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Bernie Sanders Claps Back After Liz Cheney, Daughter of Bush VP, Attacks 'Fraud of Socialism' on House Floor


You hit the nails on their heads, Pookie! Stalin was a tyrant, but Stalinism is neither communism nor socialism. If Americans had seen through the propaganda and hysteria during the fifty Cold War years, the world then and now might have been a better place - not perfect, but better.

BTW, doesn’t U.S.S.R. stand for something like Union of Soviet Stalinist Republicans? :


It’s just like "Bolshevik Bernie " to try to change the subject away from the real failures of socialism to something else.


Labels mean nothing. You’re blanket condemnation of socialism is just silly. Your roads are socialized, as are your municipal services and defense and many other goods and services. You should get away from the labels and analyze whether the good or service is sufficiently affected with the public interest and can be delivered more efficiently through socialization or the private sector. An honest evaluation on this basis would place many goods and services in the socialization category. To do otherwise is foolish and costly to you and everyone else.


I could point you to LOTS of reference sources if you were likely to have any interest whatsoever in finding out the actual meaning of words like ‘bolshevik’ and ‘socialism’ - but, let’s face it, you’re showing yourself to be an irredeemable total loss to the cause of intelligent life and humanity.


Here are the facts. What Bernie fails to remember, or is simply lying, is that our intelligence service and those in Europe and Israel, claimed that Saddam was stockpiling WMD, and was close to having nuclear capability. In fact, Saddam’s right hand man admitted that Saddam had promoted the idea hoping it would deter any attack by the U.S


What you seem to fail to remember is that Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of Ws war hawk goons knew there were no WMD in Iraq but sold that lie to Congress and the public nonetheless.


I can recommend to him an interesting site in the capital of The Netherlands.


Sleazy Liz Cheney has a rather ugly history. Here’s just one entry: "In her first campaign appearance in Cheyenne after announcing her challenge to Enzi, Cheney said, “We have to not be afraid of being called obstructionists. Obstructing President Obama’s policies and his agenda isn’t actually obstruction; it’s patriotism.” :face_vomiting:


The way to get people to vote is to have Statewide Voter Initiatives on the Ballot. The Voter Initiative is what gets people to the polls (gets them to vote) because Initiatives DIRECTLY impact citizens!


Dick and Liz Cheney and the One Percent, whether Democrat or Republican, lie as they breathe. An Empire of Lies: https://berniesandersandthecarnivalofamericanelections.home.blog/


Bernie’s democratic socialism — or Cheney Family fascism —

tough decision?


Okay, there are some wonderful things in your post. But there is the glaring omission of the Third Way take over of the Democratic Party.

Without this right wing element controlling the Democratic Party the Republican Party would have been crushed ages ago.

I would also point out that Germany had universal public health care long before the existence of the Nazi Party.


Better not cash that Social Security check then, and you better not go to the doctor using your Medicare card, because they’re products of the evil Bolsheviks.


Well said. Of course they won’t listen to you. They want it both ways. Bunch of hypocrites.


The capitalists always attack Venezuela, why not socialistic Norway? Answer that and you will then know their motivations are meant to perpetuate the war machine. We have met the enemy, and it is us.


Yes, sitting next to Kissinger.


Blocker –

True – It was a liberal organization until after Hitler took over the Nazi Party and turned everything
upside down –

and from what I understand, at the end of WWII, with Americans having influence and control over Germany, Eisenhower and other leadership ensured that they would have a democracy and National Health Care for All.

Secrecy and CIA took control of US government –
A great deal of damage was done to democracy with those secret operations.
Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio = Fascism.

The new liberals moved into Dem Party, perhaps we can think of as the New Mississippi Freedom
Party - Fannie Lou Hamer challenge to Dem Party?

But afaics the Koch Bros./John Birch Society and other large corporations still own the DP.


Greenwich, Germany enacted universal national health care clear back in the late 19th Century. It really had absolutely nothing whatever to do with the Nazi Party.


Block –

Thank you – didn’t know that.
What I was trying to point to however was that the NAZI party supported health care, women’s rights, abortion, labor – and Hitler took over that liberal/socialist organization and changed it.

Additionally, at the end of WWII (according to what I’ve read) Ike and others who had control
over their futures moved to ensure a democracy and national health care for all.

Is this just an interest in Germany or are you a native?


I just feel that by looking at history we can better understand the present. I like to examine the history of universal health care.

We hear a number of US right wing propaganda sources claim that the Nazi Party was socialist and as such indistinguishable from the Democratic Socialism advocated by Bernie Sanders and others. They are using this false claim to demonstrate how Democratic Socialism would damage our interests.

You know what they are doing. We can see straight through their lies. As a matter of fact we can see for miles. LOL.