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Bernie Sanders Can Beat Trump with His Progressive Vision for America. Primary Voters Know It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/15/bernie-sanders-can-beat-trump-his-liberal-vision-america-primary-voters-know-it

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Yes these things are transient - but here are today’s numbers

2.15.20 Real Clear Politics

National Sanders +4.4

Nevada Sanders +3.0

Biden +6.5

California Sanders +4.8

Texas Biden +5.3

Betting Odds, Sanders +4.4
Sanders 39.0,
Bloomberg 34.6
Buttigieg 12.4
Biden 9.8
Clinton 5.5 – Dont ask me how Clinton got in there in place of Warren (unless RC knows something)
Klobuchar 7.0

Well said, LG!

Exactly. And how did CLinton get in there?

They both wrote a check to RCP thinking it stood for Republican’s Clear Preference?

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I’m not a fan of the word “progressive” either. Better to simply say “social democratic”.

The power of advertizing dolllars - that’s how…

FDR Democrat is better.

The elephant in the room, so to speak, is the primary. How does Bernie win with a plurality of delegates? on the second ballot the Clintonistas and Obamamanians have 770 votes with 30 progressive votes from super delegates. I don’t see the math unless he combines on the first ballot with warren and Klobachar.

How the hell does Bloomberg rate so high. If this is accurate then might as well just put $$ on the White House swinging doors. (yes, this isn’t new)
Bloomberg just entered this race and most people outside top major US cities and “movers and shakers” don’t give a flyin’ flip about Bloomberg. I suppose this is a lesson on how to buy a democracy. This isn’t new, we all knew this, but any pretense that voting makes a difference should be put to rest with Bloomberg’s purchase of the democratic party.

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Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is used to getting his way. After serving two terms as New York City’s Mayor as a Republican, he used his own vast stash of cash to repeal term limits and give himself another four-year term, running as an Independent. Now he has promised to do the unprecedented: spend $1 billion of his own money to install himself as President of the United States, running on the Democratic ticket.

Have to wonder how many checks he wrote to make that happen

THe other question is - what the hell is Clinton doing there instead of Warren? And as of this writing Her is still there and Warren is not

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A billion $$$$$$ of Bloombergs own money? Wait for it because we are going to hear this statement by the corporate, Democrats:** MIKE IS THE MOST ELECTABLE!

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Bernie Sanders Can Beat Trump with His Progressive Vision for America. Primary Voters Know It.

I agree 100% but the question to me is: WILL BERNIE BE ALLOWED TO RUN AGAINST TRUMP?