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Bernie Sanders and the Song of America

Bernie Sanders and the Song of America

Thomas J. Adams

The anti-Bernie impulses of the nation’s leading keepers of political orthodoxy were not having a good couple of weeks.


Now, is the time, while MSM shoves Status Quo Joe down our throats to appease the MIC, to start an Anybody But Status Quo Joe campaign.


The majority of everyone that we know, has voted and will continue to vote and support non-representative government, the two political parties that are controlled by the Military Industrial Complex.

Bernie and Tulsi are perhaps the only two politicians that are warning America of this.


Most people will find it impossible to completely agree with a political candidate on all the issues. I emphasize ALL, but the truth is we must understand Bernie’s drive for total inclusion of all voters across the country. Democracy only works when every voice is heard and all points are taken into consideration. Granted today there is a lot of misinformation and lies being tossed out on a daily basis. Bernie has the ability to listen, think and then reply with a preaching like effect that can and will cut through the bull and get to the facts. The town hall on fox news he did was the finest example of his mastery of the spoken words. So stay committed to the truth, join Bernie’s campaign, become a monthly donor, I did at 3$ a month, all I can afford. It’s a long road forward to fix this country, I am all in with Bernie’s campaign, all the way to the White House! Peace


Good article. Interesting points.
As for voting rights? It is absurd for it not to apply equally to every citizen of the country. Actually, it should also be extended to all permanent residents in the country (i.e. green card holders), who dutifully pay their taxes, and by definition of their status should have a say on how the country (and their contribution to it), is administered.


Adams sez:
“By regular people I do not mean the future American elite made up of at least 1/3 legacy admissions who jeered Bernie at Harvard on Monday.”

Ouch. Even I would rather appear on Faux News than wade into THAT nest of vipers.

Status Quo Joe
Luv it.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that?

and the only two that I have any hope will at least try to change it.

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> Sanders has revived a language of social and democratic rights

Yet Bernie is the one that the Vichy Dems, the Corporate stooges, claim is not a Democrat.


A not for profit Medicare for All system is my litmus test.


Because they know Biden is leading Bernie in their bogus polls?

I’ve waited all my long life for a President like Bernie Sanders. The establishment will push Biden (anybody!) to defeat Bernie in the primary, which is handing the election to Trump. Bernie proved himself in his exceptional run in the last election, despite the odds. He has the base already, appeals to all voters regardless of party (witness his recent FOX event!) and with a little support, could walk away with the election and transform America to a friendly place for all. The Dems are hard at work to defeat Bernie, showing just how much they support the people-NOT! We can elect him if we donate and work with him to push his candidacy, but it will take more than wishful thinking. Get out and work for Bernie. We can do this!!! Really!!! Think of the rewards when we get real health care, defeat college debt, resist the military-industrial $inkhole that is bankrupting the country, get accountability and honesty in government. If anybody thinks this is not worth the effort or is unattainable, then you have given up and deserve what comes next–another four years or Trump and the cowardly GOP–a totally ruined country. We’ve got one shot at this, folks; please don’t waste it.

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Neither Bernie nor Tulsi have gone after the budget of the military industrial complex in any meaningful way, or its history of crimes against humanity.

Well, how slow and stupid of them! I suspect the military-industrial complex could be…uhh…complex? Both Bernie and Tulsi have made it abundantly clear that they hate war. If you don’t trust them by now, you probably never will.