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Bernie Sanders Calls Meeting at His Home in Vermont Sunday to Discuss Campaign’s Future


Bernie Sanders Calls Meeting at His Home in Vermont Sunday to Discuss Campaign’s Future

- Common Dreams staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to get together Sunday night in his hometown of Burlington, Vt., with a couple of dozen of his closest supporters, an aide announced Friday.

Sanders is spending the weekend in his Vermont home-base but is booked to appear on several Washington-based TV news shows on Sunday morning.


Anything short of jumping ship and joining the Green party with Jill Stein will be a waste of time. He's got nothing to lose and it will bring the movement where it needs to go..........out from under the corrupt Democratic party.


Bernie: I voted for you, I donated, I turned others onto to the movement and I support you 100%
With that said:
1. Stay in until the convention. We now know that the FBI investigation is a criminal investigation. This isn't going away.
2. You won California- there are nearly 3 million uncounted votes. Read this:
Bernie Actually Won California! (at Ring True America)
3. Meet with Jill Stein. As a lifelong Democrat I'm fed up with this rigged election system. Don't you think it would be great for you and Jill to be involved in the debates?
I'm not voting for Hillary. She needs to release those transcripts and the DNC must fire the Queen of the PayDay lenders Debbie Downer.

We are with you, Bernie. The movement needs to take the Bern to the convention


the path forward is to show up at the convention with all his delegates in hand and keep fighting. In 1980, Ted Kennedy showed up with so many fewer delegates pledged to him thru primaries and spoke his peace. That is the very least that Bernie can do for us as we all move forward in this revolutionary time. GO BERNIE! It's for all of us remember, not just for you.


what a freudian slip I just made in the preceding message. Peace is right and so is piece.


I'm hoping this conversation isn't just about the campaign but about keeping all the incredibly important ideas alive until we can either remove Clinton or Trump and usher in a true progressive for president in four years.. We have to prepare for the long haul and not just this election cycle.


Bernie Actually Won California!
Has Alex Padilla pulled a Katherine Harris on Bernie Sanders?

Once again the main stream media is asleep at the wheel- with the exception of the LA Times- which endorsed Hillary.
Here it is fresh from the LA Times:

"More than 2.5 million ballots were left uncounted on election day across California, a process that could take several days or longer and leave close races in limbo.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla posted a report late Thursday on unprocessed ballots. Most of that total -- about 1.8 million -- were mailed to voters but returned only on Tuesday.

Six million ballots have already been counted from the statewide primary. The uncounted tally would push total voter turnout to about 8.5 million, or around 47% of all registered voters."

Here's the problem- and maybe you can help me. Math wasn't my strong suit.

If you go to the OFFICIAL vote tabulation posted on the California Secretary of State web site you'll see approximately 2 million votes for Clinton, 1.5 million for Sanders.
That's 3.5 million votes.
But the Secretary of State- in his own words states 6 million have already been counted.
Okay- but where are those results? The difference between posted votes and counted votes is 2.5 million votes.
Where are those results...those additional 2.5 that have been counted but NOT posted?
But there's more.
Alex Padilla admits 2.5 million votes have yet be counted.
Actually other California newspapers have said 2.6 million.
And Padilla can't be certain. Why? Votes are still arriving. Votes with a postmark of the 6th will be included if received today, the 10th. So not only is Padilla low balling those numbers, two other data tracking sources are claiming it's at least 3 million uncounted votes.
Now look at the numbers again: 3.5 present and accounted for, 2.5 counted but not posted- sort of missing in action, and at least 2.5 still uncounted (with more arriving today). I think that gets us to 8.5 million- just as the LA Times reported.
And now for that $64k question: The election was declared a victory for Clinton when 3.5 million were counted AND posted. But who won the balance of those 5 million votes yet to be either posted or counted?

Could main stream media be so lame that this is their 'DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN' moment?
2 million Clinton- 1.5 Sanders...only 3.5 million people voted in California?
Or in fact, as the LA Times reported today 8.5 million Californians actually voted.
We don't have the results of 5 MILLION votes!
And- by California law, Alex Padilla has up to 30 days to post the final results.

And yes, Padilla is a Hillary supporter.
And yes there were thousands of reported voting problems- from untrained poll workers, broken machines, to folks showing up and being told they weren't registered. And of course those 'provisional' ballots that often go uncounted.

Bernie probably won California. Why? Several polling groups have stated that both mail in and provisional ballots were completed by young people, working people and Latinos. Sorts of skews towards Bernie.
Just in terms of the uncounted 3 million votes, if Bernie pulled around 58% of those he WINS California.
And don't forget- per Alex Padilla- 6 million votes have been counted- although only 3.5 million have been reported to the press and posted on the web site of the Secretary of State. Bernie may not even need 58% to pull ahead.

And to those snarky know it all pundits- Chris Matthews you are a fraud- who stated those damn young people are all talk- no action. They didn't even bother to show up. They'll go to rallies but don't vote. WRONG! 8.5 million people voted even with the AP proclaiming Clinton the winner before votes were cast.

So now everyone gangs up on Bernie. They portray Bernie supporters as sore losers. Get on board- heck, we may even throw you a bone and put Warren on the ticket.
But Bernie probably won California.
Only we won't know for another 25 days are so.
How are you going to feel when the official announcement from California Secretary of State declares Bernie Sanders won California and may have won it handily?
Somehow I don't see this bringing us all together.


This doesn't sound good.


This morning (6/11/2016), here in Sonoma County, California, The Press Democrat (local newspaper) reports that the County Registrar of Voters still has 43,000 Mail-in ballots to count. That's a lot! In late April, I was told by a clerk in the Registrar of Voter's office, Mail-in ballots are "the first to be counted." Since they're being counted last, that seems to have been an oversight or misstatement.

My wife and I went to the Registrar of Voters' office in late April to make sure we'd be able to vote for a candidate in the Democratic Presidential Primary June 7th, since we're not affiliated with any political party (independent). As it turned out, the County sent us, and a lot of other voters, the wrong notice and if we had not checked with them, we wouldn't have been able to vote for a candidate in the presidential primary. On top of that, many voters signed up with the conservative “Independent Party”, thinking they were registering to be unaffiliated with any party. After that visit, I published an article on my website and on Facebook, encouraging Sonoma County voters to check their status with the Registrar of Voters to make sure they would be able to vote for a democratic presidential candidate in this important election. (http://realtalkworld.com/.../are-you-eligible-to-vote-in.../)

With this lack of oversight, it certainly seems like Sonoma County officials are doing the devil's work. Is it possible, both Democratic and Republican officials see a benefit in getting Hillary elected over Bernie? For Democrats, it's my guess that it would be to maintain the status quo (them in power) and for Republicans, it would be the prevailing belief that Hillary will be easier to beat than Bernie.

As we know, when we allow money, power and privilege to serve as our primary measure of success, "enough is never enough" and, without a moral compass, "the ends justify the means." It has long been said that "money is the root of all evil." That may not be quite true but it certainly can be a corrupting influence. When will we learn?

Food for thought: Instead of money, power and privilege, would love, truth and joy be a better measure of success? One set of values isolates us in the material world of separation, scarcity and competition, while the other not only acknowledges our oneness as well as our individuality, it acknowledges our role in creation itself.

Using love, truth and joy as our primary measure of success provides us with a moral compass. It encourages us to live for the love of Being and Creation, instead of running from the fear of suffering and death. It inspires us to find and express what we like most about ourselves and All That Is, instead of perpetuating what we like least because we associate the need for greed with beliefs in separation, scarcity and competition for survival.

Instead of asking, what can we do today TO the selves we'll be tomorrow, why don't we ask: What can we do today FOR the selves we'll be tomorrow? Thank you, Bernie, and everyone working with you, for all you're doing. Talk about exceptionalism; Republicans can only talk about it. You're a living example of it!


People need to post this comment on every single article on the web about Bernie. Well thought and said. If we could only get Bernie to read it. Thanks.


He must stay in and force the corruption out. That will not work, but it is just what the Dems and Repubs want him to do.
If he wants to exert Power, he must leave the System and move forward on his own... Power Speaking to Power...
Dennis Kucinich tried to change the Dems from within but to no avail.
Not Sure what Bernie has against the Greens--their values align with his stated values...unless something else is going on behind the scenes to orchestrate this theatre.


Why is Bernie Not demanding a Recall? hmmmm....


Earlier, I wrote this. It definitely works here.

Stay the course Bernie. But Please, keep
communications open with Dr. Jill Stein. While the Democratic &
Republican Parties are imploding right before our collective American
eyes, the neo-fascist Trump handlers are watching with great glee and
anticipation. A Sanders-Stein presidential ticket can easily garner the
270 minimum electoral votes required by our Constitution. Why I can say
this? Quite simple, actually! (Historically, only twice before, has the
Congress ever over-rode the People's presidential choice - contrary to
the argument going around, now, that a third party cannot win because it
cannot reach the 270 threshold.

As the story goes, spread around by the "train wreck" of an
establishment duopoly that we currently have - "The right-wing-
controlled Congress will elect the president." - is a [damn] myth,
according to Kevin Zeese and Patrick Walker. According to Zeese &
Walker - "[the Green Party] is currently on 21 ballots (including some
of the largest and most difficult states) and is on a path to being on
almost all ballots."

"Twelve states have deadlines for ballot access for independent
candidates before the Democratic National Convention, which will take
place July 25-28. Some important states are in that group, including
Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. By
Aug. 15, 18 more states are due, among them California, Colorado, Ohio
and Pennsylvania. Thus, it is impossible for Sanders to run an
independent campaign after the Democratic National Convention."

The full (and lengthy) article is here:



If all this results in party unity, which is no sure thing, I could see Sanders playing a big role in New Hampshire, a key swing state. He is obviously very popular in that part of New England.


Bernie should go to the convention as planned all along. By then California will be completed and certified. He has about 46% of the delegates. He gets 46% of the platform. Since the primary was proportionally run in regards to apportionment. Example: HRC =s $12 minimum wage Sanders =s $15 minimum wage Therefore 12+15 =s $27 and the compromise is about $13.40 by 2020. :wink: And so on... Or, the DNC and the rest of the Clintonista Crowd can have their choice: salted or unsalted peckers in pita bread.:wink:


Hear! Hear!


The campaign's future along with Bernie and the Sandernistas is to make damn sure the wholesale electoral fraud in the California primary is exposed to the whole nation and world, and the missing 5 million unreported or uncounted votes are freakin' counted and reported - and the so-called results amended! This CA primary and the "results" announced before all the votes (by a lot!) are counted is electoral fraud in itself!

People must be prosecuted for this crap starting with the Dem establishment!
MUST SEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoGeDGHmwJU

"The steal is baked into the way California handles No Party Preference –”NPP” voters –what we know as “independents.”
There are a mind-blowing 4.2 million voters in California registered NPP "

This pattern of electoral fraud and voter manipulation in state after state in support of Hillary Clinton by and for the Dem establishment is very infuriating - CA is the icing on the cake redlining my Bullshit-O-meter!

Bernie ALL The Way to Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!


Another point, from this point forward my donations are going to the Green Party. A Hillary endorsement can not be tolerated and further support of the Democrat Party is out of the question. Only the collapse of the democrats will achieve Bernie's stated goals.


Yes- Recount....Let's start with CA, then NY, then AZ....
Then let's move to a single day of voting, throw out the superdelegates, electoral college. This is a system of welfare for powers that be, the ones in power....
And on another note....Why is Hillary running for President??????..... Power--she thrives on power, power to her is like blood to a vampire.


We just give them an offer, written in stone ( and signed by her highness ) their funders won't accept. Example: Single Payer or Medicare-for-All ( there is a difference ) and then we can walk away. And. Bernie can campaign, as promised, against the opposition. We need a win-win here for Bernie and his campaign advisors. They didn't do anything wrong, actually. No harassment from the Clintonista Crowd, as it were. They are famous for payback, ya' know.