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Bernie Sanders Dominates as Analyses of Fundraising Data Show Vermont Senator With Widespread Support Across Nation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/bernie-sanders-dominates-analyses-fundraising-data-show-vermont-senator-widespread


BERNIE 2020!

He is awakening many who have been deep in slumber.


GO BERNIE! made my day. this man is the only one running who is a principled person, not perfect but I could not be happier to know that so many across this nation have finally gotten his message - the only way for real change in Amerika is to elect BERNIE!


I wish is that every pundit, talk show host, democrat politicians and common dreams would jump at the chance to clarify socialism when they call Berie a socialist.

How much money do us taxpayers pay yearly in corporate subsidies to multimillion and billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
corporations? How much do us taxpayer pay in tax loopholes for the rich sycophants, how much for tax breaks.

Talk about corporate welfare every single day from now to the elections.



Bruce Dixon, in May:

“Even if you’re a one of those who calls yourself a Democrat and a socialist, your position inside the capitalist party can only be strengthened by the existence of a viable left OUTSIDE that party as well. And if Bernie or Bust busts again, you’ll be needing a new home. We’re building it now. Bernie has a plan B. It’s Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Pete WhatsHisHame. What’s your plan B?”



Mike Gravel says we should reply to the term Democratic Socialism , with an explanation that it is Different to Republican Socialism, as it helps the Worker , were as Republican Socialism is helping the 1% , corporations, and banks, just look at the last bail out.


When people hear truth from candidates and see a principled past dedicated to the Common Good and equal rights and justice for all, and working every day to serve the people’s interests, environment and sustainable future, they see it! It shines thru!

When they see evasive mumbling BS showing candidates are a unprepared liars with a corrupt past that served big-money greed, the police state, and self-interest above all else, They see it!

The truth Bernie Sanders speaks, exemplifies and works for every day shines thru the sold-out corporate media lies, manipulations and deceit - shines thru BS manipulated “polls” showing a fraud “front-runner” - they see it!.

Bernard Sanders, The People’s President shines thru!


One thing everyone on the MSM says is “Bernie Sanders will Raise your taxes”.
What they ignore is the simple fact that yes, some people will have their taxes go up, but for 95% of people, taxes may go up $100 a month, but you will no longer be paying $1,000 a month in premiums, deductables, and co-pays. They will never say “Sanders will save you $900 a month”, it’s always “Sanders will raise your taxes $100 a month”.


Now they’re panicking.


MSM, Clintonites, Bushes, I won’t even mention the ape in the WH, mergers of giant corporations, Bezos, fossil fuel giants, right wing dictators gaining ground all over the world, insects disappearing, climate change…I was once an optimist. Then I was in a funk. Thank you, CD, for making my day. Bernie’s message is always right on for me and it’s great to see how his ideas and supporters are pushing their way to the front of the line. It’s about time.


wait until they ‘pancake’

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Anyone who believes polls in this country must be registered to one of the two corporate political parties. 123 million people voted for Clinton or Trump in the last election, so, if they were gullible enough to believe the lies of those two, they most likely believe the polls.


Three years ago, the public polls by NBC, CNN, Post, Times, etc. were in error because they were modeled on 2008 Obama election exit polls. By 2016, demographics had greatly changed the precincts canvassed. Peoples had died, moved.

And NBC admitted their poll was heavily weighted democrats.

One west coast poll had it correct. And the Comey letter disclosed by a congressman - who apologized within three hours on CNN - cost Hillary 1% within hours. At supper time, Newsweek reported that the 5,000 emails on Weiners laptop, confiscated Oct.3 for child porn and more, were all duplicates that had been read through months before. Did not sink in !!
Pete Williams of NBC was still spouting off against Hillary eight days later.

we have to be careful with poll results and how the question is phrased.

A lot of people voted for Clinton but not because they believed her lies.


Both Clinton and Trump were a reflection of the political parties they represented.

What logical reason exists, that inspires one to vote for any individual, or political party, that lacks credibility because of their deception in regards to the truth?


I love it ? Who amongst us didn’t know ? We just need to craft the message a little more. My idea is to equate Socialism and Socialist with the words of Humanism and Humanist because that really is at the core of the progressive movement. We need to change the way people view the ideas as the wall goes up for a lot of people when they hear socialist as they don’t understand what it’s true meaning is. Most equate it to communism from what I have seen. Bernie 2020 !


If anyone hasn’t seen it google Michael Moore on msnbc the night of the 2nd debate. He makes the point of the fictional moderate that the dnc are chasing and his case for Bernie winning makes sense.


We only needed 100,000 more votes and the chaos we have wouldn’t exist.


Since Reagan the tables have turned on the working people of America. That means that the overwhelming majority of us like the 99% pay more taxes and have most write offs eliminated. We are forced to cover for the rich’s share. The rich call themselves as Paul Ryan put it “job creators”. Corporate tax bracket has been lowered dramatically as our national debt has been on the increase and public welfare reduced to bare bones. Thanks to Reagan & Thatcher idea of dog eat dog vulture capitalism. A great way to popularize socialism and communism after decades of massacring and scare mongering about those economic ideologies .


this is genius…

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