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Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party


Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"At a time when we have a Republican president and Republican Party whose leadership and agenda are strongly opposed by the American people, now is the time for real change."


They need one of those old vaudeville hooks to yank Hillary off the stage for starters. :slight_smile:


Yes, by all means, try to fix the D party if you’re able and willing. But let’s at least acknowledge the fact that the majority of US citizens have voted with their feet. They understand that with only two allowed parties, elected officials can’t possibly represent nearly a third of a billion people having vastly different traditions, experiences and needs.

If and when the Ds take measurable steps toward opening up the electoral process to third parties, independents and write-ins, I’ll begin to believe they’re serious about “inclusivity” and “transparency.” Until then (and I’m not at all optimistic), it’s just more cheap talk.


Until we outlaw all voting machines and replace them with paper ballots and cut off Zionists hands off the democratic party nothing will change with the old fart democrats.


In mechanical physics, the momentum and direction of an object will remain unchanged without the application of a force. Something similar is true in politics, Gravity is a constant force that always attaches to objects at the earth’s surface. Money and power are the gravity of politics. All constructions and living activities have means for countering gravity with their own forces. But, it seems that we, humans, have given up on countering money and power; we even talk about “money and power” in politics as if they could be removed. It makes no more sense to remove money and power from politics than it does to remove gravity from the forces of the earth. These are forces that must be actively and openly countered. I am not seeing any clear understanding of this in the proposals currently being offered by anyone.


It is still a party of War!


And Mr. Sanders better distance himself from the war mongers in the Israeli Pentagon.


Bernie! What more proof do you need that the democratic party cannot be reformed? If nothing else, what happened at the fixed DNC convention in Philly should tell you that!


Its become increasingly clear that those in control of the Democratic Party - the Clinton, DLC, Obama, corporate/banker/for-profit/war wing - do not want any “reforms” or diminution of their power, profits, perquisites, or pork! That has been made abundantly clear in numerous choices and actions. There are millions that will NOT fall for the scam any longer and they will make or break the party elite’s plans to regain power - but NOT reform, alter course, or support progressive issues or agenda - they are as much (almost) enemy as the R’Con swine!

The struggle to alter that corrupt reality will be dirty and ugly but if there is to be ANY integrity or change of course, the corporate-whore wing will have to be purged and destroyed… They think the trump debacle will push voters into their LOTE corrupt self-serving arms as usual, but the people have moved beyond that.

Bernie Sanders is the leader at this time of progressive action and empowerment of progressive issues, but he must make a choice - to serve the entrenched corrupt Dem power structure (that despises him) or move beyond their lesser evilism, smarmy lies, and collusion.


Go to free encrypted online voting for all Democrat candidates. No DNC, no superdelegates, no billion dollar campaigns.

Direct Democracy


Fully transparent and all inclusive VOTING is the anti gravity to money and power in government.
I understand your premise.


I fear that Bernie is delusional enough to cling to hopes of reforming the Ds from within.

Either that or just gullible. Because the best he’ll get from the Ds is the ol’ bait n’ switch.


Yes, the democratic party is just a wing of the Congressional, war party and will never be reformed until it becomes the Congressional, peace party.


I totally cannot understand fixation on democratic party at all:

Landing on the sun:

During a North Korean press conference Kim Jong-Un announced North Korea would send a manned rocket to the sun.

A reporter said - "But the sun is too hot. How can your man land on the sun?”

There was a stunned silence. Nobody knew how to react.

Kim Jong-Un quietly answered "We will land at night”.

The gathering and everyone in North Korea watching on television broke into thunderous applause.

Back in Washington, Nancy Pelosi and her entourage were watching the news conference.

When Pelosi heard what Kim said, she sneered - "What an idiot. Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.”

Her office and everyone working in the DNC broke into thunderous applause.


Reposted from C99%

My only donations in the coming election cycle will be directly to individual candidates.
The DNC, DCCC, and the DLC must be bankrupted and driven from existence.
Only then can we seize the name back, Democrat Party.
Should we chose to. I could swing either way.
The New Democrat Party.
The Labor Party.
The Credexit Party.
Or just vote Green again. I’m done with the Establishment Wall Street Globalist New World Order Democrat Party.
I’ll give to a Green candidate rather than one of those EWSGNWO Democrats.
The trick will be getting the Tea Party Breitbart Trump Worshiping base to reject the Establishment Wall Street Globalist New World Order Republican Party.
Only then will we have any chance of taking America back and MAGA.

P.S. My use of Make America Great Again is meant to show any RW trolls here that they are not the only ones working to that end.


You may well be right ST…it remains to be seen if Bernie will have the strength to do other than be a tool of the DP corporate whore wing. He is empowering and energizing the progressive/independent/Dem base of progressive voters and that itself is a good thing - I don’t thinke he is the “sheepdog” he is made out to be - I hope he does ot become a lap dog…keep the faith!


First comes realization that direct democracy is an ancient tool used to focus distributed human intelligence. Voting for representatives is a type of voting, yes, that much is true.


THe only way to reform the Democratic Party is to primary every corporate Democrat with a grassroots populist progressive until the entire party flips.

Words, recommendations, proposals, reform committees are meaningless until the actual people in positions of power within the party are replaced.


FYI- When you say Democrat Party it’s sort of a tell or " giveaway ". Please try using Democratic Party, instead. I don’t refer to the Green Party as the Gre Part. P.S. You’ll look smarter to your audience.
Just sayin.


He is NOT silent on this — here’s the fourth bullet point in the third paragraph, above (emphasis mine):

After all his years in politics, I really doubt that Sanders is naive — but he does seem overly optimistic:

IMHO, that “When” (above) should be an “If” — A Very BIG “IF!

Actually, if you want to be REALLY accurate, it’s the ‘DamnocRatic Party’.  The other half of the Duopoly is the ‘RePooplican Party’ . . .