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Bernie Sanders Calls On DNC Chair Tom Perez To Implement Findings Of #UnityReformCommission


Bernie Sanders Calls On DNC Chair Tom Perez To Implement Findings Of #UnityReformCommission

Bernie Sanders

"We need a Democratic Party that is truly a grassroots party, where decisions are made from the bottom up, not from the top down."

We must fight President Trump’s destructive efforts to divide us up by the color of our skin, our gender, our religion, our sexual orientation or our country of origin.


The DNC better be careful. Bernie fans are still really angry that the DNC sticks too much of Hillary and a little too much like the sellout whores and turncoats - the republicans and that prick trump.


Funny how we hear every scrap of mindless dribble from trump and about trump. These people can put a vid out for Americans most popular politician. SO far realistically on of a very few in Congress that can be trusted with the interests of the people, you can count them on one had maybe two. Time to clean out the rot - especially the fuccing moron republicans, they right to exist is really very questionable. They do not represent the people and they have been and continue to injure the nation - WHY DO WE TOLERATE THAT - ARE WE THAT PATHETIC AND STUPID.
The reason we are in this mess is too much republicanism, steeling the public purse for Oligarch wars and at every effort trying to deprive us of basics. A decent education, a decent healthcare system, a safe street where you can walk without being indiscriminately shot.



The us is a hollow nation - trump proves it.


Bernie makes a case that is so logical and sensible that it’s hard to believe that the Democratic party would even need to be reminded of this. The fact that it does, demonstrates how out of touch the party establishment has become from the very people the party has traditionally represented. Best of luck, Bernie. Pour it on.


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…

What has happened to you?

First of all your credibility is nowhere now, since you never told us what Donna Brazile told you. I would disagree, but I’d understand why you didn’t say anything before the election. But keeping silent for a year? What’s up with that, Bernie?

Now, what has happened to you in putting forward these weak tea proposals for reform?

Reducing super delegates instead of eliminating them?

Making the money train transparent instead of not allowing corporations to donate and/or the rich to make big donations and making such deals as what HRC did with their money laundering off limits?

How about the DNC not being an undemocratic body? What it is now is that the members of the DNC choose the Chair and the Chair chooses who’s on the DNC. How is that democratic or grass roots? But you don’t suggest that.

Open primaries and absentee voting in caucuses are good, Bernie, but is that the best you can do?

Finally, are you really putting any hope in this Unity Commission?

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie… you severely disappoint me.


I thought Bernie Sanders was an independent. How is it that he is telling the Democratic Party what to do? May he should declare that he is Democrat and then make his suggestions. Democrats don’t even listen other Democrats sometimes let alone outsiders. And Democrats did quite well in the elections on Tuesday. So where is the problem? Trump is bringing out the Democrats in droves.


To win, Democrats need to get the oligarchy out of elections. Its MSM opinion makers glean billions from elections, so they won’t talk about free, secure, encrypted online voting. Their “experts” all agree that it is dangerous, doesn’t work, can be hacked, etc.

But online voting, like online banking, can be encrypted to be more secure by far than voting machines. We have seen that voting machines are made to be hacked.

Online voting is being adopted by countries like Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Namibia, the Netherlands (Rijnland Internet Election System), Norway, Peru, Romania, Switzerland, the UK, Venezuela, and the Philippines. It is so secure that our soldiers are allowed to vote online from overseas.


How do see Tom Steyer’s efforts in opening up the oppurtunity for progressives not completely aligned with DNC practices.
What do you think of Steyer’s effort to try and at least have a discussion about Impeachment?
Do you see Sandernistas linking up with this man as benefiting the hopes for real change in the DNC.
His backing of De Leon in the Senate primary as opposed to Sen. Feinstein?
I think Nader’s call to find a wealthy billionaire(s) to save the U.S. from The Uniparty, strategic and wise. Do you?




Don’t you all think that the Democratic Party Establishment and the DNC would have done these things during last year’s campaign if they knew it was what the public wanted?

They didn’t do it then because they were greedy and wanted the corporate money that they are addicted to, to continue.

Does anyone here really believe this will change?

I don’t.


" We must fight President Trump’s destructive efforts." Bernie.

True, but Bernie why did you give up the fight at the Democratic, Convention and tell me to vote for Hillary? You must have known that the $24,000.000.00 fix was in and yet you still wanted me to back Hillary? Bernie, you said we cannot afford to let Trump win, but that is exactly what you let happen. Why Bernie, Why?


Unfortunately, you’re right. And there is absolutely no mention of a political program here. Isn’t it the purpose of a political party to develop and try to deliver an actual program for governance? No mention of:

A livable wage ($15 NOW)
Global sustainaibilty
The Permanent Imperial War Machine
The National Security State
Single Payer Health Insurance
Affordable housing as a Right
An environmentally sound Agricultural System
Education as a Right
Public Financing of Campaigns

Yes, the political party system needs to be radically changed, but this email - which divorces policy from politics and is drenched with cliches is not exactly going to fire up a reform movement, not to mention a revolutionary one.

Bernie Sanders still has a lot of political capital, but throwing it away on political pablum is counter-productive. He may soon become the most irrelevant “Most Popular Politician in the U.S.”


I was not familiar with Steyer before your post. After a bit of research…

I like his environmental concerns.

But I don’t like that he is a consistent Hillary supporter. I just can’t support anyone politically who supported her and fund raised for her.

But I can work together on the environment, just like I’ll watch a George Clooney film.


No Bernie, we don’t need a better Democratic Party, we need a third party that represents the average person, a third party that is included in the national debates.


I thought that the Democratic Party was supposed to be the big tent party. For years everyone not in the GOP has been told to get with the program and work with and within the Democratic Party lest the disaster occur of the GOP holding power. If you want us in your big tent you are going to hear the din of our voices and thoughts in that confining space. That is part of the price that you have to pay for our presence. Changes are needed if we are to stay. We see that Bernie Sanders respected the Democratic Party rules, he campaigned for Clinton, and it appears to me that he is trying to repair the big tent party whereas many if not most of his supporters would be willing to head outside and watch your tent burn into the ground. Many of us respect Sanders and his vision enough that we might let him convince us to form into bucket brigades to keep your tent standing.


The Democratic Party is a big tent party although not like it used to be when it included southern democrats. It is now exclusively liberal. My only problem with Sanders is he calls himself an independent. That’s fine, but that means he lacks the credentials to become a reformer of the Democratic Party. If he truly wants to reform the party he should declare he is a Democrat. What’s his problem? Why can’t he take this obvious step? It is hard for a politician to a reform a party that he doesn’t belong to. Maybe he should try reforming the Republicans. If any party needs to be reformed that is the party. Ever since it adopted its southern strategy it has been on the wrong course. Read Charles Blow’s piece in the NY Times today on both the parties. I think he makes some excellent points.


He’s supporting De Leon against Feinstein so Hillary link is rather curious.
He’s spending $20 million on Impeachment Ad, a position which Pelosi has ruled out, pretty much.
His cred will rise as his ad continues to run. With 2 million signatures, his move up bears watching.
With a Citizen United landscape, leftish billionaires are good to find.:wink:


It is a big change from THE BIG TENT PARTY to a big tent party. A much smaller tent and one appearing rather exclusive at that. Methinks that in demanding that Bernie Sanders declare himself as a Democrat that you are either looking a gift horse in the mouth or are encouraging that he and a rather large number of people leave the donkey herd.


Perez was installed by the Clinton/Obama corporate/banker big-money wing over Ellison, and his job was to stifle and/or deflect meaningful reforms or shift from campaign-contribution bribes dictating policy - gotta keep those big donors happy! Perez has no cojones or vision, else he would have already seen the writing on the walls for a much more progressive party platform/reality and instituted reforms and be pushing for more…so much for his independence and/or integrity

Sorry Bernie, Perez will do what he’s told by the Clinton wing sellouts - it will take more than appeals to force a shift from corporate for-profit whores to people’s representatives…