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Bernie Sanders: Big Business 'Took Trump Hostage and Won'


Bernie Sanders: Big Business 'Took Trump Hostage and Won'

Nika Knight, staff writer


Is there any mention of how much the remaining jobs will pay ?

Isn't the standard in Indiana and the rest of the rust belt these days for new workers to make half of the wage workers hired earlier make ?


I supported Bernie (still do), phone banked, donated money and very much appreciate that he is still out there fighting.

With that said, my knee jerk reaction to the title of this piece is: The DNC/Oligarchy took Sanders hostage and Won.


Good news for those workers whose jobs have been spared, for now, but Bernie is right about giving in to corporate extortion. Odd how this type of use of taxpayer money to save jobs and, ahem, corporate profit margins is good capitalism, but public funds to create jobs for people who don't have them is bad capitalism.

Yet, it is these type of media-savvy events that Trump will use to try and win re-election, on the premise that he saved American jobs. Of course, the jobs preserved now and in the future from Trump's "deals" with industry titans extorting public funds to maintain profits are and will be a mere fraction of total jobs lost as a result of economic forces Trump cannot control, and about half of the Carrier jobs are still going to Mexico.

But Trump's Twitter is ablaze, and he's found time from cabinet-picking to travel to Indiana today for an appearance with Indiana Gov., and Vice-President elect Pence.

Expect more episodes of this show over the next four years.


How many people will look past the media/trump twitter spin ----latest example in big bold letters from corporate news network (cnn):
"Carrier victory bolsters Trump's economic chops"
CNN who helped propel Trump's victory.

I do thank Bernie and others for pointing out the truth of this disgusting maneuver by trump which will serve to empower him and his supporters.

All those that don't care to look ever so slightly behind the veil (or look at all) have just been given another shot of endorphins with this false narrative to fuel their crazy "make america great again with trump" delusion.

I seriously do not know how anyone with even a hint of critical thinking abilities can think america was ever great and how damaging that mind set is.


Of greatest interest to me, even if the corporate media is ignoring them, is the fate of the union at this plant. The president of USW Local 1999 representing the Carrier workers has yet to receive as much as a phone call. The union should be the most critical party in this deal, instead they are treated like they don't even exist.

I would not be surprised if the deal to "save the jobs" consists of going ahead with the layoff deal for the existing workers, then replacing them with non-union workers at $8.50 an hour - with guarantees that no NLRA violations be brought against them.


This is a union plant - but busting the union is probably a big part of the deal. See my earlier comment here.


go Bernie! the only voice to really listen to at this point.


Sanders let the DNC take him hostage without uttering so much as a peep. Now the country is saddled with Trump & he will ride it into the ground.


And more smoke and mirrors to follow...


After all the voices here and elsewhere denouncing Bernie Sanders as a sellout, sheepdog and worse, he is nearly the only voice speaking-out on Trumps bait and switch deceptions and outright lies - par for the course for Trump.

The Dem Party DLC establishment still doesn't "get it" or apparently want to change, given the re-election of Pelosi as Minority leader - some "leadership" she has done over the past 8 years kowtowing to Obama's sellouts and utter failure (or is it?) to represent the 99% rather than wealth and power - the Dem Party and its hacks are proving they are not worthy of any respect or support - There ain't no justice, JUST US!


Trump gave $700,000 Indiana tax-payer dollars to keep 1000 jobs for how long? We have Trump on video saying he would never do this. The future is here. Perhaps those in Indiana could move to Mexico and learn to live there because there is nothing left for them in what was the US, but now USINC under Trump. Please vote in 2018 to change this picture.


Where would the Sanders campaign had gone if he had run as an Independent or on a third party ticket? The only people who would have heard of him would have been the people of his own state and Thom Hartman listeners. He had to make a deal with the devil to get his message out.


Although more than 10% of voters voted third party during the 20th century (as high as 27% for TR in 1912, 21% for Perot in 1992), the bipartisan propaganda machine demonized third parties to the extent that all third party candidates combined have averaged little more than 2% during 21st century elections, giving the duopoly a license to steal...and worse.


You make a valid point, but when you make a deal with the DNC and its corruption and in my view, that end does not justify the means and exonerate one from selling out to the devil.

The devil that Bernie sold out to, in my opinion, was enabling Trump to be POTUS instead of Bernie since I believe Bernie would have buried Trump.


Yippie. Another big win for corporate cronyism.


Capitalism is extortion, that is the real name of the game. Wither theyare extorting workers by threatening with loss of employment or cities and towns with leaving if they don't get what they want. The list goes on and on.


A big problem for moving forward with a progressive agenda is that it is, unfortunately, overwhelmingly rejected by the USAn people. I just found out that Colorado's single-payer proposal was voted down by 80 percent of voters. Yes, I know it went down because of shrill flack from business interests - but shrill flack from business interests is going to be a constant in the equation for the foreseeable future.

This also suggests that in an election between Sanders and Trump, Sanders probably would have lost by a big margin. Trump would have simply repeated "he honeymooned in the Soviet Union and he will raise your taxes" and that would be that.


BINGO! Right on target!


couldn't agree more. I will not abandon Sanders like so many others have. He has not abandoned his causes and beliefs.