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Bernie Sanders Delivered the Most Profound Speech Since We Lost MLK

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/15/bernie-sanders-delivered-most-profound-speech-we-lost-mlk


I consider it a privilege to be able to listen to Bernie’s message, which I believe to be the closest thing to the truth that I have heard in my adult lifetime. His words remind me of where my morality lies. Do I have differences with his positions? Rarely, but yes. Nevertheless, I truly believe that he is the greatest hope that the nation and perhaps the world has at this time. Let’s not let TPTB screw this up again.
Bernie 2020!


From the article:

“That message was so powerful that all three major corporate-owned cable networks—Fox ‘News,’ CNN and MSNBC—abruptly terminated their live coverage mid-speech. They did so before Sanders outlined what he described as a ‘21st Century Economic Bill of Rights.’”

I wonder what the viewers thought about that? Did they become curious as to what they might have missed? Or were they grateful to the networks for sparing them more “fake news?” I’d like to think they were so pissed off that they yanked the cable out of the wall.

Memo to the oligarchy: Beware the Tom Sawyer Effect.

“Naw, you fellows can’t handle socialism. It takes a smart fellow like me to work it.”

“Aw shucks, Tom, let us try, won’t you?”


I wasn’t able to see his speech, but I did hear about it. I wonder what the media thinks will happen when too many Americans have lost everything, including that biggest of necessary beliefs to keep a nation together,Hope and a Plan. I mean real HOPE, because there is a plan, not the Obama kind of hope, which really didn’t give much to the nation. Without Bernie, I don’t see a very promising future for Earth. : (
America , is a now just a nation of soothsayers and product makers----and sadly after WW 2 it seems like its just been slip sliding away-----it’s really impossible for a nation to exist when war becomes its main export and the safety of its food, water, and products seems to damage more people than help them. Today is a very depressing day for thinking of America’s future. : (


One of our biggest, mostly unspoken, issues today is the corrupt corporate media. They don’t tell us how horribly our warmongering is destroying the environment, much less peoples lives and homes. They don’t tell us about obscene inequality that drives so many of us into destitution. They don’t even talk about climate change, and you can’t make me believe that they really don’t believe in it - they just want us to keep on buying. We can’t take money out of politics, IMO, until we break up the MSM monopolies and have tough laws dictating equal coverage of candidates, AT NO COST, and certainly without the ‘editing’ that they do with Bernie and other progressive candidates.


For the record, Sanders is hardly the first politician major media has ignored when giving a well-promoted campaign speech. Now that Sanders is a front runner, not a challenger to the long vilified Clinton, he’s just getting a bit of the treatment lots of past Democratic politicians have experienced in worse ways.


Re “all three major corporate-owned cable networks—Fox “News”, CNN and MSNBC—abruptly terminated their live coverage mid-speech.”

If Bernie starts winning primaries or stays competitive you wil see even more vicious attacks from the capitalist media than in 2016.


Sanders isn’t the only one.

Gore never even approached what Sanders is saying. The attacks will be 1000 times more vicious.


This is nothing new to Bernie Sanders.  If he had gotten one-tenth of all the free air time that the MSM gave Krooked Hilliary – or one-twentieth what they gave Tweetle-Dumb – he’d have won the Damnoc­Ratic Primary and then the General Election in 2016.  The Fat Cats who own the MSM were perfectly happy to assist the DNC – which they also own – in keeping Bernie off the air when they could and hidden behind other popular events when they couldn’t.

Sad, but true.  They can’t bury Bernie this time – he’s too well known – so they’re already doing everything they can to conflate his vision of Democratic Socialism with it’s near polar opposite — Russian- or Chinese-style Communism.


I guess that first debate that includes Bernie and Biden is extremely important.
I have heard it’s a great speech but didn’t see it advertised in the limelight, so millions of others don’t even know of it. They just keep hearing the Biden is ahead in the polls and is the likely primary winner.
Is Bernie going to get the “neglected” treatment again?


I like the Wise Owl’s early post except for the part about The Filipino Transit Bobolinks. Why do people perpetuate this affectation? Have they never read Strunk and White? Why use an acronym that many readers will not be familiar with when they could spell out the words? Are they trying to start a club for those in the know?

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Americans imbibe anticommunism with their mother’s milk and daily for the rest of their lives. They will redbait the hell out of him. This time it may not work.


Did you check the links I posted? Clinton was ignored as well, whatever your feelings about her. The press gave Trump far more play than any politician in 2016, to the tune of billions of dollars. It is about the horse race and the show, always has been. It’s why cable news went nuts over Gore’s earth-toned clothing in 2000

What’s more, major newspapers like the NYTimes actually contracted with Breibart to run hit pieces on HRC. Scandal mongering over the Clintons sourced to right wing legal organizations and Republicans in Congress isn’t a new phenomenon, by the way. That some progressives think it has to do with Sanders’s “messaging”—his message is so good they’ll take him down!—simply isn’t supported by modern history. The press maligned more moderate candidates like Gore too.

I’m a solicitor type, but Bernie is going to need financial help to fight the good fight. He’s up against yuuuge money that will be spent to discredit him. Those that have not donated to his campaign might want to consider this.
Even one $27 donation would help.


Hopefully Bernie will focus on the contents of his message, and use the words “Democratic Socialism” as little as possible.  IIRC, most voters approve of his ideas when described individually without labels, but still reject the total package when labeled “Socialism”.  I wonder if they’d reject building a publicly-financed football stadium if this were labeled what it really is — ‘Sports Socialism’.


I’m not a fan of usages like “corporate socialism” which is sloppy and inaccurate. But I agree with you 100% that he will have to choose his words carefully. As for ripoff sports stadiums, people sometimes reject them without the “socialism” label.

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Total apologies here. TPTB = “the powers that be”. I tend to run to acronyms because 1) I worked with government (acronym central) a lot and 2) I’m lazy or trying to keep my blood pressure under control by minimizing my consciousness of those who are bigly in control.


She wasn’t ignored anywhere near enough, IMHO.  I got sick of seeing her smug face and listening to her arrogant, scratchy voice.  I just wish it had been Bernie, instead of Tweetle-Dumb, who (hopefully) pushed the Clinton Clan out of politics for good.

Bernie & 'Beth – and Adam Schiff – are on my list of $5 / month donations, to which I hope to add both
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I wholeheartedly agree with the author’s analysis of Bernie’s BRILLIANT Speech.

It was definitely comparable to the type of Socialistic Speeches given by FDR & MLK.

The Media completely ignored this revolutionary Call To Arms.

The Capitalists controlling the Media were apparently nervous by the absolute Brilliance of this exquisitely written Treatise outlining in great analytic detail the damage capitalism has wrought on our society and the benefits that Socialist programs like Social Security and Medicare have had on the populace.

What a Beautifully Written Speech a Document for the Ages.