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Bernie Sanders Endorses Progressive Challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schulz


Bernie Sanders Endorses Progressive Challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schulz

Nika Knight, staff writer

Bernie Sanders announced in an interview released late Saturday that he would be backing Tim Canova, the progressive challenger running to unseat incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schulz (D-Fl.) in the congressional race for Florida's 23rd district.


Sanders equals sunlight, a great disinfectant. Bernie or bust!


I would go one step further and unravel both the republican party and the democrat party. They believe they are in control and have all the power and everyone else has to march to their tune.

Our democracy(?) here in the US and this election season has illuminated to the commons which I am sure that is what the establishment and oligarchs think of “we the people”.

It has been right out there “in our face” that our votes don’t matter, the system is rigged by the democrats and republicans who have way too much power whereby they believe they are the chosen ones to rule. Both parties will lie, distort and go to great length to hold onto this power backed up by the conglomerate media monopolies and oligarchs wielding more power and wealth than what was accumulated during the Gilded Age period in the late 1800’s.

These parties are losing control and reacting very badly in the face of loss of power, however, to save this country both these parties need to go away so we can again (some might say we never truly had it) have a representative government of “we the people”.


To the DLC and the Debbie Wasserman Schulz types…

“To everything a price, and to nothing, a value.”


Bernie was GREAT on Face the Nation this morning where he stated, among other things, that Wasserman had to go.


I used to think Bernie was somewhat naïve in his approach to the thoroughly corrupt Democratic political machine. Good lord, I think that many are beginning to perceive him to be a lot more cunning than most give him credit for, and always with an honest display and conviction of sincerity and decency. The corrupted powers that be don’t have a clue as to what he represents.

Excuse me, don’t fook around with Bernie. Damn the shape-shifting demon he is contending with.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz said: " she will remain neutral in the race".

Remain? How in the hell can she lie, lie, lie! Debbie, you have been a corrupt supporter of HRC from the beginning and have been anything but neutral!


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Yes – and this is why I think the Democratic Party cannot simply go on, even if they nominated
Bernie Sanders.
I think it would benefit the nation and the future to let this party collapse.
And I really dislike that even if I contribute to Sanders or Canova that the DNC gets a cut.

We’ve known at the minimum of 16 years now* that the electronic voting machines/computers are
HACK-ABLE and yet there has been no uprising among the public to ensure that these computers
are tossed. Very soon, California will also be voting on these hack-able computers.

And, we need Bernie to be speaking out about the hack-able computers.

We need to vote against BOTH parties and the only way to do that is with Bernie running an
independent campaign.

  • It is absolutely SHOCKING that for 16 years we’ve made no progress on dumping these
    voting computers. Why? Because the Democratic Party have refused to respond, as they
    done on so many other issues … National Health Care, for instance.

BUT – these hack-able computers have actually been with us since the mid-to-late 1960’s.
Everyone recognized immediately that something was very wrong with our elections but
nothing was done.
See: Votescam – The Stealing of America

Two journalists began an investigation immediately as they began to see the very odd and
unbelievable elections results being delivered by these computers in Florida.
They were already quite familiar with the many ways that machinery could be altered to
produce a particular vote count – or to eliminate a vote count.
Their investigation showed not only how the small voting computers were being used but
the role that the LARGE computers used by MSM were being used to steal elections.
We certainly saw that in 2000.
The two journalists also tried to report their findings to the Democratic Party and made an
effort to see Larry O’Brien then head of the DNC. Unfortunately he was away at the time,
but they did leave information for him. They also signed a book deal, but as soon as the
books were delivered and put up on shelves they were taken down again and boxed.
It is more than likely that there never was a “Southern Strategy” – but rather that the
strategy of the right wing was to use computers to make it easier to steal elections.
And they did – for 50 years now!!


In a statement to NBC, Wasserman Schultz “said she has been neutral in the race and would remain so despite Sanders’ support of Canova.”
Almost sounds like Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes, “I KNOW NOTHING, NOTHING!”


Already gave to Canova and just gave my 6th donation to Bernie…along with Senator Merkley (the only U. S. Senator with any guts). The DLC has the nerve to keep on sending me money appeals and they go straight into the recycling bin.


Me too – I think the most important thing that Canova can make clear is that
he is a “Bernie” pick.


Had an argument with an old friend who contrasted the potential of Trump vs Clinton and what must be done - what we must choose. Some people see the person Trump is and ascribe potential actions as potus to his idiot rants, racism, bigotry, delusional narcissism, pathological lying, and being the 1%, on and on and on.
The premise is he is such a risk “we” must hold our noses and vote Clinton to avoid Armageddon or worse. To his mind Bernie is not in the equation, only Clinton and Trump, and my decision to not support either evil is blind and destructive of all we hold dear. Clinton’s record of crimes/corruption is irrelevant it seems.
There comes a time when one must take a stand and make a moral choice rather than perpetuate the status-quo regardless of potential consequences or fear - this is such a time and we will not salivate at the bell of lesser-evilism or 1% lies any longer.
Some will see things differently and make their own choice, but The Lady has not sung quite yet and all the pundits and party hacks and manipulation of media will not end the support for a different path - one championed and led at this time by Bernie Sanders!
What say you?


George Bush, AKA, The Smirking Chimp, probably keeps one of the hacked Florida voting machines at his ranch to remind him how he won against Al Gore fair and square.


I took Bernie’s advice in the email from Berniesanders.com:
“Splitting a contribution between Bernie 2016 and Tim Canova for
Congress will help elect progressives up and down the ballot while
sending an UNMISTAKABLE message about our political revolution’s
commitment to electing candidates who share our values.”

Maybe you can too. The links in the e-mail take you to ActBlue which seems to be a place where you can donate to some good candidates.


Looking for an opportunity to post the following, I perhaps irresponsibly chose this thread. Be apprised, this message was brought to you to provide honesty in packaging. And, now on to the comment.

To show how “F’d” up American politics is, I offer the following passage from today’s online CNN News. Please read to the end, for it is at the conclusion of the following passage wherein lies the punch line, and I do mean the PUNCH line.

Gregory Krieg, CNN (Sun May 22, 2016) “New polls show Clinton and Trump neck-and-neck”, CNN Politics, http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/22/politics/hillary-clinton-donald-trump-polls/index.html

“A pair of new polls out this weekend show the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and his likely Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton … both registered net negatives in the double-digits, with 57% of the electorate saying they had unfavorable impressions of the respective candidates. Fifty-four percent of respondents to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll took a dim view of Clinton, while 58% looked unfavorably on Trump. … Indeed, both polls show the most popular candidate in either party is Sanders”.


Be careful, I think Act Blue is the DNC. Better to go to each candidates web page and send money by snail mail…


My repost from another thread: Of course by not supporting Clinton, it helps open the door for Trump, but I’m 100% ok with that for 2 main reasons:
1.Trump appears to be to the left of Hillary on wars, debt, and trade, which have all helped to concentrate oligarchical power.
2. If Trump gets in, next time dem voters will think twice about the ‘centrist’ candidate, and will support the progressive. This is how progressives can get power.


That HRC can kiss my ass?


Hi Norcal
I think you are right in that it acts as a platform for the Democrats but as long as Bernie and Canova and Alan Grayson are running as Dems, you can donate to their campaigns there. When Bernie runs as an independent then I will ditch ActBlue. For as long as these campaigns actually use this site, I will too. Thanks for the concern.