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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Loom Large in Night 2 of Dem Debates as Healthcare Again Dominates the Conversation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/bernie-sanders-and-elizabeth-warren-loom-large-night-2-dem-debates-healthcare-again


I have reached the point where I want any Democrats who don’t support Medicare for all dead. I am so sick of the greed and heartlessness. A friend who has had multiple organ transplants told me tonight that she refuses new medications because she doesn’t want to impoverish her husband. She is expendable to corporate democrats. And to make matters worse her husband just had his VA benefits cut because they are pushing older vets out to make room for all of the younger ones. I guess being a tunnel rat in Vietnam and being gassed with agent orange isn’t enough for a grateful nation to stay grateful. Both of these people are expendable, just die and get out of the way.


I am an older Vietnam veteran and I would like to know about this cutting of benefits. And I agree, anybody who is still not on board for universal healthcare including affordable medicine needs to go away.


Several decades ago I realized like a revelation that the democrats weren’t democrats. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that there was little if any difference between democrats and republicans and I hated them for it, but decades went by and all around me I saw nobody else cop to. They all loved and supported democrats and believed in them to the last. They thought I was some sort of idiot for not supporting them, and they said i was only helping the republicans by dissing the democrats. Now I just hate everybody, but it’s been so long I got used to hate, were all just just going to have to die now, there’s no stopping it. Too many complete f__king idiots out there and not enough people willing to do what at this point must be done. There’s still about 40 percent of the total voting population stupid enough to think that we have to vote for Biden because the other democrats are too radical, and they aren’t pragmatic. I guess FDR was just a fanatic and none of his ideas could possibly have worked at all. F__king total complete idiots! This crumbling Sh_t Hole of a nation doesn’t deserve 1/10 of what it already has, much less anything better.


Adam, try some medicinal cannabis.



We need to better our message. What is so radical about all people deserving a basic human need such as healthcare. What is so radical about tackling climate change ? What is so radical about workers making a living wage ? What is so radical about taxing billionaires at a higher rate than currently? It wasn’t that long ago the top tax rate was 70%. ? What is do radical about rebuilding our infrastructure ? Protecting elections ? Ending costly bullshit wars for the industrial military complex ?


Even CNN after the debate tonight said the two winners are still Sanders and Warren. This is the MSM talking.
Yet the DNC will do everything to push Biden down the people’s throat.
The democratic party used to be the peoples party, it is now half of the corporate party.


Well that was fun and I hope you feel better now.

Oh my, I am having a hard time shutting up. Two interesting but very different reads.

Judge dismisses DNC lawsuit

US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks

By Eric London https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/07/31/assa-j31.html

31 July 2019


Do not get fooled into voting for Democrats again. Read Nick Brana from February:



Man, if I were Tom Perez this morning I’d hire a food taster, and have someone else start my car.


“The plaintiff in the civil case—the Democratic Party—has also served as Assange’s chief prosecutor within the state apparatus for over a decade. During the Obama administration, Democratic Party Justice Department officials, as well as career Democratic holdovers under the Trump administration, prepared the criminal case against him.”

Thank you for the article by Eric London. Certainly a symbolic surname.
And the case certainly has the fingerprints of Hillary Clinton smeared all over it. Not only scrutiny of imperialists war crimes but also the inner corrupted workings of the Clinton re-election campaign are the real stories here with unabashed attempts to divert attention, hide details and cover up crimes and misdeeds. All committed to protect illegal acts and international crimes by massive misrepresentation, abuse of the secrecy acts, and willful violation of First Amendment rights. I only hope this will be instrumental in freeing Assange. Unfortunately speaking truth to power is a dangerous game in this world. Hurray for the judge.


Capitalists view every one of your suggestions as radical.

But here’s the tagline for improved, expanded MFA: “Everybody in, nobody out, no premiums.”


That’s a nasty piece on Marianne Williamson. The author is definitely not in her corner.

I get his fear that the Dems will trash any hope for 2020 but he should be looking closely at Biden and the DNC not doing mean spirited personality analyses of the other contenders.

Williamson is more articulate than even Ralph Nader is in defining many problems perpetrated by the 1% against the 99% and that is saying something. Therefore, we will see her attacked on many fronts by those whose mantra is IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM.

Williamson’s contrarian opinions on science will resonate only with Trump’s cult whose members will not vote for anybody other than Trump in 2020, making her chances of competing against Trump slim to none.

The tweeter who declared that “Biden does not understand healthcare” is wrong. Biden understands that the US healthcare playing field is a gold mine for the well connected. That is all any DC politician needs to understand to keep corporate money gushing into their campaign coffers.


Williamson may be articulate but where are her concrete plans on immigration, climate emergency, healthcare/insurance industry and their gouging of the merican public?

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Yes. If the DNC was truthful they would hang a big banner on the Democrtaic, Con/ vention building that says: ANYBODY BUT BERNIE!

Why in the hell are Americans afraid of Socialism? When was the last time Socialism blew up our economy? When was the last time Socialism started a bunch of wars? When was the last time Socialism plotted to take money out of your paycheck and give it to the super wealthy?

By prioritizing their own profits (by virtue of campaign contributions and other goodies), over people, they are complicit in murder. I don’t blame you one bit for your anger or for your desire for retribution. They have made all of our lives more miserable, especially those of us who have lived in poverty.

I’d like to get on board with a ‘medicine’ myself, however, I’ve never been one to really like marijuana. Opiates on other hand. . .