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Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama Agree: Trump's Attack on Postal Service Is an Attack on 2020 Election and US Democracy

IIRC, the Lying Son-of-a-Bush won Ohio in '04 because he won a couple of usually-Democratic districts in Cleveland which just happened to be using Diebold electronic voting machines that year (when the CEO of Diebold was one of Bush’s donatiion-bundling “Rangers” . . . )


Who’s the “Debbie Downer” tonight?

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Election 2020, my recommendations:

— talk to everyone you know, no matter how uncomfortable, and STRONGLY suggest they vote
— make sure you are registered to vote at your current address
— contact your county elections board, auditor or equivalent and find out WHEN they will be mailing your ballot, starting early voting, or WHERE your polling place is
— contact the same and request an absentee/mail-in ballot (if you don’t receive it by two weeks before Election Day, go to the appropriate office and DEMAND one)
— complete your ballot at the earliest opportunity
— HAND deliver to a drop box, your county elections, auditor, etc.
— mail at the earliest opportunity
— if you do not have mail-in/absentee voting, prepare to go and stand in line (understanding the risk to your life/health)
— OFFER to those you know who have difficulty getting out to deliver or mail their ballot
— CONTACT your local Postmaster and see if you can help sort and deliver mail from the middle of October until the middle of November

— If you are HOMELESS, your vote matters, contact the above and get REGISTERED

— If you know homeless individuals, help them get registered


Trump is voting by mail – I’m not making that up – so he won’t cast a vote a person.

On the other hand, he’d probably wear riot gear if he did. And carry a Bible. Upside down.


People, Democrats just talking about what’s happening and not doing anything that I can see. Why doesn’t someone issue an arrest warrant for that son of bitch so-called Post Master General? Why hasn’t someone shot him? This can’t be legal. You can’t just disassemble the Post Office.


We the People need to disassemble some entitled faces.

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The mail sorting machinery has 1/4 inch capacity.
chews up over thick.

So, taking machines out of service does delay 1st class letters and cards that daily proceed quickly to your house.

Another very important delivery is prescriptions from VA and hundreds of pharmacies.
If a few days late, the patient does run out before the next months supply arrives.
I suspect many veterans and others will needlessly die and join the 170,000 corona19 murdered.

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I hope the House Democrats ditch vacation early and hold hearings. It needs to happen. That said, the ugly side to this story is that Bernie Sanders had a partial hand in what is happening. He held Obama’s Postal Board appointees, who appoint and oversee the Postmaster General. While his motives—saving the USPS—may have been good, he couldn’t bring his colleagues along because they feared the outcome of the holds could be worse—and we are seeing that now. Trump replaced those appointees.

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This outcome is a good indication of why republicans ignored any House passed voter/voting reform bills. On the other hand, why hasn’t there been a crescendo of outrage at the disregard by those republicans, Bitch Mitch most of all.
Dems need to grow a pair damn quick.
OOPS the election is over, time to procrastinate for another four years.

Yes, i’ve always expected to see the collapse of the USA. It’s done nothing but grow more corrupt and more dangerous throughout my life, since i became conscious in the 1960s. As the saying goes, “If you continue on the path you are on, you will very likely arrive at the destination toward which you are headed.”


Remember when America was GREAT? People from around the world tried hard to relocate here. The tide has turned for many.

Oh, and isn’t it great that we finally got us a businessman to run the government? NOT


A crime syndicate like the USA wont self regulate, nobody will. They must be forced against their will, or else…



Help me please, I’m brain dead tonight. How exactly did Bernie’s action then affect what’s happening now?

Explain it like I’m a 2 year old please.

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I figured you needed a break

; - )


The right to universal suffrage by secret ballot is a cornerstone of the democratic system. It is imperative that citizens of every county be able to rely on electoral processes that are free, peaceful and transparent. The independent, impartial observation of elections lends transparency and confidence to the electoral process and is one of the basic tools the OAS has to help strengthen democracy in the region.
Maybe the OAS should step in, like they did in Bolivia.

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Trump is mailing his vote, see article here today.

But you are soooo right, we see this schmuckshow every 4 years.
Charles Schultz is rolling in his grave, how many times did he show everybody Lucy’s football trick? Shakespeare’s good but at least Peanuts is understandable for even children.

YAY! Im about to reach 2 new milestones!
For the bazillionth time since Bush vs. Gore



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Sanders’s holds allowed Trump to appoint the Postal Board of Governors, nearly a complete slate, after he took office. The governors serve staggered, nine year terms. The Postal Board oversees and appoints the Postmaster General. The current Postmaster General might not be in place at all had Sanders gone with the compromise picks, which included a majority democratic slate.

Keep in mind, I’m not accusing Sanders of causing what is happening, just noting the cruel twist of fate his well-intentioned but uncompromising position resulted in.


in some states , maybe all , you can go to the county auditions office or whatever office and have them print your ballot on the spot . Fill it out and return it in the same fashion .

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That is where we come in.

“In other words, he is forcing people to make a choice between getting sick and even dying, or casting a ballot.”

All this just so the wealthy can keep more money they refuse to pay in taxes, starve society of needed funds so they are forced to borrow from the rich rather than tax them? Are we insane to allow this to continue? Time to rekindle that fighting spirit of our labor movement!

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Ok, here we go with the daily annoying reminder of Voting by mail but not quite . Get your ballot by mail , fill it out quickly and hand deliver it to the county auditors office . if you are concerned that your ballot may not arrive on time , then go to the county and demand they print your ballot on the spot . Pretty sure they have to do it .
If you live a long distance from the county offices and you have no transportation then get someone to drive you in a car pool .
No excuses will suffice .
If a person is willing to stand in line at a polling station for three or four hours , then surely you are willing to drive a few hours to the county to make sure your ballot arrives on time .