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Bernie Sanders and ‘The Big Short’


Bernie Sanders and ‘The Big Short’

Larry Cohen

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ major policy speech at Town Hall in New York City on Tuesday – in which he declared that he will “break up any banks that are too big to fail and that big bankers will not be too big to jail” – felt a lot like the last scene of Adam McKay’s “The Big Short.”


"As we learned eight years ago, the words uttered during a primary campaign bear little resemblance to presidential policies. And even Clinton campaign policy is more of the same, rather than a real challenge to financialization and its demands that finance capital trump citizen rights on issues ranging from global trade to regulation."

Another apt quote:

"The banks own the place."

That place, incidentally, is the U.S. Congress.

And an emphatic yes to this:

"The answer is the political revolution, as Sanders calls it – not just for a political democracy with voting rights in and money out, but for financial revolution that breaks up the banks; separates commercial, consumer and investment banking; and prevents regulators or White House officials from circulating between fat jobs on Wall Street and political service that rewards their previous and next employers."

Next up.... doing likewise to the MIC!


Bernie should put this film on his website! It says all that needs to be said about the corruption on Wall Street and in the big banks. Go Bernie Go!


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I attended a campaign rally for Bernie last Monday night in Manchester, NH.

Afterwards I spoke to a senior campaign staffer on Bernie's campaign. He told me that Bernie and his staff are aware of the movie and are discussing whether to include references to it in Bernie's future speeches or in other campaign material.

I mentioned to the staffer that I had seen the movie and that afterwards I overheard people outside the theater talking about voting for Bernie after seeing the film.