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Bernie Sanders Denounces Trumpcare as 'The Most Anti-Working Class Legislation Ever'


in the boat with ya.

and it's always disconcerting to see people push other people's urgent needs aside merely for their political comfort.

But that's ultimately how you know who is on what side.


There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but the one man inside the beltway who is fighting to turn the tide for this nation to a more tolerated path is just one, Bernie Sanders. Now when all of us figure out how to use our words to reach out to him and ask him for the agenda we really hope he'll be standing up for, then we can complain if, in the end, he does not cooperate. Until then, all this BS about how he is not really "for the people" is just that. A bunch of BS and anger at our imperfect state of being. PEOPLE must make the case. Bernie cannot make it all by himself. If we can stop bickering long enough to unite and insist on what we need - a People's Agenda, then we will get somewhere.


This is just what White America wants. They are making sure all of those people not in the master race don't get any handouts. Of course, the same applies for White people who don't have a lot of money. The function of the government is to make sure White Americans who have a lot of money can keep their money. This is the meaning of Christianity in this racist, criminal country.


It is those very qualities that attract people to support Sanders, and to continue to rally behind the agenda he continues to put forth as the most beneficial to our nation. Why on earth would you make such a negative comment about people who hold him in high regard, when it is exactly that kind of valuable reflection of his character traits that keeps people aligned with him? This kind of evaluation is not done lightly, in most cases. I dare to differ with you. He is human. He makes mistakes. He is at least trying to do what is right for the majority, rather than for the Monied Interests who wish to line politicians pockets in order to control their decisions. I will hold respect for those who dare to “think” it through, rather than just bite at the same old, same old dark political paths.