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Bernie Sanders Attracts 10,000 in South Carolina Swing


Bernie Sanders Attracts 10,000 in South Carolina Swing

- Common Dreams staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders brought his progressive populism to deeply Republican South Carolina and found enthusiastic crowds during a two-day campaign swing as he made a pitch to connect with the black voters that provide most of the Democratic support in the early primary state.

It was the Vermont senator's first visit to the state since announcing his candidacy in late April, in a challenge to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.


Cue the “he’s not socialist enough” Bernie haters in three, two, one…


The picture with this news report is indicative of a Bernie rally.

Bernie makes you want to stand up and applaud and cheer! He’s going everywhere with his message, and he’s a remarkable public speaker!

Bernie’s a marvel, and I wish him well.


They might want to keep Obama on the sidelines; he’s been fairly toxic to the party during the past 3 elections. Yes, he won reelection in 2012, but the party was trounced in 2010, 2012, and 2014.


If only the national media would give the ‘not socialist enough’ crown massive exposure, in the way they do the ‘obama is a socialist’ crowd. It think it would be very helpful in ‘changing the middle ground’, so don’t look for it to occur.


The Grand Poobahs say crowds don’t mean much. Yes, crowds don’t mean much until crowds do mean much. If Bernie were appearing before half filled living rooms, then crowds would mean much, very much, to the Poobahs.


Concentrate on the crowds, not the polls. The crowds are real, the polls are not all that reliable and reflect who is taking them and what they are trying to prove. The MSM will do anything to marginalize Bernie’'s campaign. Who else is attempting to address the Black Lives Matter issue in S.C.? Anyone?


The latest polls in South Carolina show Hillary dropping to 49% and Sanders rising to 25% to 30% (fox news has him at 29%…lol) .You continually lie to this community. It is becoming obvious. I am even doubting that you are really for O’Malley at all since your agenda seems mostly to sabotage Bernie’s rising popularity.

You consistently try to manipulate people which is something that nonprogressives do. Here you repeat old news of a negative kind to undermine Bernie. This story shows a lot of support for Bernie in South Carolina and you trot out an old poll but you try to be snide about doing so by saying it it is the most recent that you have seen. You should be embarrassed to call yourself a progressive if that is what you really are. I am noticing that the mainstream media keeps trying to claim that the most progessive candidate and long supporter of civil rights as if he has a civil rights problem. They are trying to manipulate people and trying to minimize the lack of a civil rights record for the other candidates. Must you help their fraudulent deceits with similar manipulative deceits of your own?


Bernie is only on C-Span. The MSM is ignoring him.


The crowds are smaller but the messaging is better for the primary. Hillary is counting on S. Carolina’s black voters to take out Bernie. Congressman James Clyburn is the big honcho; the head of The Permanent Black Political Class and will be pressured to deliver the faithful flocks. ( A state neither of them will carry in the general election, btw. ) It’s the DLC/DNC conspiring to torpedo and sink everyone except the Queen Mary, so to speak. Biden starts off in fourth place and courts Warren, not for her benefit, but for his. Warren won’t endorse anyone until the end or she risks opposing her own base. Howard Dean stuck his neck out there early for Hillary; a move he’s regretting as his base loves The Bernster; the mostest. If this election lasts past the Mississippi River ( excluding Nevada and Trumka’s bunch ) , a place the Queen Mary has major trouble navigating in, the ship may go down in the Pacific. Here’s where Bernie’s got to go to the DNC and demand equal and fair treatment. Or, give it to Hillary with both barrels over the issue of The Establishment Can’t Win, and actually show the real internal polling, which points to just this fact. Hillary cannot win the general election because Mary and Joe Lunch Bucket don’t like her. On a very visceral level. It has nothing to do with her being a woman and everything to do with her being an insider; a very, very big insider. Who used her office to become a mega millionaire, along with Bill & Cos., at many other’s expense. Who were mostly black or brown and poor, btw. Haiti and Honduras, anyone? Hillary can run but she can’t hide. Neither could the Queen Mary.


Good comment.


Only 10K came to the Bernie event. Sounds like ol’ Bernie is slipping. Good!


I hope Biden gets in. He’ll just split the mainstream Dems that now want Hillary. I see almost no difference between Biden and Clinton in the direction they take the Dem party. Both are hawks. Both are status quo Dems. Maybe Biden does not have the baggage Hillary brings, but he is still more of the same and America needs transformative socioeconomic change away from what both Clinton and Biden stand for. Though apparently folksy, Biden is no populist.


O’Malley’s campaign positions can’t cover his Clintonian past (former chair of the Democratic Leadership Council); or O’Malley’s current work as a founder of the shamelessly-named NewDEAL, which like B Clinton’s DLC is focused on making the Democratic party as corporate-friendly as possible, courting “pro-business” (pro-corporate) candidates to run as Democrats.


Reporters using “progressive” and populism" or “left”, etc. to describe Senator Bernie Sanders WONDERFUL, MIRACULOUS presidential campaign must stop! Reporters are changing his words with obfuscating language. This ain’t no laddee-daddee picnic, but an important presidential bid that will determine or moral direction.

Senator Sanders may use these three words, bur he does so only sparingly, never out of context. He talks action and results that relevant to our children’s best chances, to not just survive the future, but to thrive there, as well. Use of tired, old negative jingoisms plays into the hands of the political hacks from madison avenue and the sleazy “think tank” operatives.

Presidential hopeful, Senator Sanders deserves robust, but fair reporting, to have a fighting chance with the entrenched, wealthy (at whose expense?) unsustainable high-rolling, free-loading, train wreck governances of the oligarchy. “Main Street first” vrs. “wall street” take your pick! This is Berne’s and working America’s chant. NOT BE PROGRESSIVE or BE A POPULIST! The truth will just be fine!. Easy.

Together, with the eco chamber of the Truth, will we break from the stranglehold of corporate, so-called personhood. Expose the bankster’s ultimate goal of corporate ownership and control of Life, itself.

Divided, We get the “same-old-same-old”. United, We demand “A Report”, not the “Reader’s Digest” version.


Most reporters have been trained to be lazy, dumbed-down, simplistic, catch-phrase, shorthand, buzz-word reporters, not actual reporters.


You are so correct. It couldn’t be spelled out any better than that. :grinning:


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MagnumDB created a youtube split screen video of the Sanders and Trump speeches from last Saturday. Sanders was live on C-span and Trump had live coverage on 3 networks. What substance and vacuousness look like side-by-side and sobering evidence of how the corporate media is dumbing down this election, rather than talking about actual issues.


“I’m talking about the hundreds of hate groups that exist in this country today whose only function is fomenting of hatred of African Americans, gays, immigrants, Jews.”

Hmmm- No mention of Moslems? Or are they categorized under “immigrants” I would have thought there more discrimination of Moslems than Jews in this Country…