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Bernie Sanders Calls Fact That Minimum Wage Worker Cannot Afford 2-Bedroom Apartment in Any U.S. State 'A National Disgrace'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/bernie-sanders-calls-fact-minimum-wage-worker-cannot-afford-2-bedroom-apartment-any


2 BR? Huh? Try one bedroom or studio to make a better point.

Any large city, it’s renting a BR or sharing one.


Got News for ya Bernie, 15 bucks an hour will not get a couple a one Bedroom even if they work full time plus overtime. When you are Rich like you are, sorry to say, you have no clue!

There is no relationship between what you earn from a given job and your living expenses. If you have no skills and are therefore condemned to minimum wage labor, you may need to work two or three jobs to cover living expenses. It is incumbent on the individual to provide for living expenses. It isn’t the employer’s responsibility to make sure employees have any certain standard of living.

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Real estate tycoons (such as the Donald) and lower-profile members of the rentier class (sometimes referred to as Landlord, Inc.) are the cause of the “housing crisis” – there is no other cause. Owner & worker, lord & serf, master & slave - all refer to the same domination relationship characterized by a gross asymmetry in relative bargaining power. Once upon a time, landlord and employer were one in the same. Business owners pay workers as low a wage as they can get away – Landlord’s charge as high a rent as they can get away with (so long as the increase in rent is less than the prospective expense of moving, the tenant will agree to the new lease terms). The same arguments that are made against minimum wages are also made against rent control.

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Cartoon by Ryan Walker

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He said 1 bedroom and the author/poster absolutely knew that, fix this garbage post title and post an apology post for disinformation.


Thank you, Aserian, as someone at CD should read Bernie’s statement and your comment, and fix the title.

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Is it OK if someone deals dope to help make ends meet? (Fuking asswipe)

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Are you joking or just an idiot Louis? What an ignorant BS comment - or maybe you have an alternative agenda!

Sanders “net worth” is about $2 Million - $1.75M of that coming from royalties from his book, the rest from working damn hard for the people and justice and Common Good issues his entire working career! That does not equate to “not having a clue”! Pelosi worth over $100 M and look at all the others “worth”, vocal right-wing, neo-liberal, and all the rest!

The balance of a person’s hard work, the focus of that work, commitment to fundamentally changing our society (often working alone against the odds - and idiots) and trying to get the public to get off their asses, demand and fight for real change to restore some measure of justice and equality to our society must be - should be - rewarded so that person may also enjoy some measure of joy in their lives - clearly some people are too stupid to get that, or work to undermine real change. Your comment betrays an alternative agenda or complete stupidity!


Approx 70 million people in the U.S. earn less than $15 an hour. That’s about 43% of those with a job. If the federal minimum wage were raised to $15 then those currently earning $15 or a modest amount above that (say $20 or less) would likely also see a rise in their wages, even if not immediately (wage compression).

Estimates are that total wages paid would be about $300 billion more than they are now. If 100% of wage increases were passed on in the form of price increases (highly unlikely because of competition) then that would represent only about a 2% increase in last year’s approx $14 trillion in consumer spending…a one-time bump and thereafter increasing at the “normal” CPI rate.

Why are we under the impression that a minimum wage employee (entry level worker) should be able to support a family and rent a two bedroom apartment on 40 hours? Get a roommate, work more hours (2nd job, overtime), work off-hours for the shift differential, improve your skills to move into a better paying job.

Bullshit. It is our responsibility as a SOCIETY to bring down costs for everyone. Those of you who prescribe to the ‘bootstraps’ mentality shoot yourselves in the feet by creating bigger tax burdens for yourselves because massive poverty creates more expenses for a community than simply paying for social services.
It is a social issue, not a personal issue. Rents are too damn high because of greed and need to be regulated. Wages in many cases are too low and need to be regulated.

Human beings are fallible and need to be regulated. We can’t seem to keep human beings from shooting each other, having affairs, stealing from each other, drinking and driving, eating too much, and making many other horrible decisions. Human behavior MUST be regulated for the good of the whole - period.


Thank you for taking the time to defend honesty.


Better-paying jobs is a fallacy. As we move forward, the imaginary ‘good-paying’ jobs are going to continue to disappear as we move from a manufacturing age into the technological age. Jobs are being automated and/or moved out of the country. All forecasts show that job availability will continue to dwindle with a vast majority of all new jobs coming in the service sector.
A great number of the currently unemployed have bachelor’s degrees or higher.
I’m not going to allow people to continue to make arguments that are irrelevant without speaking up.


As aserian brought up in above comment, the report (linked by CD) seems to not quote Bernie Sanders that I can find - he is not credited or name mentioned.
The only reference seems to be the tweet by Sanders shown in this piece and in that Sanders is quoted: “It’s a national disgrace that a minimum wage worker cannot afford a modest one-bedroom apartment in 99% of counties in America. All Americans have a right to a decent, affordable home.”

So where does the 2 bedroom headline come from? Is Sanders misquoted? Is CD headline inaccurate? Accuracy does matter, and the “2 bedroom” headline may lead to inaccurate quoting.

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“It’s a national disgrace that a minimum wage worker cannot afford a modest one-bedroom…”

Your headline is wrong.

There are always ways to improve your value to your employer and therefore your increase your pay. Studies also show a growing shortage in the trades (plumbers, electricians, mechanics) and these careers pay quite well and cannot be off-shored/automated. As for currently unemployed with BS or higher degrees, if you start to break that down by major, you will see some interesting trends, not all degrees are created equally.

  1. It is not governments responsibility to manage costs and wages.
  2. Although governments can control price, it is not a good idea as it cannot control cost. When price controls do not allow someone to cover their costs to provide a good/services, people stop supplying it, leading to shortages.