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Bernie Sanders’ Chances Depend on Taking Support from Biden, and Soon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/bernie-sanders-chances-depend-taking-support-biden-and-soon

This supposition is absolutely unequivocally false. Accepting support from Wall st. rep Biden could be no further from the truth. (Not to mention endorsing Biden gropey misogyny)

Biden kicked off his campaign at the house of the ceo of Comcast!! Good lord.

First the whole article is just describing differences. Of course.

Second the sources re Sanders are articles which this very publication recognizes as biased re Sanders.

Third the title is never addressed. There is little to no discussion of why Sanders must take support from Biden.

Fourth Taking support from Biden is like endorsing Hillary in 2016. Its drinking poison. Biden is a Hillary. Joining forces is accepting corruption, Bernies fight.

“Biden’s appeal is that he’s a vote for a return to a kind of status quo, which should be a pitch in Bernie’s wheelhouse. Sanders’ campaign is based on the notion that a return even to pre-Trump norms is unsustainable – for the underinsured, for the climate, for union and non-union workers, for customers of banks, for holders of student debt, and so on.”

Return to status quo!?? In all due respect the article is grossly out of touch. Minimum wage, healthcare for all, perpetual war - all should be maintained?

You’re saying that Bernie should accept Bidens worst attribute thereby dousing Sanders best attribute - change to benefit the working man and combat the oligarchy.

We tried running a moderate. She lost. It will be harder this time. Appeal to the R base?? No! Appeal to the progressive base.

Sanders is batman.

Biden is the Joker.

Sanders is the returning Jedi.

Biden is a sith lord.

They are on opposite sides, looking down two very very different roads.

After that rant Im concerned that this article is some kind of parody and Ive missed the joke.


How do we know corporate media isn’t lying to us? what joke, we know they lie by omission. Corporate Media and corporate dems are all in for status quo and good old Joe will give that. I just can’t imagine we the people especially democrats don’t know that. Who does the polls and how are they conducted. I’ve never been polled but then I live in nowhere Portland, Oregon and glad of it. Far away from the swamp. I don’t want to compare democrats to republicans but those corporate dems only throw us crumbs.


and I’ve always like Matt’s article and thought he was a progressive??? Guess I was wrong.

Fricken no to status quo.


You don’t understand Taibbi’s point on the status quo.

Biden is the status quo.
Bernie’s strength is telling voters that the status quo is why we’re in trouble.
Thus, being able to point out that Biden is just more of the same is a plus for Bernie.


I agree. Sanders is going to have to stop beating around the bush politely dropping hints that Biden is Corporate Wall Street. Sanders is just going to have to come right out and call Biden out on the obvious.

Working class people who support Biden are doing so out of ignorance and disinformation. Working class people who know Biden’s history will quickly drop that support.

So Sanders, just tell it like it is.


When covering Trump in the general election for Rolling Stone, Taibbi said of Trump “going down to inevitable defeat”.

So he’s not real credible.

Right, no one takes the NY Times seriously on Sanders. That Iowa piece was by the infamous right wing death squad apologist Sydney Ember. Who cares? It was stupid concern trolling. NYT Sanders bashing would be treated more seriously if it weren’t by Ember.

Biden is sinking fast. He can’t coherently answer questions in 2019.

Then there’s his work (while in the Senate) for credit card companies.

Anyone remember the Iraq war? He made sure opponents didn’t testify to the Senate foreign relations committee. And of course he voted to greenlight W’s illegal war push.

Last: Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, Biden put the unqualified Thomas on the Supreme Court.


Biden will likely crumble in the fall 2019 debates, he’s already proven he can’t handle debates. (Using “Oh, is my time up” to not answer questions.) But over the there were many more candidates on the stage than there will be come Oct or Dec.

These polls are meaningless-----its really surprising that the moderates of the party want Biden-------are they clueless-----and there are some very interesting moderates running----I am in the Warren camp right now------but I would have a hard time voting against YODA----ow I mean Bernie. And just think about this -----put Warren’s and Sanders’ s numbers together and Biden is being Crushed------------Bernie needs to call out the media for not covering foreign policy issues----and he needs to talk directly to the African American community-------EXPLAIN WHY WE LIVE IN TOXIC COMMUNITIES. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM —SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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Sanders appears to have a choice to make as to whom he wishes to be friends with.

Hi juju dahl:
LOL, I always assume corporate media is lying! A day or so after Biden entered, major news said he was leading in the polls…LOL— and a pants on fire with that one , major media! We do often get writer’s wishful thinking instead of news, : (
There were weird goings on in CA during the vote too, when many who were regular voters suddenly had provisional ballots given to them. Quite a few smaller news articles did seem to think that Bernie votes -were discarded or ignored. The DNC seems to have turned into the Scott Walker of voting and I do not believe the voting was honest. : (


While I certainly agree about the questionable validity and reliability of polls, I do think that we progressives sometimes forget that a large portion of the electorate do not vote on issues and a good many that do are single issue voters. Sad to say, progressives are far more likely to dissect and analyze positions and policies than the majority of voters.

Registered Democrats, especially tend to be middle class/upper class older voters who would vote for Obama in a heartbeat if he would run, again. That Obama status quo that Biden represents is very appealing to the party faithful. Remember, a large percentage of these Democratic loyalists still insist that Obama was the victim of those evil Republicans. Taibbi is right when he says that this is a tough nut for Sanders to crack, all the more so since the party establishment is waging a war against Sanders. He took them by surprise in 2016, but they’re ready for him now.

On the other hand, I think Taibbi is wrong when he says Sanders needs to steal votes for Biden. That’s a low percentage game. If Sanders is to have any shot at the nomination, he’ll need to step outside the party faithful and get young voters and independents to turn out in serious numbers. If the party establishment does bail out on Biden, they are far more likely to choose Harris as a replacement, not Sanders and probably not Warren, either, but especially not Sanders. It ain’t fair, but Sanders is playing against a stacked deck … again.

Matt, “Taking Support from ‘middle-of-the-road’ Joe” is easy:

As the great Texan progressive, Jim Hightower, up-dated on his most famous quote:

“The only things in the ‘middle of the road’ are — yellow stripes, dead armadillos, and Joe Biden”

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Damn that!

How can Harris get her momentum back?
Time is running out.

I say F.ck the middle of the road moderate bullshit forever ! This country has been dragged so far right as the right complains about the liberal media that we on the left know to be slanted right. We must all do whatever we can to make sure Bernie’s is elected. I don’t think either warren or Biden can beat Trump.

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The only thing good about By Done being a candidate is the fact that it is not so easy to use age as a negative qualifier.

I agree with some of your points. The reality is a lot of voters just aren’t as engaged in online progressive political thought as CD readers. Biden and Sanders are known quantities with very high name recognition. That’s why they are second choices for many voters who lean towards one candidate or the other. It has been a fairly consistent phenomenon in polling and I think we would do better to accept that reality rather than continually avoid it. For many people, beating Trump is key, and Sanders or Biden will do.

I also think claims that people are ignorant about their differences are generally wrong. I suspect people know they are different, but people half in tune with our political situation understand that if Mitch McConnell runs the Senate, the best we are going to get is small-bore executive level actions and more federal support for progressive state level initiatives. This is nothing to say of what the most conservative Supreme Court since the 1920s has in the offing.

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“While Sanders can’t eat a corn dog without taking a hit, fron trunner Joe Biden is testing the limits of editorial slack.”


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Lying “by omission.” Absolutely the key.

Sadly I believe everything you say is true. Nothing will change until we get rid of corporate media and we the people need to march against the media or is it all too late.

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