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Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party


THe only way to reform the Democratic Party is to primary every corporate Democrat with a grassroots populist progressive until the entire party flips.

Words, recommendations, proposals, reform committees are meaningless until the actual people in positions of power within the party are replaced.


FYI- When you say Democrat Party it’s sort of a tell or " giveaway ". Please try using Democratic Party, instead. I don’t refer to the Green Party as the Gre Part. P.S. You’ll look smarter to your audience.
Just sayin.


He is NOT silent on this — here’s the fourth bullet point in the third paragraph, above (emphasis mine):

After all his years in politics, I really doubt that Sanders is naive — but he does seem overly optimistic:

IMHO, that “When” (above) should be an “If” — A Very BIG “IF!

Actually, if you want to be REALLY accurate, it’s the ‘DamnocRatic Party’.  The other half of the Duopoly is the ‘RePooplican Party’ . . .


I’ve read several articles today that totally dissed the progressive faction of the Democratic Party.(Counterpunch, Paul Street’s essay is best). If things don’t start moving toward helping average Americans, the lower 75% or so there just might be an upheaval of some sort. People are languishing is stupefying conditions, burdened by heavy debt, unaffordable healthcare,childcare, a below poverty minimum wage, etc. At least some states and municipalities have raise wages above this third world level. But that’s not enough if other places adhere to a strict fed mandate of $7.25 an hour, a sad joke indeed. I know back in '05 when I lost a $10.00 an hour job as a cook, I was appalled when I applied to other places, not cooking and they told me $8.00 maybe after 5 years. Yeah, it’s that bad for many, many, fine folks. Yet those corporate sponsored idiots won’t do a thing to stem the neoliberalism economic policies that have decimated American workers. Bernie was a refreshing step in the right direction but the status quo would’t let him in. And I really don’t see a progressive squeezing in next comical cycle either. I hope one does though, we can always have hope. And if those ‘status quo’, corporate sponsored by big banks, Democrats don’t pay attention we’ll be stuck with some knuckle dragging GOP imbecile that will see the world melt before it’s eyes.


The Schumer’s and Pelosi’s and their ilk have to be ‘drained’ and replaced by progressives and fast. Fine reps. such as Tulsi Gabbard are the way forward instead of backward. Sanders can’t be ruled out either but he’s getting old. Aren’t we all? Trump may go senile and we’ll have a complete moron theocrat take the helm and the end times they yammer about may actually happen, that is if Trump doesn’t beat then to it.


I visit C99% pretty much every day. Good website.


Now that’s showing the respect the Democratic Party deserves, currently. Thank you for spelling that out clearly and succintly.


I sued the DNC over the super delegate issue. We were denied a Temporary Restraining Order which would have denied the SD’s the power to aid in the efforts to rob Bernie of his place as OUR nominee. However, WE were granted standing which was a surprise as the party’s are often seen as private entities which can establish whatever rules they want. I believe WE were granted standing because of my argument that it is the members of the DNC who are being violated and not some outside group.

My main argument was that the SD rule violates the rest of the DNC Charter because the language concerning the rule states “not withstanding the rest of this section” the rule should survive. In other words, if the rule is judged to be violative of the rest of the SECTION it should nevertheless survive. That was a mistake of the drafters!! What the drafters meant to state was that the rule should survive even if it violates the rest of the Charter. And the SD rule certainly does violate the rest of the Charter since the Charter consistently states that the will of the people will be heeded. Thus, the SD rule should fail as being in violation of the Charter.

Another attorney should pick this up and bring this type of action to a judge in a favorable part of the country.

“Berning Attorneys Dot Com”

PS- The attorney who opposed me was simultaneously the attorney to BOTH the DNC and HRC.
Let that sink in for a minute.


Yeah, I like that site because they don’t just talk politics.
Many poster there host open threads that span many topics, including photography, gardening, music, science, and history just to name a few.
It can be a refreshing break from the political scene which can be depressing sometimes/always, ymmv.
I use the same handle there, as everywhere I post.
Except Breitbart.
Thanks for a kind response. This place is sooo not Breitbart!


I don’t think Bernie is delusional at all, but canny like a fox…it may be that his very vocal activism and teaching/empowering the electorate is prelude. When he calls repeatedly, as he is, for reform and change of course in the Dem Party and is met with the elite stone wall, more craven deception, collusion, and BS, he is building a case for a third party…whether he knows it or not, and he is not stupid. Whether he has the energy and intent to lead such and effort as candidate or not, his very principled and wise actions (all politics is dirty) and strong leadership far outweigh the current corrupt, rotting DP establishment swine - Clinton’s, DNC/Perez, Schumer, Pelosi, et al.

Jeeze, it’s only 1 year till mid-term elections - then the fat will be in the fire - either we will have a real opposition party or just the stench of the corpse - Bernie is fighting (I believe) for something alive and vibrant - we won’t have too long to wait to see how this theatre all plays out…peace!


I wish I shared your optimism. But the way things are going to play out will resemble this:

The mid-terms will result in a fairly large number of D wins, based exclusively on anti-Trump fervor.
The D establishment will pat themselves on the back and tell the hippies to STFU.

Bernie is funneling Our Revolution energy into the Dem Party.
Those Bernie acolytes are going to be mighty disappointed.


…as were the acolytes of Jesse Jackson, and Gene McCarthy, and George McGovern, and Bobby Kennedy, etc., etc…


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more depressed…

Hell, we may as well add a lot of Obama’s acolytes to that sad list.


So, Guild, two parties organizing and controlling the voting process is the problem.
Just say it.
Voting in the US needs a complete redraw.


Exactly the consequence needed. What is to be the countering force to produce that result? In terms of the analogy, land animals need a skeleton to counter gravity; genetic evolution (to create a particular DNA formulation) and the physiology manifested produce the skeleton (from materials available). Human nature and Consciousness System of Order processes must somehow serve as genetic evolution and human action (perhaps mediated with technology) as the manifested physiology. This seems like what must happen, I just don’t see it happening yet.


This latest blathering nonsense from Sanders should convince even his most ardent followers that he is still, and has always been, nothing more than a shill for the Dems. But, of course, it won’t. What it will do is lead more and more brain-dead faux progressive back to the flock for the 2018 election cycle where they can be sheered once more.


The answer to all your questions it that Sanders is, and has always been, nothing more than a shill for the Dems. This has been his bread and butter throughout his entire political career. You can’t teach an old sheepdog new tricks, just like you can’t reform a corporatist warmongering political party.


Charity begins at home and so does fixing crises. The Democratic Party has its own existential crisis and her name is Hillary Clinton. Fix that first Senator Sanders, then you will have the ammunition to fix the Trump crisis!


Thank you Bernie for the op-ed in Politico to the DNC. I’m sure they’ll listen up to everything you suggest, just like they’ve been heading your every word ever since you announced your candidacy for President.


Fully transparent and all inclusive VOTING is the countering force to money and power in government.
Perhaps I was unclear.
You premise, if I understand it correctly, is for every action there is and equal but opposite reaction.
Humans and all life evolve over time to counter gravity in their own way.
With regard to politics, money and power are only countered (equal but opposite reaction) with fully transparent and all inclusive VOTING.
You went somewhere I don’t recognize or comprehend in that last comment.
I’m on beer.