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Bernie Sanders and Broad Progressive Coalition Hold People's Rally in D.C

Bernie Sanders and Broad Progressive Coalition Hold People's Rally in D.C.

Nika Knight, staff writer

Promoting a grassroots agenda for economic and social justice in the face of a right-wing President-elect and U.S. Congress, a broad coalition of environmental, labor, and consumer groups—along with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—are gathering for a "People's Rally" in Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon.

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A very much needed mass action - will any of the Dem Party hacks responsible for the Trump s-election or now retrenching to maintain power attend? Bernie may be the only national political leader/office-holder/“Democrat” to attend, all the rest to timid or gutless or corrupt and in collusion - the entrenched Dem hierarchy just doesn’t have the integrity to either fight right-wing evil, stand-up for progressive values and the 99%, or step-aside to allow those with integrity and courage to chart a different non-sellout course into the future - so it will fall to all people of good conscience and moral compass not in thrall to the politics of self-interest, corruption and bigotry/racism and war…


Thanks Dems. You built this.

You know, that is a good question. When do we ever hear that rep so and so or senator so and so of the DP are in attendance to any of these rallies/actions/protests?


I agree with you 100%, but why was this staged at such short notice? I only learned of it at the day it happened. More notice and a weekend event would make this a whole lot more powerful.
Having said that, I am very encouraged by the fact that so many progressive organizations got together to stage this event and I hope, that this is the beginning of a concerted effort in which all these organizations unite under one single roof.
I also hope, that this is only the first of many similar happenings throughout the country.


Based on what little information has surfaced so far, I know, that at least Tulsi Gabbard was there.

She was one of the 5 chairs in the DNC, but resigned in protest to the pro Clinton bias and machinations.
She also gets my vote to head or at least join a new, revised DNC. She was there, knows the ropes and has shown, that she has integrity and can stand on her own feet.

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My wife and I just watched the trilogy of movies in the “Divergent” series.

The artists are always way out front in understanding reality, are they not ?

Lately, Star Wars, the Terminators, Hunger Games, The Matrix, etc…

With Black Ops General (retired) Michael Flynn about to become National Security Adviser, and Trump’s other soon to be appointments, I would say we are about to experience the main themes of those Hollywood fantasies for real.

Obama has already surrendered and told people that Trump’s success would be all of our success. I think that sums up how this is going to go. Right hands extended they’re already taking the oath. We’re fucked!!

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Thank you Nurses United! Love from Vermont, or at least parts of it.

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Hopefully we will see at least weekly mass demonstrations as well as local and state wide actions as we had during the Viet Nam War for the next 4 years. If all fails to bring into fruitions the social, economic and environmental justice we demand then time for total, non cooperation.


There are two other mass rallies coming up one on Jan 20 and one on the next day Jan 21.


The Presidency, the Senate, the House, all under Republican control. Has any poll taken at any time indicated that the majority of the American people are in favor of the pro-corporate policies such as privatization of public programs like social security & medicare? Do the majority believe that gay marriage is wrong? Do most Americans want to get rid of net neutrality? Do they believe global warming is a hoax? Republicans themselves may imagine that America is Republican, but you and I know, and most polls over the years indicate that Americans are far more liberal and left leaning than that. They love social security & medicare, and yet the Speaker, a mouthpiece for the rich named Paul Ryan, wants to privatize them.

So maybe one should stand back and look at this government and admit a simple and obvious fact: this is not your government. Bernie can go out and organize a “people’s rally” all he likes. Isn’t that what the election was? Wasn’t that an exercise in discovering the will of the majority of people in this country?

It is as Jimmy Carter and many others have said: this is not a democracy, this is an Oligarchy. An oligarch who pretends to be anti-establishment, has just been elected president.

Obviously, the electoral system doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t give an accurate accounting of what voters think. Yet Bernie Sanders, one of the chief victims of this crooked electoral system, never says a word about it. Only the Oligarch, the chief beneficiary of a rigged system says anything about it being rigged. It’s not so much the policies, Bernie, it’s not because the Democrats didn’t use your rhetoric. The system is rigged, there is flagrant vote manipulation going on that the privatized election system manages to successfully conceal. But that’s a potato that’s too hot to handle, isn’t it, Bernie?

And so it goes…as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

He doesn’t say a word about it because he lost the primary by 4 million votes. Then he tried to reason with folks, like many on here, who just simply don’t want to be reasoned with. They prefer conspiracy nonsense and fitting everything into preferred narratives.

I keep asking whenever I see the typical Obama-sold-is-out-with-the-ACA how Obama was going to get Joe Lieberman to vote for single payer if Lieberman told him up front he’d bail if a public option was in the bill. Nobody gaives a concrete response. None. Because they are set in their ahistorical we’ve-been-sold-out beliefs.

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So you think the American public favors the Republican agenda?

Not at all.

Then why do election results not reflect the good polls? You think the system accurately counts the votes?

Weekly mass demonstrations would quicky lose value. What would be the goal?

The polls were not that far off. Those who interpreted them to mean Trump was a certain loser were off. Silver pointed out that the leads Clinton had in many areas were within margins of error. The national polls said she was ahead, and sure enough she is. That’s just not our system.

I’ve also seen angry comments here blaming the Democrats for not simply voting to get rid of the electoral college. Pointing out its in the constitution is just ignored. They’ve scored their point against those seek out Dems.

So why just demonstrations for women?
Most men are just as disgusted with that creep, who thinks that a woman’s body is his own personal property to grab and rule over, in terms of what she can do with it legally.

I am all for promoting and supporting the rights of women, but not for gender segregation.
We are all in this mess together!

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