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Bernie Sanders Denounces Trumpcare as 'The Most Anti-Working Class Legislation Ever'


Did I assert I had such proof? Did I assert a particular meeting took place?

Did I assert that Sanders would absolutely collude with powerful Democrats to keep silent at this time in regard to advancing Medicare for All.


That is fucking obvious.

Retain your delusion, if you must.


It's summer. Go cool off your sheepdog in a big lake. I suggest you both jump in.


We can have no criticism around here of Sanders, don't you know.

Good fucking grief.


You are a Hillary supporter. You sycophants got us in this mess. Exactly who's infantile?


Oh, if that statement was only halfway correct.
Nice return backhand, though.


Sanders has backed off advocating Medicare for All. THAT is what I'm criticizing him for. It is known that the powerful corporate Democrats have long been against such a proposal, and that Sanders has made a decision to back off the advocacy of Medicare for All at this time.

Whom does that benefit? The majority of US citizens who would back such a proposal? No, it benefits corporate Democrats such as Clinton (yes I know she isn't currently in government) and the rest, who have consistently worked against a single payer system seeing the light of day.

And you shovel upon me a bunch of grief for connecting some clucking dots.


Bernie's speech in Iowa, yesterday, starts at 6 mins 17 secs in and is curiously interrupted for a minute or so right after he says: "....Donald trump lied." and paraphrasing, "the most disastrous anti-working class bill ever". -


I don't know why you say Sanders has backed off Medicare for all. He is ready to support a single-payer plan if and when TrumpeCare fails. I think the only time he stopped advocating single-payer was when he was campaigning for Hillary Clinton. They each made compromises so they could work together to defeat Trump. That failed as Trump manged to flip three blue states with his racist message and scam about bringing back factory jobs which played well in the Rust Belt.


You are so out of touch there Lrx.

Sanders has embraced the following approach, which is NOT a direct advocacy of Medicare for All Single Payer system.

He is advocating "improving" the ACA with a "public option" and lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 55.

The article you post is from March.

April, May, June, July........still no direct advocacy or reintroducing Medicare for All in the Senate by Sanders.

Let me know when this happens.

I know you are all about supporting Sanders.



Ann, I would be glad to talk about the silence of the Corporate Democrats.

They are why I finally came to my senses in 2003 and left the party after 30+ years.

The Democrats used to be known as the party of the working people. Used to.

Now, they are the party of the Banks, Corporations, and the 1%, just like the Republicans. The Democratic Party Establishment will never cede power to the progressives.

They know who butters their bread, and bread is their addiction.


I will say this: isn't it interesting how much healthcare is a real topic though, specifically publicly-funded healthcare? You've seen me go back and forth on the California bill with folks here, and I have a different interpretation on what happened than others, but I think I've been a little too negative in some ways too. The fact is, the conversation is about beating back Trumpcare, then how we want to expand it afterwards. To me, that's a way better discussion, even argument, than what was happening in the 1980s/post-Clinton healthcare failure 1990s.


Funny, I'm thinking it's not even close. In the post war era alone, the most pernicious anti-labor bill of all time was passed (Taft-Hartley) and even in recent times, NAFTA is far worse for workers than this stupid bill is.

But what the heck. Since it's a defense of the ACA, which itself is a lie, I suppose you have to stretch the truth a little.


Actually, Sanders is trumping the Medicare for All push by embracing the same tired arguments that pushed a public option way back in 2009. You know, that same public option that was never an option to begin with. That, and lowering the age to 55 for Medicare coverage. What a farce!

It's very simple. Corporate power controls the power center of the Democratic Party. And Sanders is absolutely compromised on this, OTHERWISE he would be openly pushing for a Medicare for All at this moment.

Not sure why there is such reluctance to recognize that Sanders is making a political decision absolutely aligned with NOT pursuing a Medicare for All bill, like HR 676, or even a reintroduction of the bill Sanders sponsored in 2009.

Sanders gained political power with his run for the Presidency in the Democratic Party.

Apparently, he's not willing to risk such going against the grain of Corporate Democrats that have blocked any serious consideration for any single payer system for decades.

Again, "if not now, when?".

Let me know when you get the breaking news that Sanders has come out forcefully for Medicare for All.

I'm guessing sometime in 2019, in time for the gearing up for another Presidential election.


Frankly, I don't know what's in Sanders' head. I just know that when we are faced with taking a hatchet to Medicaid right now, I appreciate him saying so loudly and helping to oppose it.


Well of course I'm all for his efforts to oppose this hideous Republican Bill.

Sadly, as you well know, the ACA was so poorly written (by Wellpoint mainly) that Republican governors were able to block the expansion of Medicaid in many states.

But of course, Sanders wants to simply "improve" the ACA with a "public option" now, once that Trumpcare is defeated.

What a bold plan! Soon he and Schumer will come out all serious in some press conference and announce the dusting off of the public option swindle.


Wait until 2019, then. Meanwhile: " Lets dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Lets dance. Lets dance. To the song they're playing on the radio "....
" Who to dance with on a Sunday night ...."
David Bowie


I waited with chronic pelvic pain until 2014 to finally get some access to healthcare after my employer cut my hours a few months prior to me turning 50, and right after turning 50 cut me off of the insurance policy that I was paying just under $200 per month for.

Ostensibly she did this, because I was no longer working full time hours (that she cut, with zero record of having any issue whatsoever with my performance while hiring 2 new people working two shifts per week) and she was risking an "audit".

Subsequently, in a phone conversation I had with her insurance broker responsible for the insurance it was inadvertently revealed that she was under no such threat of audit. Ooops!

And since my insurance had already expired a month prior, to get coverage again, I had to back pay for that month plus the new monthly premium that had more than doubled!!!!!

That was at the same time Obama was in his early push for ACA, and held out that carrot of the "public option" that was NEVER an option to begin with.

So I worked in constant pain, just barely holding onto my sanity as I could just barely make my bills as it was, holding out for 2014 to roll around. By that time, the chronic pain had become deeply ingrained in my nervous system and of course psyche.

Because of my status of being an even more poor person, as not only did my hours get cut for the crime of turning 50 and my employer cutting me off so she wouldn't have to pay increased premium contributions, but they also got cut because of my increasing inability to do the physical aspects of my job!

Ultimately I lost the job because I could no longer function at the level needed, and technically "quit" so I fell through the safety net.

I'm one of those people that have lost patience with political arguments that respect a politician's political dilemma rather than fighting for what is right.

Some people might not make it until 2019.

Millions even now, suffering as we have this discourse will not survive the night because wealthy people in business attire can't bring themselves to stick out their necks politically for what's right.

Fuck them.


Whatever the merits of the ACA--I think of it as a good first step--it wasn't the law that stopped Medicaid expansion, but John Roberts. It was his plurality decision that said it was unduly coersive of the Feds to pull Medicaid funding for states that chose not to expand Medicaid. The liberals joined that plurality because the conservatives were voting as a block to nix the expansion altogether. Notably, no lower courts had any issues with the expansion, Roberts just made the coersion issue up.


Millions have suffered and many have died with that "first step".

Only in the US does such cruelty get kudos.


Well, I quipped we need to start calling single payer, Defense Care, the other night. Maybe that'll get it through Congress. Part of "defense" appropriations, etc.