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Bernie Sanders Delivers Online Address: 'We Must Not Go to War With Iran'


Bernie Sanders Delivers Online Address: 'We Must Not Go to War With Iran'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday came out forcefully against the Trump administration angling the United States into another costly and unnecessary war of choice in the Middle East—this time against Iran—delivering an online address in which he warned that any military action without approval from Congress would be an "unconstitutional and illegal" breach of office.


How many sane individuals does it take to talk down the maniacs? If that is indeed possible.

I guess were gonna find out again here real soon.


Getting the approval of congress to declare a war of aggression does not stop it from being an “unconstitutional and illegal” breach of office, not to mention a blatant violation of international law and the UN charter. That is true whether or not congress, or any other branch of the government, is complicit.
Congress does not have a waiver allowing them to flaunt established laws or ignore the constitution.


“…by reminding Trump that he has no authority to wage war without authorization.”

I thought all that changed with Bush Jr.


Wouldn’t Sanders address be stronger if he gave out statistics of number of armed forces and civilian lives lost, cost of perpetual wars and cost of cleaning up the calamitous ruins and pollution of land water and air. As concise as possible to be effective or include some other facts that would make more of an impact than the sole reason not to invade Iran without congressional is that is not constitutional.
At least he did call war with Iran to be an absolute disaster.


Who is it that wants this war? Is it Trump? No., Trump has asked Iran to call him.

“To prevent the Trump administration”
Is it the Trump administration? Can we say instead, “to prevent Bolton from waging war on Iran?” Why does Bolton want this war? Why dont we talk about getting rid of Bolton? It would be easier than getting rid of Trump.
Remember the song the Bush juniors were playing–Bomb Bomb Iran–to the old Beatle tune?
So Bush Jr, sanctions under Obama, war for Bolton, what is the continuity here? The Pentagon? Why don’t we impeach the Pentagon?


I love Bernie to death, but wouldn’t it be great if politicians could speak openly and honestly about U.S. foreign policy? For example, the U.SA. is already at war with Iran… and Venezuela and Cuba and North Korea and the list goes on and on. Punishing sanctions are adding misery the same way bombs and bullets do. The question should be “Can we stop escalating the war in Iran right now and instead offer Iranians any assistance we can to help alleviate their misery such as immediately ending all sanctions and ceasing to arm their nasty neighbours?”. We never hear someone if office utter anything remotely like that, though it’s at least been on the mind every true Progressive. It’s an invisible line in the sand, an unspoken law.
When some seemingly naive rookie asks… "Why not? Why isn’t anyone ever defending the other side? ". The explanation goes something like this; because the American psyche is so thoroughly brainwashed by the MSM against the American governments ‘enemies du jour’, that the obvious parallel between hating Iran and hating radical Islam means that any politician who tries to defend any Iranian will immediately torpedo their political career for “siding with the enemy”. This is why Bernie can’t say that Iran has suffered so much simply because rich American corporations covet their oil. This why Bernie can’t come out and say that Maduro is actually a really nice guy who bleeds for the people of his country, but especially for the downtrodden indigenous Indians who make up for half of the country’s population. Instead we get a light ‘centrist’ position like… “They’ve had enough. Let them die peacefully. No reason to kick them when they’re down.”
Polls routinely show that Americans have a negative attitude towards Maduro. Is anyone surprised by this? When was the last time anyone ever heard someone defending Maduro? It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, it just means you’ll never hear about it. Therefore if a politician supposedly makes a strong case for helping Maduro rather than bombing his country, that same politician becomes ‘unelectable.’ I see the logic, but personally I don’t buy it.
What I do believe is that any politician that supports Iran or Venezuela or any country that is officially on the U.S. government’s hit list, will suffer serious consequences. Generally this begins with a corporate clarion call to impose a universal boycott of that politician. Corporate sponsorship, election contributions, juicy book contracts, high end speaking engagements are the first to go with a compliant corporate media cheerleading all the way. If that doesn’t work, frivolous lawsuits, a loss of credit and a threat against those close to the victim remain as viable options. In effect, the marginalization of any individual that becomes the target of corporate assassination is no laughing matter. No one in my lifetime has survived such an assault. But couldn’t someone like Bernie Sanders be too big to ignore?
Perhaps if Bernie is chosen as the democratic nominee for President, then he could come out in the open and explain why every single administration going back to F.D.R. has served the interests of Big Business first. Not only has a handpicked Congress, Executive and Supreme Court sided with Wall Street over the general welfare of its own citizens, but even of life itself on a planetary scale! We all know it, but any debate or discussion of the status quo is chillingly absent.
I’m not sure when the right moment will be (or whether it ever arrives!) when elected officials holding the highest offices in the country can honestly defend positions, opinions and ideologies that are counter to the norms of the establishment without the threat of permanent exile, but that truly would be the moment that I would finally become optimistic about our future.


As the Iranian wrote on another article, sanctions are as deadly as war. They should constitute an act of war. The UN should declare them illegal.

It seems to be time for a world government. Having a major superpower is not working. I don’t believe the world will be any safer with a different superpower at the helm, but, well, we are headed toward a multipolar world as well as a very hot place physically. Can only hope.

Impeaching Trump will not affect this issue in the least! And war in my mind is the biggest problem in the world. (Global warming a close second)


Xi Jinping talking from Beijing:
“Exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations should be reciprocal and equal. … They should be diversified and multidirectional, rather than compulsory and coersive. They should not be one way.”


So, we are expecting a government body that earmarks a trillion dollars for the war machine to stand for peace? And why no mention of Venezuela or the illegal assault on their embassy while he was at it? “…or any place else…” doesn’t cut it.


Congress does not authorize a war so an unelected psychopath authorizes one supported by a tweet … the blue wave, among others, has a yellow streak. If the democrats have even a semblance of hope for Medicare For All, College for Most and Climate Repairs … wars have to go. Lets hear it: No More Wars, No More Wars. Bernie and Tulsi 2020 or Tulsi and Bernie 2020.


And Senator Bernie Sanders is correct again in his politics…


A war with Iran would be for only one reason.

To take the attention off the criminal in the White House.

Murdering innocent men, women, and children to conceal one’s crimes deserves a death penalty.

Nothing less.


You can’t even see the irony of your criticism and attacks on the person arguing against war?

Is it intellectually corrupt or are you just paid to attack Sanders - regardless of what he says? Correct the Record just reported that they “invested” a couple million more in paying for just such comments.

What did corporate / centrist / moderate / pragmatic DNC candidates say about war with Iran?

A couple trillion here (Iraq), a couple trillion there (Iran) adds up to NO Medicare-for-All or expansion of public education or repairing public infrastructure or …


Crash the WH phone lines!

(202) 456-1111

Get out in the streets!


More than likely. “Americans” are clearly uncomfortable in their skins unlike the people the world over who actually belong on their land and I think this greatly contributes to the bellicose attitude of the US.

As for the death penealty, we need to create a Life-affirming world.


You might be interested to know that Trump’s most recent approval rating of 46% is the highest of his presidency and 2 points higher than Obama’s was at the same point in his first term.

You don’t like him, I don’t like him, but more and more Americans do. My advice to Democrats: If you investigate Trump, you’d better be certain you have something on him because he clearly won the Mueller Investigation.


When are we going to hear the views on an Iran War from the other d-party candidates? Uncle Joe?


The d-party is complicit Tank.

You know this.



Life is for those who love life, believe in how precious it is.

Those who lack any regard for life, those who see others as expendable, those who take life and see it as a means to an end, aren’t deserving of life. IMO.