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Bernie Sanders Continues His Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders Continues His Political Revolution

Sonali Kolhatkar

Among the many conflicting and shocked thoughts that went through my head on election night, as I watched the victory of Donald Trump materialize in defiance of predictions, was that once upon a time, only half a year ago, we came so close to having a true progressive nominee with a very real chance of winning. That man is, of course, Bernie Sanders, the veteran independent senator from Vermont who ran as a Democrat against Hillary Clinton during the primary election.



Had to add the “I” to post it as a complete sentence. Come on, CD! Get a clue. LOVE YOU BERNIE! is fine.

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The Democratic Socialists of America, of which I am a member, have stated that they have seen a sharp increase in membership since the recent election. I hope that this is just the beginning, and all progressive people become involved in organizations of their choice. The neoliberals will not give up control without a fight, and the fight for us is likely to be a long, grueling one. Movements in U.S. history often have taken decades to see accomplishments, and we have to make a commitment to a long-term battle if our children and grandchildren are to have better lives.