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Bernie Sanders Calls on Congress to 'Ban Facial Recognition Technology for All Policing'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/11/bernie-sanders-calls-congress-ban-facial-recognition-technology-all-policing

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Bernie, this would be a extremely progressive move away from the establishment of a permanent Police State.

Excellent idea, however, don’t be surprised that all GOP Congress members will be against it, and a majority of Democrats in Congress will also vote against it.

The 1% that they are need to maintain control.

And Bernie, once you finally come to this realization, if you haven’t already, perhaps you’ll reconsider the establishment of a new 3rd party, of, by, and for the People.

A “People’s Party” for sure.

Think about it, Bernie.


It would have been nice, Bernie, had you not missed the vote on Section 215 of the Patriot Act, where Sen. Wyden tried to stop warrantless information gathering by the Fed. govt. His efforts failed by one vote – yours.

Bernie – we are grateful for you having raised numerous critical issues in both campaigns. That was a good deal of “heavy lifting.” But they were accompanied, inexplicably, by profound miscalls and betrayals on your part. You need to explain what you thought you were doing, and why. Otherwise, people will simply consider you a fraud.

And, until you do that, please turn off your fogging machine. Thanks. :woozy_face:


It does make us wonder why, given the many chances, he could not or would not give a cohesive answer to the question of how to pay for M4ALL.
It was as important as your beratement of billionaires, but got way less attention.

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For those authentically interested in promoting a progressive agenda, ideas are important and if you have good ideas, please put them forward.

On the other hand, name-calling and personal ad hominem attacks on others who put forward progressive ideas (Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others) — injure the movement. Critique and expand ideas if you will, but don’t tear down people working in the same direction.

For those who are asserting that Bernie is a fraud who took their money under false pretenses, but are also angry that he suspended his campaign, I find the logic contradictory. If he was a fraud all along, we are well and good if he is out of the running…

Name-calling and personal attacks only align with DNC objectives of dividing progressives and stifling discussion! Corporate Democrats would like nothing better than to cut off the movement at its roots and keep the status quo — as evidenced by corporate media releases and dirty trick tactics over the years.

If we are going to turn this nation around, we need to stand together.


That’s only part of it:

Police Are Building Surveillance Networks of Private Security Cameras in Cities

Security camera ownership and online sharing, often in partnership with police, is becoming a new pillar of what its advocates deem “crime prevention.”

Amazon Ring has forged data-sharing relationships with more than 400 police departments nationally.