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Bernie Sanders Denounces Trumpcare as 'The Most Anti-Working Class Legislation Ever'


It's Sunday, even god gave it rest on this day. " obviously he had a secret meeting ( closed door discussions ) with ...." . Please show me indisputable evidence ( who was there, were Russian sanctions also discussed ) that there was collusion.:wink:
" And, the beat goes on. And, the beat goes on ". Just say your grain of salt is the size of that iceberg now floating in the ocean. It's ok owning it.
And. then slap down his remarks on public financing of elections. That's new and improved Bernie, pretty much. $27x20=s $540 ( that's about right on the contribution limits ). If you don't ask you don't get; on limits, that is.
The silence of Corporate Democrats is completely indefensible: well--------------
That's why nobody here is talking about it. We're not interested in their political strategies. But, we are interested in what Sen. Sanders has to say. He is the most popular political figure in America, currently. Your grain of salt, notwithstanding.


"Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege. Every man, woman and child in our country should be able to access the health care they need regardless of their income. The only long-term solution to America's health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program." -- Bernie Sanders

Knowing when to time legislation is important......to do otherwise is incompetent, not "obviously" subservient. Give the man some respect psychick, please..


Oh give me a clucking break already.

What, Sanders doesn't speak privately with powerful Democrats who have colluded with each other on a strategy that leaves Medicare for All on the sidelines?

Are you that devoid of capacity for analysis of the obvious?

We are talking Sanders here. SANDERS!!!!!!

You know, the guy who ran on Medicare for All, until of course the moment he stuffed his "revolution".

Bizarre that you apparently are satisfied that "the most popular political figure in America", refuses to utter what is the most popular proposal among Americans, Medicare for All.

And he ran on it.

Yeah, that's defensible. You might as well join Lieberman's No Labels group, as you unwittingly are adding defense of the corporate Democrats who are absolutely dictating this strategy to NOT push Medicare for All.

I mean, seriously, you haven't figured out this swindle yet?

Ask the nurses who recently got such a grand reception by the big whig Democrats in California.

Oh yes, as the "pragmatic" and "centrist" argument goes…it was just canned by those Democrats because of concern that it wasn't yet quite ready to be pushed.



How? Just how?


Oh yes, the time to hold back on Medicare for All is at the moment Republicans are trying to pass the most reprehensible legislation in this nation's history.

I mean can't have such a juxtaposition ruining the chances of Corporate Democrats keeping their own hold on corporate driven and corporate written healthcare, otherwise known as the ACA.

I've given plenty of credit to Sanders in these forums, when he deserves it.

But not when he doesn't. Or do you think I should keep my beak shut about his opposing criminal prosecution for Bush Administration officials who engaged in taking this country to war illegally and war crimes such as torture?

He absolutely opposed such actions, as he was openly and repeatedly supportive of Pelosi taking impeachment "off the table" i.e., blocking any moves in the House when she was Speaker of the House to open up criminal investigations into the Bush Administration.

Sanders can make nice quotes all he wants. He is quite good at it.

But when it comes right down to it, he is willing to play a cynical political game at the expense of millions.

I've called his office several times, very politely asking when he was going to re-introduce his legislation for Medicare for All. Each time, the answer was, he will do it very soon.

If you are going to hold your breath, know that he will start talking about pushing for Medicare for All when the next Presidential campaign heats up, but no sooner.

Oh yes, I must praise Sanders for such silence!!!!! I must respect him for such silence!!!!!


It's nice to support such organizations.

It's folly to not realize that even Sanders plays the very game that prevents a groundswell of support for such candidates, as they will all be counseled by Sanders and corporate Democrats to not go all crazy, JUST YET, on Medicare for All.



Sanders is building for his next campaign. I posted a great article from Vox on what he's doing the other day.


Are Repugs. getting all these votes? Because the exit polls do not indicate this. What they do indicate is elections are being stolen. We must face this issue head on, or all will be lost.
We need all Progressives and Dems. to be shouting about this issue from the roof tops. Put an end to "crosscheck" and other voter disenfranchisement and demand paper ballots.


Oh yes, we should feel good that his great plan for his next campaign necessitates joining in on the "centrist" propaganda that the Democratic Party must not embrace Medicare for All.

And I'm not supposed to draw any corn-clusion relative to corporate power winning behind the scenes, and Sanders toting that line.

The corporate power backing groups such as Lieberman's No Labels sequel to the DLC. The same "centrist" corporate game that has been playing out in the Democratic Party since the DNC spawned "third rail centrism" Bill Clinton.


Admittedly, I'm not as down on Bernie as you, but I'm just telling you what he's doing, not to be happy about it. I appreciate Bernie's voice, however imperfect, but I definitely don't think he's above criticism.


I've given Sanders plenty of credit on these forums, where he deserves it.


Keep on spinning your nonsense. After all this is a 'free speech site' :laughing:


Go cluck yourself jerk.

Take note, on this thread, it wasn't I who leveled the first comment that could be considered a personal insult.

If you would like to make a counter argument on points, then do so.


Bernie is old news. The Sheep Dog actions that he took -- successfully herding 13 million voters/supporters (sheep) over the cliff, straight into the Clinton camp at the rocky creek bed below -- a blatant capitulation of all his entire campaign rhetoric, to include Medicare for All. Where's that great healthcare bill, Bern? What is obvious is that Sanders has been given his orders and he is complying.


No, I leave figuring everything out to you, and yours.
It's absolutely clear that yours are out of touch, with the political asks and litmus tests, you impose on politicians you seem to despise. Alleging as fact things that are not in evidence, in discrediting Sen. Sanders and others like Sen. Warren, as well.
And, incidentally, why the constant drumbeat about Bernie having to adopt to the Green Party platform here, to pass muster? That's equivalent to asking the entire physical mass of California to fit into the state of Delaware. And, that " why " was secretly discussed by Sen. Sanders in a secret meeting, with secret Corporate Democrats recently, too.:wink::wink::wink:
Yours are going a long way out of your lane to disparage folks that you may need. Remember, Bernie is not a Democrat. And, people really like him. That's a good thing for all Americans.


So, your point is? Vox is about as Corporate as MSNBC or CBS.


Talk about projecting arguments I haven't made. Where have I talked about Sanders adopting the Green Party platform?

Can you be more dishonest?

I despise Sanders? What? Care to look up the scores of posts where I have defended Sanders?

I despise political maneuvering against the very thing he has proposed for years and years, Medicare for All, when it is politically expedient for powerful Democrats to have him do so.

That I despise.

And spare me your attempt to turn me into a "conspiracy theorist". Again, if you can't see the fucking obvious, that Sanders ultimately plays along with the corporate power center of the Democratic Party on this, then you are blind.

But then, you were probably blind to the fact that Wellpoint, through Fowler in Baucus's Senate office essentially wrote the ACA.

Sanders went from years long advocacy of a bold Medicare for All single payer system, to advocacy to merely "improve" the ACA, as soon as it was politically inexpedient to do so, back under the umbrella of the power center of the Democratic Party.

Defend that all you want, and keep yourself blind to what you are actually defending.

And keep up the quaint admiration for a politician who apparently doesn't care enough for those he stoked admiration from with his drive for Medicare for All, to actually push for Medicare for All.

Yeah that makes a helluva lot of sense.

I'll brace for more inane projections of the arguments you assert I'm making.


I responded to the chicken above. If that article in Vox is correct, Bernie's hired folks from Harry Reid's staff and some others and is working to fix what he didn't do in his campaign, namely connect with core Democratic constituencies and get support among his colleagues early. That may be why he's not campaigning for a bill that ain't going anywhere anyway while Republicans control the federal government

And, I like Vox. Sarah Kliff is an awesome healthcare reporter as is Klein. Just because they lean generally to the left, but aren't an outright advocacy organization, doesn't make them bad or wrong or "corporate" in some derogatory sense.


Bernie is a rather mature man. Some of his erstwhile supporters, really not so many, are infantile. He's a politician. As politicians go, he's been pretty effective. He wisely refuses to walk on water.


Don't hang your innuendo pork chop of " behind closed door meetings "; bs whatever, around my neck. You haven't got one iotta of proof that actually happened.