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Bernie Sanders Explains His Plan to Fix a Broken Democratic Party


I don’t think either of you know physics worth a damn.


Thanks for clearing that up.


"Do you believe in open primaries, or do you not?

Actually I don’t believe in open primaries. I believe in closed primaries. I think only registered members of a party should be involved in choosing the nominee. I would assume those people are voting to have the party choose the best candidate based on their own criteria. Why should Republicans and independents be involved in choosing the nominee of the Democratic Party? If you want to have a vote in choosing the nominee you should register as a Democrat. I would not trust the motives of people voting in the Democratic Party who will not register as Democrats, particularly Republicans. What is Sanders motive in calling for open primaries? Is it the best interest of the Democratic Party. If he cares that much about the Democratic Party then why doesn’t he call himself a Democrat. When it comes to the determining the future of the Democratic Party the people I trust the most are those willing to say they are Democrats. Others I have less trust in.


Governors and Senators and others are delegates based upon their elelection by the people of their states. How is that not democratic? How is selection by far fewer people in caucuses more democratic or representative?


People here don’t want to be Democrats, they just want to tell Democrats what to do. Because that’s…democracy? There have been several amusing comment threads here with these folks moaning about the Republican losses on Tuesday. Because they’re progressives, you see.


Oh my God, get off it already.


In this last election, Bernie was a much stronger candidate than Hillary, but the DNC had their heads way up their behinds and decided Hillary couldn’t lose and would become the savior of the Party when she was elected President. Unfortunately, Hillary had too much baggage collected over the years that weighed her down, causing many to doubt that her agenda was in their best interest. Many voters saw her as a woman who believed it was her time to become the first female President, while many others felt she was playing them for suckers with her insistence they must vote for her for that reason. My only reason to vote for Hillary was to prevent Trump from loading up the Supreme Court with people like Gorsuch, him being one of possibly a few more of the same before he gets to the next election.

And so I voted, struggling to hold my nose while selecting one of two poor choices, knowing the deck was stacked against any of the third party candidates, since the DNC and the RNC were in control of our government and our lives.


Funnier in the original Russian.


CD ran an article today announcing all the election victories of the Green Party last Tuesday. Congratulations and good luck, going forward. I would have done that earlier but there was no Comment Section to do so. So, when you lambast Bernie supporters, CD is kind enough to let you vent like there’s no tomorrow. Which I love about this place, incidentally.
I would of gotten to you earlier but I got a nice thank you from Lee Carter ( Virginia )and Our Revolution which I felt the need to respond to. He’s quite a candidate, you should read about him. It might improve your attitude about Sen. Sanders, et al.
Have a blessed day. And, may you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead.:wink::wink::wink::wink:


We’re already seeing this on the MSM as a result of the special elections on Tuesday.  (It’d be a lot worse, but the talking heads are all focused on a devout “christian” who’s so enamored of the ten commandments that he has violated the First Amendment in his attempts to promote them . . . )


Love you, Bernie, but I got hurt. Years ago I swore off voting for what I thought would be “forever”, due to massive corruption in the political process. Then a guy named Bernie Sanders came along with smart ideas and an honest campaign. I was hooked, and worked my ass off to help bring his vision to reality. All in vain, because not only was the Hillary Clinton Party, Incorporated, corrupt, but so is the whole US computerized voting facade, and NOBODY GIVES A DAMN.

If I ever take part again in voting in the USA, it will be on a PAPER BALLOT, and after Election Fraud has taken its rightful place on the books as a separate Capital Offense against each and every defrauded voter. Punishment for an Election Crime will be via guillotine on the lawn of the US Capital.

Ever since Nixon’s dirty tricks and Ronald Reagan’s criminal deal with the Iranians to get himself elected, Americans have been screwed out of their chosen President more often than not. The damage to our society, just in terms of needless deaths, more than warrants an occasional head rolling into the basket! Eventually, everyone still involved in our election process will understand that WE, THE PEOPLE, are serious about honest and open elections.

Until that day you might as well ask Santa Claus to pick your President for you.


Well if people don’t want to be Democrats why should they be telling the Democrats who to pick for a nominee. I think registered Democrats are in the best position to do that. Certainly many people on the left must be very unhappy to see the Democrats do so well in the election. Just when it looked like the Democrats were losing so many elections that people were questioning the viability of the party they made a nice comeback in an off year election. The argument that the party has lost its way and must be totally reformed or replaced by a more left party does not quite seem as strong now. Actually, it could be argued that it is the Republicans who are in trouble. In following Trump into uncharted territory on the right and turning government over to big business interests the Republicans may have crossed a line. it now seems possible that next year the Democrats will win back the Senate and House and make progress in state government.


Preaching to the choir, I know, but at least you can appreciate this. Most people on here are so twitterpated by “Bernie” that they either won’t read this or will disregard its message.




" What it will do is lead more and more brain-dead faux progressive back to the flock for the 2018 election cycle where they can be sheered once more."

I’ve been saying this in this forum for about a year and a half. You are, I think, the only other person who has made this point. Comes too close to home for most people and I can’t blame them. Without the idea of “Bernie”, they have no hope. Which is something that people cannot live without. So they cling to whatever shred they might find. It’s emotional, not logical–and emotion will trump logic every time.


He was not silent on the purging of Voters. You just did not see the response. Bernie has not been silent. Just because he does not scream and tweet and get on FOX FAKE NEWS does not mean he is silent. He cannot be everywhere all at once, and touching on all issues in the same hour. He is not JESUS. He is a man, trying to be strong and trying to lead us out of the dark hours we’ve been facing under FASCISM and BLUE DOG right wing ideas. I don’t expect PERFECTION. I just ask for Ethics and Logic. Bernie offers both.


Except that he has never done that in all of his decades and politics. (He’s done just the opposite, in fact.) Why would anyone think that he would now?


Especially since he was one of the people who fixed it. Or what else would you call knowing about the corruption and heartily endorsing “Hillary”?


How about we also remove the Goldman Sach’s influence?


Now is indeed the time for real change. And that means getting rid of the war of aggression supporting Democratic and Republican parties. America can no longer well afford either of them to continue in the manner they have been doing for decades.