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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: The Palestinian Defender vs. the Israel Apologist


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton: The Palestinian Defender vs. the Israel Apologist

Marjorie Cohn

An amazing thing happened at the prime-time Democratic debate in Brooklyn on Thursday. A few days ahead of Tuesday’s delegate-rich New York primary, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dared to criticize Israel. Rival Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, stood firm as an uncritical apologist for Israel.


Sanders' fairness, inherent decency, and humanity are so refreshing!

If only the mass media gave him the time needed to explain the issues... for so long they've been deliberately distorted by the corporate media in order to serve the interests of the 1% along with the politicians who rely upon that limited pool's "largesse."


Hillary Clinton has never been an honest broker to bring peace to any region. For her to even use the word is contemptible.

I saw the debate. Her response to Blitzer's question was a disgrace. My first thought was, how can any Democrat that claims to be a humanitarian support her? Nevertheless, the next day the media made nothing of her chilling answer and instead chose to applaud her answer on gun control, here at home, completely ignoring the fact that she is more than willing to continue the flood of guns and arms to that region.

I'm also sick and tired of the way "experts" have grilled Bernie Sanders for not having a more detailed plan to improve the lives of so many people in this country and claiming it can't be done because of the cost. All such criticisms are based on the assumption that the government will continue with its bloated Defense budget and corporate subsidies. The money is there and more. It's all a matter of where it needs to be spent. A Clinton presidency insures that it will not be spent on the 99%.

This country needs a Bernie Sanders in the White House. It sure as hell doesn't need another Clinton.


Excellent post!


As a lifelong Democrat I was despairing of any hope. Now I may not have to vote Republican if it is true that Hillary supports Israel.


That's an interesting statement, I wonder what it means.


It simply means that I could not support any candidate that did not appreciate and support the only democracy in the middle east that despite the world's hatred contributes more than any other to science and technology to improve quality and length of life. The only middle eastern country that has freedom of speech and press and religion and permits even its denigrators to serve in its parliament and supreme court, and even treats and saves the lives of its sworn enemies including families of Hamas and Abbas. A nation to admire. A light unto the nations.