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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Loom Large in Night 2 of Dem Debates as Healthcare Again Dominates the Conversation

They absolutely don’t want Assange around, and/or at the very least, they’d like to discredit him. He is the ONLY person who can say without-a-doubt who it was that gave Wikileaks the hacked DNC documents (it wasn’t the Russians)
P.S. Thank you Seth
P.P.S. Leftists also know the truth - even though some on the right jumped on the right train for once.


It is difficult to breech the media’s boycott of Julian Assange. Very few results from Searches???


If anyone knows his home address please post it.

I do not feel one iota better. I feel like Cassandra did, as she watched the destruction of Troy, her home and her father and family, knowing all the while that should they have listened to her decades earlier, all the sorrow and heartbreak and death could all have been avoided relatively easily. They had, by the end, locked her in an asylum. I actually feel a million times worse than she, because it is the existence of the whole species of humans at stake, not just my kingdom and my family, and most of the other life on the planet too. I Just noticed yesterday that what was recently the biggest eco system on Earth is basically gone, The Great Barrier Reef. I heard about the danger just a few years ago, it’s dying at a rate of 25% per year, basically due to democratic voters. Also the Brazilian rain forest is being deforested 4X faster this year than last year. Democrats in the name of “lesser of evils” voting, have failed to take decisive action early enough that it would have succeeded in reversing the worst calamity in history: another gift of certain death from our ever so “Pragmatic” democrats. The failure of the supposed left, to use a trillionth of available brain power in their decision making, has resulted in catastrophically failed leadership, emboldening the right wing extreme, here and worldwide. Most of all - democratic voters arranged the deck chairs on the titanic for several decades, resulting in the loss of critical time that was essential to save us - but that time is gone and there is no saving us now. I do not feel any better, and its going to get a hell of a lot worse before death finally provides welcome relief from the horror of our collective failure.

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It will not sooth you for me to say that I do understand. I started working in the mid-sixties in the healthcare industry so I have paid into medicare for over 4 decades and yet I still need to pay top dollar for insurance and thet does not include dental care or drugs if needed. I already cross the border for dental and drugs and REFUSE to pay into any insurance other than auto and house since they are required.
I have been witnessing the destruction of our water, land and air all my life. In my seventh decade I am still a gardener and potter and plan on WWOOFing in countries where medical coverage is something I can afford. Look up WWOOFing if you are interested.
Although I do have some “faith” that the youthful movements will be able to make change for the life of our planet and species, I am tired of fighting.
If you do have some energy and can become involved I have been following the work of Health Over Profit Medicare for All Single Payer led by many including Margaret Flowers. They have biweekly web-in-Rs and record the interactive meetings which can be followed as podcasts.

Another reference which was included in one of their meetings is below very interesting for those who are able to participate::::::

Birddogingnation very kool tool for those that are able to use it.

The link for Health Over Profit for Everyone will take you to the podcast site which is a record of past meetings. They are everywhere including the Congressional Budget Office meeting. This group is a serious working force toward M4A

The reef is not dying it’s dead. It’s the hottest year ever, everywhere. Greenland is melting at a rapid rate. The rain forests are being burned exponentially faster every year. Fascism is everywhere, from England, To Brazil, to America, to Israel, to God knows where else. Nuclear weapons manufacture is spiking globally, and war in Iran is imminent. The work that needs to be done should revolve around the development of time machines, because nothing can be done at this date that will save us, nothing. The Democrats have made sure of that, along with their friends and allies the republicans. Sanders, Warren, AOC and Omar and their agenda must dominate without the slightest challenge and with global support, for at least a full 2 centuries, without wavering or slowing before the remaining 25 human lives on earth could again stand a chance of reviving the species. the fact is that Trump, and his agenda is the most probable direction for the entirety of that time even if progressives could double their numbers every year for 50 years to come. By the time they were a significant majority the feedback loop would already be in effect, in fact it already is. The truth is exactly what Pelosi said it was, there are only 5 of them.

I know you are correct in your appraisal of the destruction. Just a few years back I wanted to die similar to the way Greta felt when she stopped eating. Today I am feeling better and since I am not dead and have been through much pain and etc, I am planning on a few years of exploration and give the world and its problems to the shoulders of the youth who will have to make the best of the nationalism/fascism/capitalism of destruction amen.