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Bernie Sanders: Call for 'Political Revolution' Is About Mass Movement, Not Me


Bernie Sanders: Call for 'Political Revolution' Is About Mass Movement, Not Me

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Sen.


Bernie wins by 2% points and shocks Nation!


Toto the terrier pulls back the curtain. Go Toto!


We all know Hillary is pro TPP that’s why she is silent on that, she is beholden to wall street, hawkish & voted for the Iraq war & didn’t speak out on torture. I say 3 strikes your out!!!
I’m going with Bernie who opposed all those things!
More importantly it’s not what he opposes but what he supports that speak to the issues!


"'The fight ahead, he told the crowd, “Is about you.”
This sounds eerily similar to what Obama said about ‘making him do it.’
And I read the article on our ‘American Spring’ b4 reading this one – Bernie’s words and the other article make it seem like they were coordinated.


I thought 2 term Barry’s elections represented political revolution? That was all the buzz! The lying liar created the original template for succesful “elections”. Maybe bernie is supposed to be the next savior. Vote on people, maybe we’ll get lucky before time runs out.


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That’s the 64,000 dollar question. Is Bernie for real?

I see that I have only two choices:

  1. Gamble that Bernie is for real and support him.

  2. Boycott this whole fake election business and make it illegitimate by low turnout. Last election was 37 percent of eligible voters turning out, so we are well on our way. But the Obamanation, in shock, said he wants to make voting mandatory (you get fined for not voting and if you don’t pay, go to jail.)

Whatever we do, we must incorporate a General Strike, where nobody cooperates on anything. Default on all payments and stay home for a few months.


It doesn’t stop at economic inequality there is an inequality of justice, gender, religion, race, political access and representation, culture, medical access etc. The whole enchalita is stack in favor of the few at the expense of the many.


This past week the Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman penned a piece ridiculing the Sanders candidacy. He said Bernie’s crowds aren’t the tip of an iceberg but the tip of an ice cube, cute isn’t it’? But the fact the Tribune put his piece on the oped page indicates to me that the boys on Michigan Avenue might be a little worried. And this wasn’t the first major piece the paper did using ridicule as a means of marginalizing Bernie.

Go Bernie.


Bernie’s right. It’s about the people taking charge of the political and economic system. The major advantage the working class has is our numbers. We have to support the politicians that support us.

Bernie can win if and only if we help him.



Bernie Sanders will not be elected President of the United States. This will not be allowed.

This does not mean, however, that we do not support his campaign. Sanders is part of a growing revolution, not only in the United States, but in all countries dominated by corporate interests and capitalist hegemony.

It is time to throw off the yoke of capitalism and build societies based on mutual aid, equity and environmental responsibility. It doesn’t matter what this is called.

Call it Life and support it everywhere!


andrewboston is comfortable being a promoter of helplessness, he’s not going anywhere.


“The whole enchalita is stack in favor of the few at the expense of the many.”

Let’s see, an enchalita would be a little enchala. On a quick web search i don’t find enchala as a noun, but apparently in Argentina enchalar means enamorar, and enchala would be what, third person singular? Maybe an enchalita would be your little beloved, or your little hottie?

Please forgive me, i’m just having fun :smile:


Senator Sanders is for real. He has been walking the talk for decades. This is the leader we have been waiting for.
I am going for it with cash and volunteer work. This is a golden chance. Yes the media will stomp on him, but just keep pushing and he CAN win! The oligarchs will tremble. This is very inconvenient for them. Senator Sanders is the best thing to hit this country since the 1930’s My working class parents are smiling in their graves.


“Whatever we do, we must incorporate a General Strike, where nobody cooperates on anything. Default on all payments and stay home for a few months.”

i think there’s a lot of truth here, but i also think you are about six steps ahead of yourself.

It was pointed out in these threads that during the coal mine strikes in the USA during the first half of the 20th century, about 8 percent (or 12 percent, i can’t recall which figure was cited: 8% is one in 12, and 12% is one in 8, but either way) about 8 percent of all the people in those communities were growing food, not hobby plots but big family food gardens, and when they went out on strike, the communities could simply, straightforwardly, feed themselves, from their own production.

Now in the first half of the 21st century, virtually no one in working-class USA is growing significant amounts of food, or has the skills, or has access to the land. Straightforwardly, what preparation do we need to make, to be ready for the rigors of a strike? How we gonna feed ourselves?


Sanders is giving a lot more straight talk, directly to the problem of extreme wealth and what to do about it, than the Obama marketing campaign ever did. Also with a much more solid record of decades of consistency, unlike the marketing brand of Obama as a “community organizer.”


Seeing a lot of hopey hopey here.

I didn’t see Bernie filibuster the TPA like Rand Paul filibustered the Patriot Act.

So I’m still suspicious and skeptical that all this is the Democratic Party’s
way of mollifying the party’s base after 6-years of Obama Brand.

Standby for warp-speed Scotty.


General strikes occur in countries that have sound social safety net systems in place i.e., workers rights, universal health care, unemployment beyond a meager allowance, housing guarantees, etc.

For me, participating in a “general strike” would mean losing my job and becoming homeless in a matter of a few months or less. And that is the case for the millions who would need to participate in an effective general strike.

Because of this, it is not possible here in the good ole US of A in my opinion.


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