. Fine, because mine actually delivered meds during the winter.
Then, this year, to cut even more costs, we were forced to use one pharmacy only or else have to pay full price for the meds. Ok, I can handle that. When I tried it, I was told, nope, must use their pharmacy only. Their delivery system in winter-USPS!!!
Not only is my right to vote infringed upon, but my ability to get needed meds as well. Of course, I’m talking AETNA and CVS, both richer than Croesus. Funny thing, my controlled meds…I can get those filled anywhere. Guess they don’t want us seniors to call the weed guy every week but want that money, too.
Time to bring back regulations. This time, they will be so draconian a CEO will need an act of Congress to use the executive washroom and not the one for the employees. And we need universal health care, like civilized countries do. How will we pay for it? Well, stop spending on war toys that don’t even work. And tax the bejesus out of billionaires. We had none of those beasts until Raygun and his economic liberty cabal came to power.
USPS is our right, written into the Constitution. The originalists can’t weasel their way out of this one by saying it’s re-writing the law. It’s there, along with slave-owners getting 3/5’s of a vote per slave. To paraphrase what kids said in the 80’s about MTV-We want our USPS!!!


The offering of Biden/Harris makes this less critical. What’s more critical is working to ensure that voters be offered a choice of policies in future election instead of simply choices of who will serve US up to the corporate masters.

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It’s been coming for a long, long time — but I didn’t expect a real crisis 'til 2032 or '36, a few years after I’ll probably be gone.  Every administration in the past fifty years – with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter’s merely incompetent one – has been a step downward, with Ronnie Ray-Guns, The Lying Son-of-a-Bush’s and O’Bummer’s being double or triple steps.  Hilliary would have been even worse than any of her predecessors, but Tweetle-Dumb is a jump off a cliff into the abyss.  I’m just REAL glad my few descendants are more-or-less safely overseas right now . . .



The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions

This article is more than 7 years old

by Glenn Greenwald

“A new PBS Frontline report examines a profound failure of justice that should be causing serious social unrest.”

President and Michelle Obama have multiplied their wealth many times over in the intervening years of setting the precedent for laying criminal prosecutorial hands off of Corporate Crime, especially the Feudal Lords of HIgh FInance\Tech\Telecomm

Our Top Cop after the Bush-Cheney-Paulson TROUBLED ASSET RELIEF PROGRAM (TARP) tax-payer bail-outs? That would be working class Queens kid, Eric Holder, who was kinda like me except the TOP COP Obama-Biden chose to join their reform cabinet of Apex Wall Street Predators was brilliant and getting richer by the second defending those Wall Street Predators that needed saving by the fleeced tax-payers. Ain’t America Grand?

Top Cop U.S. AG Eric Holder laid down the lack of enforcement of the law through his formulation that no business modeler or bid-net line corporate officer from a Too Big To Fail\Jail non-competitive Supermarket of Financial Services could be criminally prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department.

That’s why in his get rich quick years getting those lenders from institutions not quite too big to fail\jail off-the-legal-liability hook made him wealthy beyond compare and in-demand by the plushest corporate legal firms like the one he passed through the revolving doors of from Wall Street to White House cabinet as Top Cop of Justice Department, namely Covington & Burling, mission accomplished.

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold

Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild By Matt Taibbi (ttps://www.rollingstone.com/author/matt-taibbi/)

That reform administration Audacity of Hope cabinet of Obama-MBNA Bank Secrecy Legal Fiction state of Delaware VP Biden’s Chief Economic Advisor and White House Gate-Keeper? Larry Summers, the Godfather of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics, policy outcomes of which and even the fact that Neo-Conservatives embraced Neo-Liberal E-CON which always came as a surprise dis-believed by the militaristic America First and Tea Party rallies I attended to ask questions of those rallying and try to learn where the heck they were coming from.

Well that burgeoning Electoral Collage majority but popular vote minority whose kids were heaping up debts that no honest advanced degree holder could pay and barely discussed in U.S. Bid-Net News media programming over the Public’s Airwaves or evening news which featured college and pro sports score-boards each and every night but never the score boards that identify E-CON policies and their outcomes with Winners\Losers clearly shown. No such use of the air waves to introduce even a modicum of critical thinking on the Financialization of U.S. E-CON to help them twist themselves into free fall position like plummeting cats as the body politic’s out there in TV land were all made into Neo-Liberal E-CON orthodoxy SACRIFICE ZONES to what Elder President Bush after his stint as VP to the man whose economics in the GOP primaries he labeled VOO DOO ECONOMICS and after Elder Bush’s stint as CIA Station Chief (China Desk) before his taking up residence in the White House for 12 years.

Meanwhile out in TV and PUBLIC RADIO LAND our faux democracy’s fake news in-formed body politic were herded to absorb what can be absorbed from Neo-Liberal E-CON indoctri-NATION with a side of Daddy Warbucks Golden Rolodex sourced expert narration. An Economic Miracle is always in progress. For who? If you need to ask, then not for you! Where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or FREAKANOMICS or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or FORBES where never a word is heard about Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrines and dogmas that worked so well under the single Pappy Bush and Kid Quayle White House a little over a decade earlier with Swami Alan Greenspan riding herd at the Federal Reserve Central Bank when the taxpayers had to bail out the Savings & Loan Industry.

Including President Bush’s son and future President George W. Bush’s slacker brother Neil Bush, whose Silverado Savings & Loan in Colorado was among the first self-regulated S&L’s to collapse and need public propping up with no claw-back of the routine windfalls that were translated into perfectly legal looting of his bank to pay himself quite negotiable and secure compensation. By the next Presidential election cycle all down the memory hole:

In comes the reform team of Obama-Biden on the jammed streets shouting “SI, SE PUEDE” but no we cannot criminally prosecute those TOO BIG TO FAIL OR JAIL

So the Big Winners of serial tax-payer bail-outs are those of our elected representatives who became part of the concentrating wealth and Global New World Order while we orphans of Reagan-Bush MORNING IN AMERICA and what the DNC via the House of Clinton for 8 eventful years of paying down the REAGAN-BUSH record-setting national debt via AUSTERITY PROGRAMS for U.S. WAGE SLAVES who are trapped on PLANET OF THE CLOCK-PUNCHERS chose to deregulate further on their way out of their impeached residency in the White House via impeached Bill Clinton’s signing of the arch conservative former Texas Senator Phil Gramm’s 1998 Financial Services Modernization Act.

That was where both parties set their Swiss watches for the next and bigger TARP tax-payer bail-out of the even bigger non-Anti Trust prosecuted consolidated handful of lenders deemed by Obama-Biden TOP COP AG HOLDER Too Big to allow to Fail\Jail.

Meanwhile arch conservative Texas Senator Phil Gramm retired and went to work with his wife for some real money at UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND on their board of directors. For the rest of U.S. the way-back time=money machine was set to 50 Years of WAGE Stag-NATION and Food Stamp Nation, deflation of everything but rentier incomes which protect those who are hoarding their money in tax-evasive off-shore bank secrecy accounts or State of Delaware Safety Deposit boxes or invested in all those vacant luxury condos built around the urban homeless encampments for global capital investors to use as SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES IN THE SKY accelerating the manner in which Real Estate lost all connection to providing housing and via speculative markets with less depreciation than the risky currencies of the World’s Reserve Currency, explained by Columbia U. Professor Saskia Sassen who was lecturing the EU leaders and Public Interest TV News programs and international plenaries dealing with the NORMALIZATION OF HOMELESS around the speculative and de-regulated Neo-Liberal E-CON’d world of FREE if never FAIR Trade.

The House of Clinton while booting Welfare Mothers and their kids into the Family Values gutter as neither homeless shelters nor federally subsidized low-income housing was allowed to be built through the 22 year old FAIRCLOTH AMENDMENT that was barely mentioned even among activist advocates for the homeless and the politicos who drafted and signed the moratorium on Public Housing construction.

As family homelessness and even working class homelessness along with returning VET homelessness was all normalized for the Family Values loving rest of U.S. to pole vault over. Turns out all The House of Impeached Clinton had to offer that no Republican President could’ve gotten passed after the Elder Bush bail-out of the S&L industries and Neil Bush’s SILVERADO SAVINGS & LOAN (don’t ever forget the lenders were bailed out, not the borrowers) came by way of further de-regulation of the Supermarket of Financial Services and even more unfettering of global capital drafted by an arch conservative Texas Senator on his way to a better job on the Board of Directors of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) where his wife also picked up gainful employment.

Just a week or two ago this publication covered the surprising REPEAL OF THE 22 YEAR OLD FAIRCLOTH AMENDMENT led by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez among the few members of Congress who a year before her election to office was also facing a fate of being a blue collar homeless person in NYC:

The amendment that was repealed thanks to OAC’s efforts at organizing her small Progressive Caucus within the bi-partisan Corporate Caliphate of Congress with little other fanfare or even broadcast news coverage made sure neither political party got any ideas about doing like Fred Trump and building low-income federally subsidized housing units for half a century keeping impoverished Americans, many let go from under-funded warehouses of psychological suffering that came via REAGAN-BUSH’s MORNING IN AMERICA and MAGA-like popular closing of such institutions for those unable to care for themselves or stick to a treatment regimen. Yes per popular Ronald Reagan it liberated the warehoused emotionally disturbed without either budgeting for much less planning for where such among our neediest would wind up.

In Hollywood style from the end of WW II until the Carter-Mondale then Reagan-Bush era that underfunded and truly tragic ware-housing of those unable to care for themselves and it kept the “BAD OPTICS” during the Cold War off the streets so the Commies couldn’t point to the lack of public housing which is one thing Social Realism in art and the cult of personality Strong Man politics that called itself Communism was careful to provide. Especially after absorbing the vast majority of national deaths, disabilities and destroyed national infrastructure in winning the war against the Nazis on their own besieged snow-bound turf and deterring the Fascist Axis (until the rise of LePen in France, Orban in Hungary, Bibi in Israel and Bannon-Trump-Kushner-Miller-Barr in the U.S. (thanks to opposing presidential rival of the DNC from the House of Clinton’s minister without portfolio, then Kissinger Associate then Jr Senator from Wall Street then Obama’s improbable Democratic Party Primaries foreign policy rival in the Iraq Invasion and Occupation-supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Who as Madame Secretary of State Clinton showed who she really worked for as a Kissinger Associate by ignoring President Obama’s objection (opposition would be too strong a word for Obama’s few recorded words on the Honduran Military Coup within a year of Obama-Biden taking office that overthrew the re-elected Anti-Corruption Liberal Party of Honduras along with its ruling President). Followed promptly by Madame Secretary of State Clinton acting to provide diplomatic cover to the Honduran Military Junta and to make sure the same Washington-backed Honduran Military and Death Squads that escorted the wildly popular re-elected 2nd term President Mel Zelaya out of the country in his pajamas didn’t suffer any interruption of staggering Washington allocated U.S. tax-payer funding for the overdeveloped U.S. high tech military and naval base.** Known since the Reagan-Bush’s Iran-Contra weapons smuggling scandal years as the USS HONDURAS

Nixon-era WAR ON DRUGS budgets also drawn from U.S. tax-payers kept the trans-shipment of Latin American narcotics coming into the U.S. in ever larger quantities, while keeping the smuggled weapons dispatched to the El Salvador Sugar and Coffee Growers’ Death Squads headed by Washington’s School of the Americas’ poster boy Roberto “Blowtorch Bob” D’Aubuisson.

Also on the hectic Central American isthmus was that other Washington client, the Nicaraguan Contra guerillas trying to overthrow the Sandinistas who had ended Washington’s long romance with Nicaraguan Dictator Somoza and instituted a Social Democracy with internationally observed elections.
" Mining of Nicaraguan harbors

From January to March 1984 three harbors in Nicaragua were mined by the CIA: Corinto Nicaragua), Puerto Sandino, and El Bluff. The mining was carried out by CIA operatives on speedboats, operating from larger 'mother ships.

"The mining operations had been approved by President Ronald Reagan under the advice of his National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane. The mines were acoustic mines designed, allegedly, to frighten merchant sailors, rather than to harm them. The mines had the effect of disrupting Nicaraguan shipping and economic activities by damaging at least seven vessels, including blowing up numerous Nicaraguan fishing boats and damaging several foreign merchant ships, including a Soviet Union freighter and a Dutch dredger. The mining operation resulted in a political outcry in the United States with Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee declaring, “I am pissed off!”

“Several Democrats called for a special prosecutor to determine if Reagan had broken federal law in ordering the mining and The New York Times called it “illegal, deceptive, and dumb” and compared it to German U-boats attacking neutral merchant shipping in World War 1.”

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
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