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Bernie Sanders Calls for 'Boldest Legislation in History' to Halt Spiraling Covid-19 Catastrophe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/03/bernie-sanders-calls-boldest-legislation-history-halt-spiraling-covid-19-catastrophe


Now we get to watch how America’s politicians are too corrupt and Democratic voters too stupid to take Sanders up on these ideas.


There are l thousands of people dying who have no money, no insurance and no job and no way forward who literally despise Sanders for these Ideas of his. Darwin was right.That is what I call “Too stupid to live” Unfortunately, their decisions, (if such minuscule brain activity as they demonstrate could be characterized as “decisions”), are the reason thousands alongside them are dying.


Lots of hate for Sanders online and in the MSM. Given the hate against Tara Reade for her complaint against Biden, it’s Weird to hear Alyssa Milano endorse Biden while schooling ‘Bernie Bro’s’ on misogyny.


I can’t believe Eliz Warren is now endorsing Biden too. I guess it was just a matter of time.


Now that we’ve kept the thousand richest safe, let’s do some work in Congress, huh, Bernie? Your M4A is right, but we need leaders who lead from the front, not after the face…


“We are in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic that could lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans and infect millions of others…”

I don’t know why everyone, even Bernie, seems to swallow White House mortality estimates at this point. My back-of-the-envelope “model” sees nearly 300,000 deaths by 4/21. It is certainly no longer outlandish to speak of the millions of deaths in store for USAmericans, because the virus has been (suicidally) allowed to run free for months. It’s so late – too late, actually. So much infectious damage has already been wreaked on our landscape, nobody knows what to do about it. Very few indeed have fully grasped the gravity of our national situation. Give it another couple of weeks…


Bernie sounded and looked solid on Velshi@MSNBC. His approach, unlike VP Biden & Sen. Worn-Thin, is all-inclusive, keeps short-term consumption up and foregoes sending many millions to debtors hell.
It’s an honest and progressive assessment of the coming catastrophic upheaval facing the 99%. It is our best chance at triaging a complete government failure, building a future worth enjoying for many, not just the UniParty’s chosen elites.
Pelosi’s slight-of-hand one time gimmicks and Biden’s abducation of reality show they’re both suffering under load. Understandable given their need to balance the needs of Wall St. & The Swampy Corporotocracy. That’s hard work, imo.
Go Bernie in 2020!!!
Not Me Us.


If so, this is a low point for Warren.


Beware of lions in sheep’s clothing. Warren was once a Republican. How that is even possible for a so called progressive is not so hard to grasp, if you can accept the fact that right wingers pretending to be progressive is practically the definition of being a “democrat”.


this one was predictable from a distance.


Warren has all but endorsed Biden. Biden the man that is against M4A and Warren once fought for M4A making it center point of her campaign. What a scum bag!


Make rescinding all those tax cuts to the wealthy another part of these demands.


Where did you see that? I don’t find it anywhere!!!


The question for metricians is: What distance?

If you miss the train I’m on, you will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Anyone who recognizes that lyric has an “underlying condition” (age) of which our bug is fond…


Bernie Sanders is right –

Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders isn’t president –


And we have this constant ventilator brouhaha. What “they” never see fit to mention is that of all Covid-19 victims put on ventilators 86 to 97 percent… DIE.


I don’t understand hardly any of these responses. Yes, all Bernie’s ideas are wonderful except that they have only extremely limited chances of success. No Republican in the Senate would vote for this, so it is moot. Donald would veto this, so it is moot. Hopefully some Republicans will think some of Bernie’s ideas might hold some promise. Then, perhaps, if Democrats agree to give Trump another $500 billion slush fund to play with, then we might gain a few dollars for the average person.


Worldwide, or just here in USA? I’d like to see your source on that terrible percentage, if you recall.


She’s looking for a back door to sneak into the presidency. I doubt whether Trump or Biden, either one, would live through 2024. She’s angling for the vice presidency.