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Bernie Sanders Calls for Guarantee That Covid-19 Vaccine Be Free to All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/13/bernie-sanders-calls-guarantee-covid-19-vaccine-be-free-all

Go get them Bernie!

Just don’t ask Uncle Joe to commit to free vaccines. Uncle Joe is already on the record about making a Covid-19 Vaccine affordable. If/when Uncle Joe becomes President Uncle Joe he may decide to become an FDR but don’t bet on it.

Can’t post links on Common Dreams, but there is an article about this on readsludge(.com).

Hi SadOldVet:

I suppose if Biden’s wife and son died from the virus, maybe then he would care about all of America. Or, if he got the virus, and became a mere shadow of his former sexist self----- Bernie would step up and America really could do a lot of positive FDR turns for the People and the economy! : )

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During the May 12 conference CDC pointed out that under reporting COVID-19 deaths could be as high as 50%, so add 40,000 to that 83,000 dead statistic.

Florida admits they are under reporting, and I know a COVID-19 victim in Louisiana who was not reported.

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Try this:

I, for one, is not betting on any democrats or republicans but will do what I can to rid us of their power grabs and cowardice and support the eco-socialists such as the Green Party.

The number of Americans who do not want a metal tattoo vaccination is not small. I am one, but it is easy for me to stay abroad.
What good will it do if so many don’t want it? The same problem as what Bernie says when many can’t afford it.

Once again Sanders comes out with the correct action to take. Too bad the decision makers of both parties will never listen to him. By some miracle of the century, a powerful third party called “Progressive” must rise from the ashes and take over. Done.

Maybe Sanders will get his people throughout Biden’s staff.

The alternative to making vaccines available to all is to maintain a subclass where essential medicines and medical treatment remain beyond their reach. This sector of society would serve as a breeding ground for the emergence of future pandemics, imagine for a moment multiple epidemics equal to COVID-19 or worse, loosed upon the world in rapid succession or even simultaneously. We must avoid this at all costs or a repeat of the present disaster.

Article in WASHPOST where all “health” insurance companies are asking to be allowed to deny coverage of all virus tests! Unreal but
Insurance corps are already above the law and even with record profits
will surely be bailed out anyway… …Unreal!